Victims of anorexia: in the pursuit of beauty

October 19, 2012

 anorexia victim Karen Carpenter
 In pursuit of the ideals of the fair sex are increasingly forget that real beauty - is, above all, health. Every day there are new victims of anorexia, and on sick girl ten times more often than boys. This is due to the desire of the fair sex to be like their idols from the modeling business. Since the tragic story of singer Karen Carpenter, the theme of anorexia began to sound more and more often in the media. The public will never forget the history of Latin American model Luisel Ramos, who died right on the podium. With bated breath the world followed the model of Eastern Europe - Natasha Gotsy.

 Victims of anorexia: in the pursuit of beauty

The first acquaintance of the public with anorexia

For the first time the world started talking about anorexia nervosa in connection with the name of Karen Carpenter. Her brother, Richard organized a group of The Carpenters, in which she was subsequently invited. Karen was the first accordionist, but then it was her stunning voice brought the group fame and awards. Her career was very successful: three "Grammy" several gold and platinum albums, ten singles gold and the first of the charts. Karen Carpenter was a teen idol: all the girls wanted to be like her. She bathed in glory. But no one suspected that Karen died. Doctors have well-known to them but unknown to the public diagnosis - anorexia nervosa Anorexia nervosa - symptoms and effects on the body  Anorexia nervosa - symptoms and effects on the body

Richard remembers the first time Karen start to lose weight at age sixteen. She managed to reduce the weight of ten kilograms: up to fifty-four. However, this woman did not stop. Weighing in at fifty-two kilograms of acquaintances did not cease to make her compliments Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words  Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words
 And Karen laughed and replied that it was not the limit of its possibilities. But while no one is forced to guard. At twenty-five years, she weighed thirty-six kilograms, achieving this in the traditional way: denial of food and forced vomiting. Her body was so weak that I had to lie between performances. Once, at a concert in Las Vegas, Karen lost consciousness during the song. This incident forced the family to put her to the hospital.

Doctors discovered she had underweight sixteen kilograms. It made the singer a few realize the problem: she began regularly observed by specialists. But after a while, Karen decided that well, and went back to old habits.

Fourth of February nineteen eighty-third year of the famous singer's mother found her unconscious on the floor of their home and called an ambulance. She was taken to hospital where, after twenty minutes of the girl died of heart failure Heart failure - when the heart is unable to cope with the work  Heart failure - when the heart is unable to cope with the work
 Caused by anorexia. This event was completely unexpected in the eyes of the public and relatives, who thought that Karen Carpenter got rid of the disease.

 Victims of anorexia: in the pursuit of beauty

Vain death

 victim of anorexia Janine Turner
 The tragic fate of Karen Carpenter drew attention to a previously unknown disease. Up to this point the girls around the world are not aware of the real threat of voluntary fasting. After numerous publications in the media to the doctors followed the mass appeals for help. Some celebrities have decided to announce his problem publicly. Among the recognized in anorexia was an actress Janine Turner, Jane Fonda, gymnast Cathy Rigby.

People were worried and even frightened by the sudden illness because excessive thinness had not perceived as a real threat to life. Everywhere organized support groups suffering from the girls. Starts to open the clinic, which is specialized in the treatment of anorexia nervosa. Richard Carpenter created a foundation in honor of his sister in order to fund research to fight this disease.

 Victims of anorexia: in the pursuit of beauty

The tragedy of the Latin American models

 victim of anorexia Luisel Ramos
 In 2006, victims of anorexia began just two Latin American models. Their deaths pushed the powers that be to take decisive action in the fight against anorexia: in many countries went legislation prohibiting the promotion of anorexia and out on stage too thin models.

Luisel Ramos, a leading Uruguayan model died of a heart attack without even having to leave the podium. The tragedy occurred at the fashion week in Montevido in front of reporters and invited celebrities. Her career in the modeling business lasted only four years, after which the girl's heart could not stand the severe stress and starvation. Even arrived twenty minutes later the ambulance could not help Luisel. The girl died. Father model told the police that she did not eat the last few days to look at the show is really perfect.

The next model, which became a victim of the fashion trends for excessive thinness was Ana Carolina Reston, which at that time was only twenty-one years. The immediate cause of death has also become a cardiac arrest, which occurred a few days before an important photo shoot in Paris. The model in the pursuit of the ideal figure in her view sat on a diet that contained only apples and tomatoes. The last days of her life she spent in the hospital with a diagnosis of "severe anorexia." The girl's mother told me that Ana refused to hear talk about doctors and nutrition Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food  Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food
 . Model, the growth of which was one hundred and seventy centimeters, died vesiv just thirty-eight kilograms.

 Victims of anorexia: in the pursuit of beauty

A happy ending

In two thousand and seventh year of the model history of the world discussed the Ukrainian model Nataliya Gotsiy. A year after the tragic death of Hispanic girls in the world-famous contest Supermodel of the World wins model, which then rapidly began to lose weight. As she says Natalia, she just did not have time to eat during the work, and then the appetite altogether disappeared. On top of the world with the growth in the Ukrainian one hundred eighty centimeters weighed only forty-seven kilograms.

I got into the business model Natalia by chance, and it almost cost her her life. Girl friend invited her to go along to a casting where Natalia noticed. After she participated in the contest Elit Model Look. Despite the fact that the place on it she did not take, career started to go uphill. However, even after a dramatic weight loss agents Natalia and offered her a visit to a nutritionist, and hospitalization. But help could only one thing: the desire to have a baby.

This desire was so strong that she began to eat through force. She knew that if her weight and health status make a baby she could not. That helped. Now Natalia lovely child and her husband. She decided to go back to modeling.

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