Diet after surgery to reduce the stomach - limits for life

November 1, 2009

 Diet after surgery to reduce the stomach
 Surgery to reduce lumen of the stomach - one of the most radical, but also the most effective treatments for obesity. The main aim of these operations - at the expense of vertical gastroplasty or laparoscopic gastric banding to reduce the volume of the stomach and, as a consequence, reduce the total amount of food needed for the appearance of satiety, fullness. Of course, such radical surgery could easily disrupt the natural mechanism of the digestive system, so after undergoing surgery to reduce stomach always follow a special diet.

 Diet after surgery to reduce the stomach - limits for life

Basic rules of supply

One of the key rules of the diet after surgery to reduce the stomach - a change of the usual diet: after the operation is necessary to reduce the size of portions, but eat food more often - this will help to reduce the "burden" on the stomach after the operation and ensure the normal operation of the stomach by splitting entering the body food. The ideal is to eat five or six times a day, or to complement the classical scheme of three meals "snacks" at the same time limiting the size of servings.

Another rule diet after surgery to reduce stomach regard to fluid intake. To normalize the functioning of the stomach, the liquid should be consumed separately from meals - at least thirty minutes before meals, not to get the feeling of fullness. Instead of water, tea or coffee is best consumed drinks with a high content of nutrients - such as fresh milk or fruit juices. This is especially true for those cases when undergoing surgery to reduce the stomach accompanied by a sharp decrease in body weight, potentially dangerous to health.

 Diet after surgery to reduce the stomach - limits for life

Soft diet after surgery to reduce the stomach

During the first few days after an operation diet consists only of liquid food - in particular, liquid fatty soups or broths, nutrient .  After a short period of adaptation begins the next phase of the diet after surgery to reduce the stomach - for two or three weeks, you need to use only soft food that the stomach is able to digest much easier and faster .  At this stage, the diet is necessary to abandon any solid food: hard cheese, meat, bread and whole grains, "solid" fruit and vegetables (eg, oranges, grapes, beans, carrots, celery) .  The basis of the diet after surgery to reduce the stomach at this point can make products with a low content of fat, milk and dairy products such as cottage cheese or soft cheese, eggs, fish, soft, tender meat .  Excellent source of vitamins - a puree of boiled vegetables or fresh fruit .  From products with high fiber content required for the period to give the diet - at the expense of fiber such products take up more space in the stomach and produce a feeling of fullness even if the lack of nutrients .  For normal power with some restrictions, you can go back at least four weeks after undergoing surgery .

 Diet after surgery to reduce the stomach - limits for life

Prevention of complications

Proper nutrition after the operation and is useful as an additional measure to prevent complications that may occur after surgery to reduce the stomach.

If the reduction of the stomach led to frequent bouts of heartburn:

  • Trim size servings - Eat less, but more often
  • Avoid spicy or acidic foods that can trigger heartburn - for example, hot sauces, citrus juices
  • Limit the use of strong tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages
  • Do not use both liquid and solid foods - after undergoing surgery to reduce stomach best consumed drink for half an hour or half an hour after meals
  • Do not eat before going to bed

If the operation is observed postgastrektomichesky syndrome (indigestion caused by too rapid flow of stomach contents into the intestine)

  • Eat slowly, drank a liquid meal (drink fluids can be thirty to sixty minutes after a meal)
  • Limit consumption of foods with a high content of sugar - desserts, honey, syrups, chocolate and confectionery
  • After eating at fifteen or twenty minutes, take a horizontal position (it helps to slow down the movement of food through the digestive tract)

 Diet after surgery to reduce the stomach - limits for life

To your daily menu was balanced, to include the following products

  • seafood (flounder, tuna, crab, salmon);
  • lean beef;
  • chicken or turkey without the skin;
  • legumes and vegetables;
  • eggs and separate the protein
  • low-fat milk and dairy products with low-fat.

Sugar - a product that either is better excluded from the diet for the first time or use it in very small quantities. Many patients who have undergone surgery to reduce stomach complain of discomfort, especially after eating sweets, fatty foods. They develop diarrhea Diarrhea (diarrhea) - a familiar nuisance  Diarrhea (diarrhea) - a familiar nuisance
 Nausea Nausea - there may be problems with the nervous system  Nausea - there may be problems with the nervous system
 , Vomiting, indigestion, headaches. For the first time for comfort, as well as to steadily lose weight, avoid foods that contain sugar in one form or another. Sweet syrups, honey, it is better to exclude - they are too problematic at this time for the digestive system.

Eating after gastric bypass surgery requires a full review not only chemical but also on the physical level. The point is that you need to protect your stomach from the heavy, solid food, only then gradually introduce it in the diet. Exit require systematic, unhurried, and for several weeks, you will slowly return to normal supply, which should improve.

  Stage 1 - a liquid diet

As long as you stay after the surgery in the hospital, the doctors will allow you to eat only lean liquid soups and drink water How to drink water to lose weight  How to drink water to lose weight
   sips. This will be your main meals a day or two. After a new bit of the stomach adapts to the liquid substance can be taken and expressed in more consistency, namely - a puree.

  Stage 2 - a soft diet

2-3 weeks after the surgery have to sit on a soft diet, the basis of which the amount to puree food. Just do not abuse the advice and eat food that does not belong to the category of soft, hard rubbing mouth pieces. You are unlikely to treat the products so that they could be completely safe for the stomach. Sharp pieces can damage even a weak stomach. Make sure that your food is quite mild and harmless for texture, for example, are suitable yoghurt, mousses, jellies. Eat 4-6 times a day in small portions. So you do not load the stomach and give him the opportunity to work, getting used to the stress.

 Diet after surgery to reduce the stomach - limits for life

The food is recommended to take a second step

  • chopped boiled fish, poultry or meat;
  • low-fat soft cheese;
  • juice, puree baby food;
  • soft cooked vegetables and unsweetened fruit (such as banana puree);
  • skim or 1% milk;
  • low-fat unsweetened yogurt;
  • cereals (oats, millet, semolina)

Treat foods in the blender, make fruit purees, vegetable soups. The only thing that should be avoided at this stage - it is soft, but not really useful products. In this category include ice cream, chocolate pasta, bread, fruit and vegetable seeds. Chewing gum - a taboo for patients after surgery, as it makes the stomach to work in emergency mode, releasing the juice.

  Stage 3 - semi-solid diet

After the stomach adapts quite a few weeks to puree food, doctors allowed to take more solid foods. It usually takes 3-4 weeks after surgery, but it will all depend on the individual patient. During this period it is recommended to eat 3-4 times a day in small portions. Drink still need to continue to sip without causing stomach discomfort and stretching with the damage. Food should be thoroughly chewed.

Avoid hard meat, fried foods, chocolate, candy, whole milk, ice cream, salads rigid components (nuts, fruits durum).

  Stage 4 - solid food

Even after the stomach with new forms quite accustomed to dealing with all kinds of food, should have to give him the real and most difficult job for him - with solid food. From the outset, try to eat more solid foods only once a day, reducing the number of rounds up to 3 times a day. Be sure the day you need to eat 60 grams of protein.

In addition to the fact that you move to solid foods, try to enter in your daily diet and little processed - canned, slightly roasted (grill), liver, giving the stomach enter the familiar rhythm for you. Here are allowed to boiled potatoes, pasta, rice.

 Diet after surgery to reduce the stomach - limits for life

Reduce or eliminate the use of the following products

  • tough meat with cartilage;
  • fruits and vegetables with a hard skin;
  • fried in oil, vegetables and meat;
  • pastries;
  • fast food.

Drink plenty of clean water, which will provide a good level of metabolism. Drinking water should be within 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after a meal. Otherwise, if you drink while eating, it causes over-filling of the stomach and digestive difficulty.

 Diet after surgery to reduce the stomach - limits for life

Eliminate sodas, preferring low-calorie liquid

  • skim milk (calcium source);
  • diluted juice;
  • decaffeinated coffee.

If you have had surgery to reduce the volume of the stomach, get ready for a slow recovery and a gradual adaptation of the organism to new working conditions. Do not rush to introduce variety in your diet, be patient, and you will avoid the hassles associated with the gastrointestinal tract, and will soon be able to boast a beautiful new slim figure Practical tips for a slim figure  Practical tips for a slim figure

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