Grapefruit Diet - only for those who like citrus

February 12, 2009

 Grapefruit Diet
 Grapefruit Diet has been around for a long time, the first mention of it belong to the thirties of the last century. Since the diet has gained popularity thanks to Hollywood celebrities, it is also called the "Hollywood diet". It is surprising, but the Grapefruit Diet has passed the test of time, and although the information is transferred by word of mouth, the Internet and in the press, its author is unknown.

Grapefruit Diet - a short-term nutrition program, designed for quick results and ensures a loss of two to four kilos per week. This diet is based on the action of "magic" enzymes consisting of grapefruit, which in combination with a small amount of protein, fat burning and causes weight loss. Grapefruit Diet refers to the so-called "blitz" or "express diet", and weight loss generally occurs due to removal of the liquid, rather than fat, so the dumped kgs usually returned when the resumption of the usual diet.

Most versions of the grapefruit diets promise weight loss of four to five kilograms for twelve days. If you need to lose more than four or five kilograms, after twelve days to do a two-day break, and then you can repeat the course. Some versions of the diet emphasize the need for fitness, fitness in others optional. Long-term weight control is not a task Grapefruit Diet.

 Grapefruit Diet - only for those who like citrus

Grapefruit Diet: the permitted products

In most versions of the grapefruit diet small amount of certain products should be consumed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and at bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . It is also recommended to drink black coffee and a lot of water throughout the day.

Sample menu:

  • Breakfast: two eggs, two slices of bacon, black coffee and half a grapefruit or a glass of grapefruit juice.
  • Lunch: salad of fresh vegetables, meat (in unlimited quantities), half a glass of grapefruit or grapefruit juice.
  • Dinner: red or green vegetables (except starchy vegetables, such as peas, beans, corn, sweet potatoes) or salad, meat or fish (in unlimited quantities), half a glass of grapefruit or grapefruit juice.
  • Snack before going to bed: a glass of skim milk.

Grapefruit diet allows any oil consumption (including cream), and salad dressings, as well as cooking by any convenient method (including roasting). Grapefruit juice should be unsweetened. Snack permitted only in the afternoon, after lunch. During the day, it is recommended to drink up to eight glasses of water.

 Grapefruit Diet - only for those who like citrus

Grapefruit Diet: the principle of operation

This diet is low in carbohydrates and moderate in protein refers to a low calorie diet with intake of 800-1000 calories per day. Such a sharp restriction of caloric intake, most people lose weight - with grapefruit or without them. Unfortunately, there is no scientific basis for action grapefruit diet, there is no information about this mysterious miracle enzyme that promotes weight loss (also known why he was found in grapefruit and not other citrus fruits).

However, a recent study found that eating grapefruit really helps weight loss: the diet of the participants entered the study half a grapefruit or a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice with each meal, and after twelve weeks, all participants in the loss of at least two kilograms, and some - five kilograms. According to scientists, a grapefruit has only strengthened the action of useful products that made up the diet of participants, and helped reduce the level of insulin. In addition, study participants 'little effort' physical activity, which also contributed to weight loss.

Grapefruit - very nutritious low-calorie fruit (contains 66-84 calories per serving), rich in vitamin C and fiber, but do not look for it in the mysterious substance, a fat burner. Low glycemic index, high fiber and low calorie, typical of grapefruit reduce insulin levels contribute The principles of action of insulin - the science of saving lives  The principles of action of insulin - the science of saving lives
   and as a result, saturation and appetite control. It is based on this mechanism of action of grapefruit diet.

 Grapefruit Diet - only for those who like citrus

Grapefruit Diet: food for thought

Expert conclusion is unanimous: do not mess with the grapefruit diet. Although nutritious grapefruit, certainly can and should be included in a healthy diet and weight loss program, it does not have any special properties unique fat burning. If you like grapefruit, turn it in the daily menu. Eat half a grapefruit or drink a glass of grapefruit juice before a meal - it promotes rapid saturation, so you can reduce your calorie intake, which in the long run leads to a stable weight loss. Nutritionists recommend pay attention to the pink grapefruit, rich in beta-carotene.

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Diet jaundice - how to prevent the development of chronic hepatitis B

February 28, 2013

  • Diet jaundice - how to prevent the development of chronic hepatitis B
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 Diet jaundice
 Jaundice - a serious symptom of many diseases of the liver. And if the skin, sclera and conjunctiva acquired a yellow tint, it is a serious reason to change your diet. Diet jaundice is very important, as the rejection of a number of irritating the liver foods helps the cells of the body to recover soon.

 Diet jaundice - how to prevent the development of chronic hepatitis B

What is jaundice

At home jaundice often called acute infectious hepatitis Hepatitis - the scourge of our time  Hepatitis - the scourge of our time
   A - the so-called "disease of dirty hands". This is not entirely correct. Contrary to popular belief, jaundice - is not an independent disease, but a symptom of a number of diseases of the liver. When jaundice skin, mucous membranes and sclera become yellow marked, and sometimes even brownish tint. When such a tone should hurry to the doctor, even when well-being.

Typically, jaundice is associated with elevated blood levels of bile pigments bilirubin. There are several types of jaundice. Thus, if the flow of bile in the bile ducts is difficult due to the formation of stones or tumors, jaundice occurs. Due to the lack of education of a number of enzymes that are involved in the formation of bilirubin conjugation jaundice occurs. If hemolytic anemia is rapid disintegration of red blood cells, and the result is a higher amount of bile pigments - hemolytic jaundice occurs. And, finally, the violation of the correct operation of liver cells in hepatitis causes hepatic jaundice.

In diseases of the liver and biliary tract special diet is of particular importance. The objective of such a diet - to minimize the burden on the liver. Diet makes liver cells the most favorable conditions to inflammation in the liver decreased. In hepatic jaundice diet should also promote education and the separation of bile to cleanse the liver.

 Diet jaundice - how to prevent the development of chronic hepatitis B

Therapeutic food

In appointing the diet must be considered the cause of the jaundice and the period of the disease. Of course, the diet will help the liver, regardless of the causes of the symptoms, but the treatment of the underlying disease, as a rule, in addition to diet and still requires medical therapy, and in some cases (cholelithiasis, benign or malignant tumors) - surgery.

In the acute period of one to two days prescribed carbohydrate diet rich fluid (glucose, sweet tea, stewed fruit). Plenty of fluids helps to cleanse the liver, and digestible carbohydrates improves carbohydrate metabolism in the liver cells.

When acute manifestations of the disease will be, the diet can be expanded at the expense of vegetable broth, jelly, cereals and dairy pureed fresh juices, diluted with water halfway. With the improvement of the general condition and increase in appetite gradually increases and the amount of food. Next on the menu are entered chopped products of lean meat and low-fat fish, steamed or boiled (dumplings, soufflés, meatballs, steam cutlets), pureed boiled vegetables and cereals. Fruits and berries are allowed in the form of juices, soups - vegetable and milk, pureed. Mashed foods reduces the mechanical stress on the digestive tract and speeds up digestion. Because fat can be used only natural butter and vegetable oils in a limited number. Refractory fats such as mutton and beef fat, lard, lard, as well as different varieties of margarine is prohibited.

When the patient's general condition improves, he was transferred to a diet-Five "and" containing a sufficient amount of low-fat dairy products, white dried bread, chopped boiled meat and fish (lean). This diet should be followed during the acute period of the disease.

 Diet jaundice - how to prevent the development of chronic hepatitis B

Prevention of chronic hepatitis

If you stop a diet too early, acute hepatitis Acute hepatitis - always seriously  Acute hepatitis - always seriously
   easy to go into a chronic form. Therefore, even after the disappearance of jaundice must be for a minimum of five to six months, and preferably for a year to limit themselves to the use of some products. Dieting number five would avoid the transition to the chronic form of hepatitis and create optimal conditions for the proper secretion and recovery of liver cells. This diet can be followed for a long time.

This restricts food diet containing cholesterol and contains a sufficient number of products which possess choleretic effect. Should be excluded from the diet of meat, fish, mushroom broth, spices, fried, smoked, salted and pickled food, fatty foods, coffee, strong tea, onions, garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea  Garlic health: almost a panacea
 , Radishes and radish Benefits and harms of radish: what you need to know about this vegetable  Benefits and harms of radish: what you need to know about this vegetable
 . Meat, fish and poultry are boiled, baked without fat, stewed or steamed, but they have not necessarily grind. You still need to limit fat - not more than one hundred grams per day of vegetable oils and milk fat (including the fat content in dishes). You can afford a low-fat sweets - honey, jam, jam, marmalade, marshmallow, candy, desserts, fruit drinks, jelly, sambuca and jelly. But from cakes, chocolate, sweets and ice cream will have to give. Of course, you should not use semi-finished products and fast food: as a rule, these products contain large amounts of trans fats negatively affect the condition of the liver. Drink preferably more, about two liters of clean water per day.

If during long periods on such diet patient will feel good, can periodically vary the ration thereof including some of the product was set to supply a healthy person. If such innovations do not cause adverse reactions, they may be left in the diet, of course, do not abuse "harmful" food. It should be noted that such experiments should be done only after consultation with your doctor, and possibly passing the required tests.