Buckwheat diet - whether monodiets helpful?

September 7, 2008

 buckwheat diet
 One of the most popular types of modern diets, the number of which have long exceeded a few hundred - the so-called mono-diet. Monodiets, whose name comes from the Latin word «mono» - «one», suggests eating only one (in exceptional cases two or three) food. These diets also applies buckwheat diet, which, compared to other mono-diet (especially diet fruit or vegetable) seems much more sparing diet.

 Buckwheat diet - whether monodiets helpful?

Buckwheat diet: benefit or harm

Buckwheat diet can be considered as one of the most soft mono-diet. The basis of the diet (as well as the only dish on the menu) is buckwheat, and due to the large amount of fiber, which is contained in buckwheat, meeting strict seemingly rules buckwheat diet does not involve constant feeling of hunger, which is characteristic for the majority of mono-diet. Buckwheat - is not only an excellent source of fiber, which is certainly very useful for the human body, but also the source of many other nutrients: it contains some vitamins, minerals, amino acids. But simple carbohydrates, excess of which in the diet leads to an increase in blood sugar levels Blood sugar - a very important indicator  Blood sugar - a very important indicator
   and accelerate the formation of fatty deposits in the buckwheat - in contrast to other cereals - very little.

 Buckwheat diet - whether monodiets helpful?

How to comply with buckwheat diet

Menu buckwheat diet very simple: for several days allowed to eat only buckwheat porridge without any spices Spices - delicious slimming  Spices - delicious slimming
   - Especially with respect to salt, adding that instantly reduces the effectiveness of buckwheat diet. At the same time you need to cook buckwheat porridge in a special way: buckwheat can not cook. For the preparation of "diet" must be filled with buckwheat liter of boiling water one cup of buckwheat and tightly closed container, leaving the rump at night. This way of cooking preserves all the nutrients contained in the buckwheat. Observing the buckwheat diet, it is important to consume adequate amounts of fluids - at least two liters of water or green tea without sugar a day.

 Buckwheat diet - whether monodiets helpful?

Basic Rules

The duration of buckwheat diet can vary: if the duration of the classic fruit and vegetable mono-diet is not more than two or three days, the buckwheat diet without sacrificing your health can be maintained for much longer period - the duration of buckwheat diet may be a week, two weeks. If you use only one of buckwheat in the week seems too complicated test, you can stay on a shortened version of buckwheat diet and reduce its duration to three days - the so-called "discharge" version of the diet.

Strict adherence to the rules of buckwheat diet allows for a fairly short time to lose weight: seven to fourteen days in the buckwheat diet you can lose up to seven kilograms. In this respect for buckwheat diet is not turning into a hunger strike, in contrast to other mono-diet - buckwheat quite satisfying and due to the large amount of fiber successfully suppresses the feeling of hunger. However, despite the apparent ease of buckwheat diet, you should not abuse it. Any mono-diet - this is not a balanced diet, as no food product does not contain the entire set of essential body nutrients. Therefore, observing the buckwheat diet, you need to take vitamin supplements at the same time, and go on a diet can be no more than once a month.

 Buckwheat diet - whether monodiets helpful?


An effective fight against excess weight and comfortable weight loss without the painful feelings of hunger characteristic of a huge number of other diets - are not the only advantages of buckwheat diet. Use within a few days a large amount of fiber, contained in buckwheat, solves a number of health problems - in particular, to normalize the digestive system, get rid of constipation, purify the body and eliminate fluid retention, which causes swelling of the extremities. In addition, buckwheat diet helps lower cholesterol How quickly reduce cholesterol eleven tips  How quickly reduce cholesterol eleven tips
   in blood.

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Kefir diet - a rational approach to weight loss

July 9, 2009

  • Kefir diet - a rational approach to weight loss
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 Kefir diet
 Dairy products - is one of the major sources of probiotics, beneficial bacteria that can normalize the intestinal microflora and, thus, to regulate the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore any milk products (and, in particular, as the most popular kefir representative of this food category) beneficial to human health, and in some cases - and even diet. The combination of useful properties of yogurt and most important rule of losing weight - limit the number of calories - formed the basis of kefir diet.

 Kefir diet - a rational approach to weight loss

Diversity and benefits

Kefir can be a main component of the diet, as well as its additional element .  In the first case we can talk about kefir mono-diet, or so-called "discharge" diet, the duration of which is extremely low .  The second case - the numerous polidiety that provide for the use of yogurt as a means to normalize the digestive system and of the gastrointestinal tract, in addition to other, more nourishing food .  Compare the effectiveness of many kefir diet is not necessary, because the reason why a "catalyst" in the case of mono-diet weight loss and polidiet act completely different factors .  For example, "unloading" kefir diet - it is, primarily, to reduce weight by eliminating fluid retention .  A longer kefir polidiety focus on creating an artificial shortage of calories, resulting in the body as an additional source of energy begins to burn the accumulated fat .

 Kefir diet - a rational approach to weight loss

"Unloading" kefir diet

The most simple, brief and quite effective diet - is "unloading" kefir diet, suggesting eating only yogurt and a waiver of any other foods. Of course, to comply with such a diet for a long time is not just difficult, but it is physically impossible - it is designed for a maximum of two or three days, during which there is an effective cleansing of the body. In fact, this kind of kefir diet detox can be considered - that is the procedure a full, thorough cleansing the body Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration  Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration
 , Elimination of toxins and excess fluid through natural, mild laxative action of kefir. Terms such kefir diet very easy - for one or two days can only eat yogurt and nothing else (except, perhaps, water and green tea without sugar). Result diet - one to three kilograms of excess weight lost. "Unloading" days kefir can arrange regularly to cleanse the body and stabilize weight.

 Kefir diet - a rational approach to weight loss

Apple-kefir diet

A little longer, but no less rigid version of "handling" kefir diet that promises not only the excretion of excess fluid How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways  How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways
 But also the burning of body fat - a diet based on yogurt and apples. Nine-apple-kefir diet actually consists of three three-day cycle of mono-diet - kefir and apple. During the first three days of such a diet can only eat low-fat yogurt, from the fourth to the sixth day - only apples (one and a half kilograms), and, finally, from the seventh to the ninth day again eat only yogurt. Of course, the amount of fluid consumed daily - water, green tea, weight loss stimulating - in such a diet is not limited. Apple-kefir diet helps lose weight by eight or nine kilograms due to a sharp and substantial limit the number of calories consumed with food. The obvious drawback of this species kefir diet - its complexity: Due to abide by its hunger for nine days is very difficult.

By analogy with the apple-kefir diet, you can develop an individual diet diet: if you can not classify themselves as lovers of apples, they can replace almost any other fruit or vegetables, except starch-type bananas Bananas: the benefits and harms health  Bananas: the benefits and harms health
   or potatoes. The toughest and effective option kefir diet - a combination of yogurt and cucumber, diuretic properties are in addition to the laxative effect of yogurt enables you to clear the body within a few days. Of course, the duration of such a diet should not exceed three to four days.