Candles of vaginitis - is important to the proper appointment

April 9, 2013

 candles from vaginitis
 In the treatment of vaginitis use different candles: suppress the vital activity of infectious agents with anti-inflammatory action, corrective hormones that restore the normal microflora and so on. Which of these candles to choose the doctor decides.

 Candles of vaginitis - is important to the proper appointment

Candles from vaginitis, suppress vital functions of pathogens

Candles with the action often used in the treatment of nonspecific vaginitis caused by pathogenic microflora.

And as often nonspecific vaginitis caused by mixed microflora (bacterial and fungal usually), then to treat them experts prefer a combination of drugs with antibacterial and antifungal activity.

Very often the drug of choice for these diseases is terzhinan, which comes in the form of vaginal tablets. The structure includes Terzhinan the antibiotic neomycin, antimicrobial broad-spectrum ternidazol, antifungal drug Nystatin. In addition, the composition has Terzhinan prednisolone Prednisolone - against inflammation, allergy and pain, but with complications  Prednisolone - against inflammation, allergy and pain, but with complications
   - Glucocorticoid drug, which quickly removes all the unpleasant symptoms of vaginitis - swelling, itching, burning and pain. That is why terzhinan often prescribe other drugs. Assign terzhinan one tablet at night for 10 days.

Polizhinaks - combined medication that comes in vaginal capsules. It includes antibiotics neomycin and polymyxin B (provide a wide spectrum of antimicrobial action), an antifungal drug Nystatin Nystatin - help with candidiasis  Nystatin - help with candidiasis
   and dimethyl polysiloxane gel, providing an enveloping and antipruritic effect, improve metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   cells in the vaginal wall and improves the penetration of the basic components of the drug in the vaginal mucosa. Polizhinaks course of treatment - 12 days, it is administered one capsule for the night deep into the vagina.

 Candles of vaginitis - is important to the proper appointment

Candles for the correction of hormonal

Non-specific vaginitis often develop on the background of ovarian function and reduce the blood levels of female sex hormones estrogen. Estrogens support the development of normal vaginal microflora and its relatively high acidity, which in turn inhibits the overgrowth of pathogenic microflora. If the amount of the normal microflora is reduced, pathogenic microflora can cause inflammation of the vagina - nonspecific vaginitis.

With significant violations of hormonal hormones appointed inside. But often this is done using vaginal suppositories and creams with estrogen Estrogen - the key to bone health  Estrogen - the key to bone health
   - Ovestin, elvagina, estrokada.

Ovestin - it comes in vaginal suppositories and contains the female hormone estriol (one of the estrogen). Used to treat vaginitis caused by lack of estrogen in the body, including the elderly. Ovestin supports the regeneration of normal vaginal epithelium when age changes, helps to restore the normal microflora and acidity of the vagina, increases local immunity. Assign Ovestin one vaginal suppositories 500 mg at night for the first two or three weeks, and then transferred to the introduction of a single candle every 3-7 days. Analogue Ovestin estrokad is, it is also available in vaginal suppositories each containing 500 mg of estriol.

 Candles of vaginitis - is important to the proper appointment

Candles, restoring normal vaginal flora

The normal vaginal flora is represented mainly lactobacilli produce lactic acid. This creates an acidic environment in the vagina, uncomfortable for the life of the majority of opportunistic and pathogenic microorganisms. Because of the normal vaginal microflora of healthy women of childbearing age has self-cleaning properties. By reducing the volume of the normal flora of the vaginal environment becomes alkaline, suitable for reproduction of conditionally pathogenic and pathogenic microflora. It contributes to the development of inflammatory processes - vaginitis.

To restore the normal vaginal microflora after the main course of treatment prescribed probiotics - drugs that contain beneficial bacteria colonies.

In the form of vaginal suppositories to restore the vaginal flora produced product laktonorm.

Vaginal candles laktonorm injected deep into the vagina twice a day for a week. Contraindications for use of candles are fungal vaginitis.

A wide range of vaginal suppositories to treat vaginitis sometimes create the illusion of simplicity of treatment of this disease. In fact it is not - the treatment chosen by the doctor individually on the basis of a preliminary examination. This completely eliminates the possibility of self-treatment.

Galina Romanenko

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Genital warts - Treatment is chosen individually

April 17th, 2013

 genital warts treatment
 Genital warts - is one of the manifestations papillomovirusnoy infection, which is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is present in the body of many people, does not prove itself. Such a condition does not require treatment. Treat only clinical manifestations of infection, including genital warts and treatment need.

 Genital warts - Treatment is chosen individually

Basic principles of treatment of genital warts

Treatment of genital warts should be comprehensive and address three major problems.

Since HPV removed from the body is not possible, if there was one, it is the first object of treatment quantitative reduction of virus in the body to a level which can not develop the disease.

An equally important task is to strengthen the immune system Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system  Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system
   - That the immune system is a major obstacle for much breeding and the development of HPV disease.

In order to pre-existing genital warts do not grow and did not increase the risk of developing cancer of the genital organs, they are removed by surgery.

The simultaneous treatment of both sexual partners, while at the time of treatment is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse, and after treatment with the means to use barrier contraception (condoms, rubber caps and diaphragms) within six months.

 Genital warts - Treatment is chosen individually

Reduction of HPV in the blood and strengthen the immune system

Decreasing the amount of HPV in the blood and genital mucosa achieved through the use of antiviral drugs - interferon (viferona, reaferona, tsikloferona and others) and interferonogens - drugs that stimulate the formation of interferon own tissue cells of the patient (Poludan, prodigiozan and others).

For the same reason applies Indinol Indinol - drug or another fiction?  Indinol - drug or another fiction?
   - A drug of natural origin, antiviral and antitumor activity, contributes to the suppression of HPV infection. Indinol Available in capsules of 100 mg. The course of treatment - three months to two capsules a day for half an hour before meals. Admission Indinol can be combined with other antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs.

Held, both general and local treatment of genital warts Warts - treatment must be expert  Warts - treatment must be expert
   using antiviral drugs. So, as a topical antiviral treatment ointments bonafton, riodoksol, oxolinic ointment, which are applied to the affected areas of the epithelium of genitals 5-6 times a day for two to three weeks

Immunomodulators are assigned based on the results of an immunogram - blood tests for immunity. Well it showed itself in the treatment of genital warts are immunomodulators general (systemic) action as likopid, izoprinozin and galavit who prescribe long, sometimes intermittent.

For the correction of the local immune tissues of the affected areas of the genital mucosa prescribed application of 5% liniment tsikloferona or hydrogel allomedina 3-4 times a day.

 Genital warts - Treatment is chosen individually

Removing genital warts

Already formed genital warts removed together with the changed portions of the epithelium of genitals. For this purpose, different techniques are used.

It is believed that the most effective and gentle methods of removing genital warts is the removal using laser and radiofrequency knife (unit Surgitron) on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. For use of carbon-dioxide laser and neodymium lasers: carbon dioxide laser is less damaging surrounding tissue, and neodymium helps restore cells. If the procedure is carried out did not result in complete removal of warts, the following procedure is recommended no sooner than three weeks.

Removing genital warts using radionozha is more sparing method - so you can remove only the affected areas of warts and changed mucosa, does not injure the healthy tissue. Today, this method is the main while removing genital warts Removing genital warts - method is to choose a doctor  Removing genital warts - method is to choose a doctor
   pregnant women - treatment is carried out not earlier than 28 weeks of pregnancy.

In addition, genital warts can be removed using a cold (cryotherapy), surgical technique, and using drugs with cauterizing (eg solkoderm) and inhibits the proliferation of cells warts (kondilin) ​​action.

Fully cured of HPV infection is impossible, but with the help of complex treatment can achieve persistent and prolonged remission of the disease. If, in addition to constantly maintain the normal state of immunity, then we can forget about genital warts for the rest of life.

Galina Romanenko

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