Diet doctor Kovalkova: good figure in three stages

August 14, 2014

 Diet doctor Kovalkova
 Can I lose weight fast? Is it possible to lose weight without constantly feeling hungry? Is it possible to lose weight without giving up the dinner? The answer to all these questions - "yes." Fashionable diet Dr. Kovalkova allows a short time to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. And the main proof of the efficiency of the power system - its inventor himself, thinner 50 kilograms in six months.


The story of

Dr. Alex Kovalkov - not the mythical character as a real person, dietician, MD. He regularly appears on talk shows and other television programs and actively advises dieters. Looking at this taut man in the prime of life, it is difficult to believe that once a doctor and he was suffering from excess weight. This led Alexei Kovalkova develop a power supply system which allows you to quickly lose weight and not gain it back.

Sounds weird? But Alex Kovalkov own example proved that they invented weight loss program works. Doctor are familiar all the problems of fat people, and he created a system that really helps to lose weight. It is not surprising that opinions about the diet doctor Kovalkova mostly positive. And, although we can not say that diet fits all, many with the help of development Dr. Kovalkova lose extra weight and are close to their ideal.


Not just a diet

Dr. Kovalkov claims that it offers is not so much a diet as the power supply system.

Losing weight should not just tighten their belts, but also to get rid of food addiction, to take responsibility for changing their own shape. However, do without the restrictions will still fail. Especially a lot will have to deprive themselves during the first stage of weight loss.

The first phase lasts two to four weeks. At this time, you must completely abandon the "fast" carbohydrates and at the same time to accustom themselves to walk a lot. Already at this stage, many are beginning to lose weight.

The next step - to accustom itself to the right combination of products. The objectives of the second phase: to change dietary habits and actively engage in strength training. Stage ends when the ideal weight is reached.

The last stage - the outcomes. The exercise of power is no longer needed, but lessons need to continue walking. The diet should adhere to certain principles.


First step

The initial phase of the diet is especially strict. It is necessary to exclude from your diet all foods glycemic index greater than 60 ("fast carbs") and animal proteins, fats be limited to 30 grams per day. You can eat low-fat cheese, egg whites, beans, non-starchy vegetables, nuts, dairy drinks. Losing weight should eat a lot of bran. From fruit allowed green apples, they can be used in the morning.

There should be five times a day in small portions. You also need to drink a lot, a lot of walking and spend more time in the sun (last recommendation is especially true for those who are hard to put up with restrictions).


Diet doctor Kovalkova: the menu of the second stage

Menu of the second stage includes a low-fat animal foods (lean beef and veal, fish, white meat chicken and turkey), buckwheat, green vegetables, citrus fruits, sour berries, radishes, onions, garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea  Garlic health: almost a panacea
 . It is best to make the menu individually with a dietitian. Protein per day should eat at least 70 grams, the fish should be combined with cheese and meat - with vegetables. Nutritionists recommend a separate power supply A separate food - pros and cons  A separate food - pros and cons
 That is, proteins should be eaten separately from carbohydrates.

Anyone who at least once in the life of a diet knows that at some point the weight ceases to decrease. In this situation, the doctor recommends Kovalkov arrange a "boot" day, increasing the standard portion in half. These days, to stimulate metabolism can organize every two to three weeks.


Third step

In the third stage in the diet of many banned before returning products. However, many dieters were surprised to note that already accustomed to live without cakes and sweets. Craving for sweets disappears, healthy eating habits are formed.

Initially, caloric intake, as well as the ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fat should be closely monitored. Foods with a high glycemic index may be used only in limited quantities.


The results of a diet doctor Kovalkova

Diet is very effective, especially in the beginning, when it is possible to dump 3-4 kg a week.

In contrast to the short-term diets, feeding system allows doctors Kovalkova form at useful dietary habits, so soon after the diet there is no temptation to return to old style food.

Today, many have managed to lose weight through diet doctor Kovalkova. This power system is appreciated mainly because weight loss is rapid, extra weight literally "melt" with each passing day.



Not all colleagues Alexei Kovalkova believe they invented the diet useful and effective. According to many nutritionists, rapid reduction in weight (and himself Alexei Kovalkov lost 50 kg in six months at the time) brings health more harm than good.

Not all doctors agree with the recommendation and Alexei Kovalkova consume large amounts of protein. Excess protein can be harmful to the kidneys. In addition, many researchers have observed that the protein diet increases the risk of cancer.

According to therapists specializing in the problems of food addiction, tough restrictions do not contribute to the development of healthy attitudes to food. This means that the risk of "break" during or after the diet is large enough.

In any case, before the diet should consult with their physician. This is evidenced by the inventor of the system power supply, do not tire of reminding and other nutritionists.

Maria Bykov

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Diet arthrosis - general advice

January 6, 2011

 Diet arthrosis
 Osteoarthritis - a disease that causes a serious disturbance of the mobility of the joints. It can not be completely cured, but there are means to alleviate the symptoms and significantly slow the progression of the disease. Among such funds - the diet.

 Diet arthrosis - general advice

What is the diet for arthritis and its benefits

Diet for Arthritis - is, in fact, a balanced diet, which is useful to everyone, even a completely healthy person. In such a diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, in addition, patients with osteoarthritis is recommended to eat more protein and reducing the intake of carbohydrates - especially simple carbohydrates. The number of calories consumed per day should not exceed 2000.

One of the most significant problems with osteoarthritis is the deposition of toxins in the joints. Against this well help fresh juice of carrots and beets. Thanks to them, begins to alkaline reaction which helps to remove deposits of harmful substances.

Fruits provide the body with the necessary control over the course of the disease nutrients. For example, Pineapple contains bromelain - a substance that helps in inflammatory processes. Substances that are included in bananas Bananas: the benefits and harms health  Bananas: the benefits and harms health
 , Citrus fruits, apples, apricots and other fruits also help to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis.

Garlic must include in the diet of a patient with osteoarthritis. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be eaten raw, added to various dishes, mixed with honey; In addition, garlic is sold as food additives Food additives - basic classification  Food additives - basic classification
   - This is a good option for those who do not like the taste of garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea  Garlic health: almost a panacea
 Or for those who are confused by a strong breath.

Foods rich in calcium, are also an important component of the diet with osteoarthritis. These include, first of all dairy products.

Many nutritionists recommend that patients arthrosis drink potato juice. The best thing to do juice and organic potatoes. Typically, juice drink in small quantities, and in the morning before meals. If desired, it can be diluted potato juice with water.

From time to time, especially in winter, patients are advised to take vitamins A and D. It helps cleanse the body of toxins, and vitamin D, in addition, promotes the absorption of calcium.

 Diet arthrosis - general advice

As with the help of diet can influence the development of osteoarthritis

It was found that using diet to influence the metabolic processes occurring in the joints, it is difficult. However, diet is important in osteoarthritis, it helps to:

  • accelerate metabolic processes, are complied with the principles of a balanced diet with enough of all food ingredients, including vitamins and minerals;
  • weight loss, if you do not contain carbohydrate and high-melting fats.

A specialized diet for arthritis there. But there are dietary recommendations for patients with arthrosis.

So food must be rational. This means that in the diet should be a sufficient amount of proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Proteins are going to build new tissues, including the restoration of the cartilage covering the joint surfaces of the bones. Osteoarthritis - is, above all, the destruction of cartilage and its replacement by bone growths. Especially useful for cartilage regeneration dairy products because, firstly, the milk protein is easily absorbed by the body, and secondly, the milk contains much calcium which is required for the strengthening of bones. Animal protein include lean meat and fish, vegetable - buckwheat, beans and lentils. To protein is better absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, it is better to use boiled, stewed or steamed dishes.

It is believed that the arthritis in the patient's diet should include jelly or jelly, prepared on the basis of broth from boiled bones, cartilage rich (beef tails, legs, pork legs and ears, and so on). This broth contains a large amount of the protein - of collagen, which provides strength to cartilage and bone tissue, and is also found in the muscles and ligaments. Useful substances contained in gelatin, they contribute to the restoration of cartilage, so called hondroprotektorami. Substances of this type are in some nutritional supplements (such as Bad "don") and long-term use contribute to cartilage repair.

Carbohydrates in the diet of the patient's osteoarthritis need to obtain the energy required for the smooth flow of metabolic processes. But carbohydrates are different. Simple sugars (sweet and rich dishes) can easily be absorbed by the body and provide a quick burst of energy, part of which is deposited in the form of fat reserves. Complex carbohydrates (as contained in fruits and vegetables) slowly absorbed and serve as a source of energy for a long time, as well as the large number of them in the blood is not received, the fat and they do not turn. This is very important, as important in the diet is the prevention of overweight, ie excessive physical stress on joints.

Fats are also needed, without metabolic processes are slowed down sharply. However, in patients with osteoarthritis of the diet should be generally vegetable fats, and butter. Refractory fats contained in meat fat clog blood vessels (including cholesterol plaques are formed that are deposited in the vessel wall and prevent the flow of blood).

Of great importance for proper metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
   are vitamins and minerals, which are part of enzymes, many hormones and other biologically active compounds involved in metabolic processes. Especially useful vitamins of group B. Thus, vitamin B1 contained oranges, peas, raisins, baked potatoes, whole wheat bread, beans. Vitamin B2 is contained in dairy products, bananas, eggs. Vitamin B6 - in bananas, potatoes, chicken meat, nuts. Folic acid - in bananas, lentils, cabbage.

Of course, hope for diet alone arthrosis is not necessary, however, it continued to meet in conjunction with other therapeutic measures contributes to the overall improvement of the body and prevent premature aging, and thus improve the status and joints.

Galina Romanenko

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