Slimming persons - a double chin can not hide

September 13, 2011

 Slimming Face
 Many women dream of a person to lose weight is because the figure can somehow hide under clothing, and his face as the hide? Sometimes a woman does not have much excess weight and double chin has the effect of obesity. In this case, the aid will approach special techniques slimming face.

 Slimming persons - a double chin can not hide

How to lose face?

If the person does not have excess fat in the form of a double chin or sagging cheeks, even heavy deposits of fat in the figure often go unnoticed. Causes of excess fat deposits on the face or sagging - are overweight or, on the contrary, his sudden dropping, the weakening of facial muscles, stoop Stoop - strengthens the muscles of the right  Stoop - strengthens the muscles of the right
   (head constantly lowered down).

That is why many women want to lose face. Then fit the same principles as in the general weight loss. That is, you need to follow a certain diet, increased motor activity in general and to give certain load facial muscles in the form of special exercises and massage. It should also train yourself to sleep on a low pillow, and keep your head up, being careful not to bend and spine.

 Slimming persons - a double chin can not hide

Diet and exercise overall slimming Face

Of course, a special diet for thinner face it, no. Suitable conventional balanced diet, in which can be in any number of eating vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products (especially useful in cheese and milk products, they contain more calcium, which in itself contributes to weight loss), seafood, lean meat, fish.

But fatty meats and fish, concentrated meat, fish and mushroom broth, sweets, baking, alcohol and sugary soft drinks, strong tea and coffee should be avoided. You also need to eliminate all fried, smoked, spicy and salty foods. Eating should be up to six times a day: three main reception (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and three snack and drink to one and a half liters of fluid a day.

If you stick to the diet constant (which is quite burdensome, you just need to get used to) and combine it with exercise, make sure you get thin, including the face.

General physical load in combination with a diet not only lead to weight loss, but also to lift the muscles of the body. Physical activity can be anything, but for the duration of their szhivaniya fat should be less than an hour, because only after forty - fifty minutes of physical activity for energy begins to consume fat reserves. This can be walking (speed it depends on the state of health), jogging, swimming, cycling, training in the gym for at least two - three times a week.

 Slimming persons - a double chin can not hide

Gymnastics and facial massage for its slimming

You are on a diet and improve their physical activity, and thus lose weight. But that after losing weight on your face, your skin is not limp, you need to do special exercises for the face, which will pump up the muscles of the face - they will keep and tone the skin. In addition, from special exercises strengthen the cervical spine. A set of exercises for the face is best done in front of a mirror, pre-apply on face nourishing cream:

  • stretch lips as much as possible, thus straining the muscles in the face as hard as possible, and pronounce vowels - and A, Y;
  • as much as possible to throw back his head, chin to push forward and try to take the upper lower lip;
  • open his mouth wide and as much as possible to stick his tongue to turn it in different directions;
  • close my teeth and pull down the lower lip (without hands);
  • involve the cheeks, then inflate them, then do it in turn one and the other cheek;
  • lower corners of the mouth, much to strain your neck muscles, then relax and repeat everything;
  • smile at one half of the mouth, then dropping, then rising corner of his mouth; do the same on the opposite side;
  • holding a pencil in his teeth, write in the air a few letters or numbers.

If you do these exercises twice a day, morning and evening, it will significantly strengthen the facial muscles and reduce body fat in this area.

In the morning every day need to massage the face and chin using a wet towel. For wet towel suit infusion of chamomile, calendula, sage Sage - cvyaschennaya grass  Sage - cvyaschennaya grass
   (two teaspoons per cup of boiling water), salt water (a tablespoon of sea salt or regular per liter of water) or just water. Take a towel dampened by the edges and make several sharp movements, the arch, pushing the arm so that the towel flapping chin and cheeks. After the massage is applied daily to the skin nourishing cream.

 Slimming persons - a double chin can not hide

Cosmetics for skin tightening face during weight loss

Special mask to tighten the muscles of the face should be done once a week. Mask for oily skin Oily skin: Natural and artificial care  Oily skin: Natural and artificial care
 : Stick yeast diluted with water to a thick cream, add a teaspoon of lemon juice; Apply on the face (except around the eyes places) to hold, until dry and then rinse with water and apply to the skin nourishing cream.

The mask for dry and normal skin: oatmeal brewed with boiling water, allow to cool slightly, add two - three drops of oil solution of vitamin A Vitamin A: An important element of the health and beauty  Vitamin A: An important element of the health and beauty
   (he served in a pharmacy) and apply on your face for twenty - thirty minutes, and then rinse and apply skin cream.

Lose face quite real.

Galina Romanenko

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Way to lose weight - diet against physical education

April 18, 2010

  • Way to lose weight - diet against physical education
  • The principles of good nutrition

 how to lose weight
 There are a number of ways to lose weight, which is easy to apply in life. You probably will not use them all, but some of them will help you to achieve your dream figure.


  • Daily sport. Even charging for ten or fifteen minutes to effectively speeds up metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 Helps maintain a healthy heart and, of course, it helps burn fat.
  • Eat from small plates. Several studies have shown that the amount of food that a person eats, depends on the size of the plate, with which he eats. The greater the plate, the more food you can eat. It is a psychological bond that does not depend on how much you are hungry.
  • Carefully choose foods. To lose weight, you need to not only reduce the amount of food consumed, but also ensure that your diet is present all the necessary nutrients.
  • Sleep at least seven hours a day. Experts believe that people who sleep less than seven hours a day, gaining more weight, especially those who slept seven or more hours of laziness. It is believed that this effect is caused by hormones that are produced during sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
  • Always remove the skin from chicken. The skin - the fatty part of the chicken; it adds up to 100 kcal for each batch of chicken.
  • Do not forget about your favorite products. Many people are beginning to lose weight, completely give up your favorite foods, especially if these products are very high in calories. Doing this is strongly discouraged, because eventually people do not usually stand up and begins to actively overeat. Use your favorite treats as a reward for achieving their goals (minus 5 kg, minus 5 cm at the waist, and so on).
  • Do not buy sweets, prepared food, sausages and other high-calorie and very useful products. The easiest way to refrain from their consumption when they simply do not have on hand. Instead, fill the refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Buy dairy products with low fat content. Milk is necessary for our body, as it contains many vitamins and minerals, but they can be obtained as whole or skimmed milk.
  • Walking - one of the most simple and enjoyable way to lose weight. Whenever you have the opportunity to take a walk, treat it as a chance to get rid of a few extra hundred grams (reset for one kilogram of a walk, perhaps, it is difficult, but not impossible). As often as possible the car go. Park the car further away from your desk, you leave a few stops early, do not use elevators.
  • Do not add the cream and sugar in your coffee. If you drink five to six cups of sweet coffee with cream on the day, all your efforts made for weight loss, may be useless. Accustomed to drink black coffee without sugar, you will realize that it's not only useful, but also much tastier.
  • Fiber is essential for those who want to lose weight. Firstly, it helps to keep the feeling of satiety for a longer period, and secondly, it effectively cleanses the bowel and finally stimulates metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 , So the body burns calories faster. To get the necessary amount of fiber, eat fruits, vegetables, legumes; a lot of fiber in bran.
  • Drink six to eight glasses of water a day. In the water, there is no calories, it flushes toxins from the body and prevents dehydration.
  • Use hot spices Spices - delicious slimming  Spices - delicious slimming
 . It is proved that spicy food for a while accelerating your metabolism, causing rapid burning of fat.
  • Slimming cold better than heat. At low temperatures, the body has to burn more energy to maintain normal body temperature. So try not to include the heaters at full capacity and do not dress too warm - the body has reserves to maintain normal temperature, give him a chance to use them.
  • Always brush your teeth after eating. This will help to resist the temptation to once again eat.
  • Do not eat in front of the TV, the computer, or while reading. Because of the dense flow of information the brain needs more time to understand what you are already full.