Diet in gonarthrosis - obligatory for treatment

May 13, 2014

  • Diet in gonarthrosis - obligatory for treatment
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 Diet in gonarthrosis
 The risk of gonarthrosis or knee arthrosis, connected not only with exercise, but also to such factors as weight, diet and transferred before the injury. If a person has already been diagnosed with gonarthrosis Gonartroz - what could be the consequences of the destruction of cartilage  Gonartroz - what could be the consequences of the destruction of cartilage
 , A change in diet can have a positive impact on the further development of this disorder. At present, many studies are conducted to examine the relationship between diet and knee OA, as well as other types of osteoarthritis, and available initial results are very encouraging. Today we can say with confidence that the right diet in gonarthrosis of the knee can really contribute to successful treatment of this disease.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C, according to experts, may slow the development of gonarthrosis and other types of osteoarthritis. Ascorbic acid is involved in the formation of collagen and proteoglycans - two major component of cartilage. Furthermore, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
 And helps the body to neutralize the effects of free radicals, which, among other things, cause damage and cartilage. The recommended daily intake of vitamin C for healthy adult women is 75 mg for men - 90 mg. When gonarthrosis experts recommend consuming 200 mg of vitamin C daily. Such excess of standard recommended daily allowance is not dangerous, in fact - and so many people exceed this norm, because vitamin C rich in many common foods. The following table shows how much vitamin C is found in some popular fruits and vegetables.

Product name

The content of vitamin C, mg

Red bell pepper, 1 cup


Guava, single fruit of medium size


Broccoli, 1 cup


Orange, one medium sized fruit


Green bell pepper, 1 cup


Boiled cauliflower, one cup


Papaya is one medium sized fruit


Strawberries, one cup


Cooked kale, 1 cup


Boiled cabbage, 1 cup


Orange juice, 3/4 cup


Melon, one cup


Kiwi fruit is one medium size


Grapefruit juice, 3/4 cup


One of the most rich in vitamin C products is the Barbados cherry or acerola cherries. In these exotic berries vitamin C concentration reached 3000 mg per 100 g



Beta-carotene - another antioxidant that must be included in the diet in gonarthrosis. RDA of this substance for adults is 2300 IU (international units), and for patients with knee OA - 9000 IU. Beta-carotene, vitamin C as well as in large quantities not toxic; the body uses as much beta-carotene as it needs, and the excess will bring along with other waste products. This substance improves nutrition of cartilage, and protects it from harmful effects of free radicals.

Comprising beta-carotene in some foods:

The name and quantity of the product

The amount of beta-carotene, IU

Baked sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes), one medium sized root

28, 058

Cooked carrots, 1 cup

26, 835

Boiled spinach, 1 cup

22, 916

Cooked kale, 1 cup

19, 116

Pumpkin pie, 1 piece

12, 431

Raw carrots midsize

8, 666

Fresh spinach, 1 cup

2 813

Mango, 1 cup

1, 262

Oatmeal noodles, 1 cup


Tomato juice, 250 ml


Peach, one medium sized fruit


Red pepper, one small pod



Vitamin D

Vitamin D is necessary for proper absorption of calcium, which in turn is important for bone health, and for the normal functioning of the joints. Insufficient intake of vitamin D may accelerate the development of gonarthrosis.

Vitamin D Vitamin sometimes called sun, since it, unlike other vitamins, produced in the body when the skin exposure to ultraviolet radiation. To obtain a sufficient amount of this vitamin, only need to be in the sun for 15 minutes, three or four times per week; You will get the required amount of ultraviolet radiation, even though direct sunlight will fall only on the face and hands - of course, provided that you do not applied to the skin sunscreen Sunscreen is not just for the beach  Sunscreen is not just for the beach
 . However, people who live in regions where the winter is very short light day, and those who for whatever reason is not able to frequently walk in the open air in the daytime, you need to get vitamin D from other sources. In addition, the elderly body produces less vitamin D, and they often suffer from gonarthrosis.

RDA of vitamin D for people aged up to 70 years of age is 600 IU, after 70 years - 800 IU. When gonarthrosis should be consumed at least 600 IU of vitamin D a day, in addition to the doses of the vitamin, which you get when you spend time in the sun.

Product name

The vitamin D, IU

Cod liver oil Cod liver oil: useful properties and rules of use  Cod liver oil: useful properties and rules of use
 One tablespoon

1, 360

Salmon, 100g


Mackerel, 100 g


Canned tuna, 85 g


Canned herring, 50 g


Milk fortified with vitamin D, 1 cup


One egg average size (or only the yolk)


Grain cereal, enriched with vitamin D, one cup