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June 11, 2009

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And I think, we should not discourage people. Let them try, stuffed with its own bumps and draw conclusions. Remember all firmly hooked on soda - ate with spoons, bathed in it, almost tons bought in stores. Lost someone? Figushki. Gastritis currently amassed - yes, fat and remained in their original locations. That coal will be the same story. Eat, go to sleep in the arms of the toilet, and throw.
Alain K., yes, indeed. Everyone is responsible for their health, if they want to ruin it, you just can not stop them. Once the hype settles with coal, our marketers have come up with another joke-jokes with some cheap means, such as salt, which saves on weight loss. They simply amuse themselves, and the people believe in all this nonsense.
That weight loss using coal - the same thing as losing weight using diuretics or laxatives. Girls, lest you lose weight! Well, it will indicate any rubbish from the body, but fat is not, and does not resolve to leave. We must work on yourself: zaryadochka, jogging, hearty breakfast, a light dinner, no fastufuda and cookies at night! A charcoal I currently spend cleaning twice a year. Within 3-5 days, every day, I drink a few taps of the coal rate calculation 1 tablet per 10 kg body weight. Removes toxins with a bang.
Galina, that's for sure! And napokupayut laxatives and then sit on the pot half with bloating. Or diuretic is drunk to weakness in the limbs, and suffer from thirst, highlighting 5 liters of urine. Do they really think that by these means a little lose weight. It's the fluid excreted from the body, which is very needed. Crazy some!
Oh, no, I somehow would not risk drink these pills continuously, even ten days, because every day you need a lot of pills for he acted, one tablet per ten kilogram. Though these medicines and slightly dangerous, and less natural, but it's still a tablet! It is better to limit yourself to eating than drinking anything podobnoe.Zdorovee will!
Danya, that's entirely agree with you, it is better to lose weight slowly but effectively. Tablets may also help, but in any case they will bring a large number of personal injury. Why is it people lately, too lazy to do sports and run in the mornings, but swallow without measure different preparations for them properly, and they believe that this is the only way to get rid of excess weight.
For me personally, this weight loss method is very risky because it is already a lot of health problems. Can pills really effective, but can not deny the fact that they affect the body adversely, they have their pluses and minuses. Can they help you lose weight, but apart from weight loss and you can get a bunch of diseases, so it is better to get rid of excess weight different.
Masha, here exactly, will the mega-hyper-thin and sick. As people do not realize that you can not lose weight without effort, while maintaining health. It's amazing! Once I take special pills, but felt bad for them, which is very quick goodbye to desire to lose weight, and then simply eliminated from the diet of some products, and all at once fell into place.
What kind of nonsense is another - activated carbon in the fight against obesity! Laughter and only. What people do not come up, only to find at least some alternative to a regular fitness and restricted diet for weight loss. Well, of course, have a tablet much more interesting than an effort in the gym and give up rolls
Emma, ​​you're absolutely right, people have become too lazy lately, and that the maximum they can do is complain about the extra weight, but did not want to correct. They just drink a useless pill and wait for great results. Those who really want to lose weight go to gyms and fitness, lead a healthy lifestyle and do not engage in useless things.
Emma, ​​Kira, and have you tried? With so immediately condemn. When I tried to lose too much, then I tried different ways. Who found the diet, in which I do not have to limit yourself too much. Just do not eat certain kinds of foods. But sometimes after the holidays (if they are not well) still have to sit on any stricter diet for a week.
Veronica, oh, you are wrong! People who are watching their diet and lifestyle, play sports and try to do not take any crap. This is just lazy after a fast food run to take coal to lose weight. And it helps them only in order not to poison this unknown power. Needless to grant the coal those qualities which he does not.
Emma, ​​your ridicule inappropriate, please check first with the impact of these tablets the body can then before you will reach that all this seriously helps. It is not one person has achieved results, certainly did not help everyone, but there is an explanation. If you eat late at night and after 12 at night for you to open the refrigerator the norm, then the gym will be powerless.
Irina, that's it, check out their action and do not claim that they are helping to lose weight. Only a proper diet, but physical activity can do wonders. I some point I realized that I have excess weight, but did not run to the pharmacy for tablets, but simply stopped eating after 18 and were more likely to walk to work. You can not imagine how great result!
Irina, I know what their impact. They simply help to clean the intestines, plus increased thirst. There is more self-hypnosis works and cleaning clogged guts are clogged eaten cakes and chips. That helps them lazy fat woman who are too lazy to get up five minutes earlier and do exercises. It's just a divorce for suckers, sorry.
Irina, right, no one denies that they are helping to lose weight, but it does not mean that in the fight against excess weight besides these pills do more nothing. If at the same time going to the gym, do not overeat, and the like, then yes, they will also help. In any case, you can not abuse them, read about the side effects that then no problem.
Emma, ​​why just nonsense, carbon acts as an auxiliary member. I tried it myself. And every sensible person will understand that some tablets and the like, the result is not achieved. Coal only helps get rid of excess filth and clean the intestines, is a kind of enema without enema. And yet at the same time you need to drink plenty of water.
Do not argue, because this drug helps someone, and some do not, it may not work at all equally, because people have different metabolism, lifestyle and very different food. I want to advise not to use the experience of others in the present case, as it may mislead you, as if a friend took her and helped, then it does not necessarily help you, too.
Julia, an important clarification you have done, the drug did not have the same effect on everyone. So if you hear from an acquaintance that this drug did not help him, and absolutely useless do not rush to conclusions. Maybe you can help it, it's worth it, after consulting with a doctor, just do not become worse, because it is made from natural ingredients.
This is probably the next wave of advertising, has recently been to the green coffee, which supposedly helps to get rid of excess weight. All around was advertising, which did not turn in all talked about it, and that as a result have now? In the European countries. particularly in Germany this coffee even banned, and in other places all decayed and without the ban. So now another duck about the drug.
Inga as soon as you could have imagined such a bad comparison, this drug to people familiar for many years and has already proven as a useful tool to help get rid of many problems. Therefore, I believe without putting even a second question what is written here. The very use of the recommendations will not be true, because I have the figure of reference.
I do not see nothing wrong with this method. I do differently better sensational slimming soda. Moreover, the damage to the digestive system of coal will not be exact. Of course, the problem is that our people do not want to limit your diet. It is easier to believe in the miraculous power of the tablet than reduce their daily ration. Hence, such "carbon" diet ...
Tosya Kislitsina, at the expense of diet soda surely noticed, people are maintained on all sorts of nonsense and often spoil their health, then it is better to accept this friendly product even if it does not turn to throw weight, even if no harm get. And the benefit at least some would be, would display toxins from the body and that is important, these pills are inexpensive and try to take one course can, in any case, nothing to lose.
Light, I agree with the fact that in recent times people want to lose weight, etc., and a minimum of effort, but that's about the pills I have a completely different opinion. The first time, they can and will help, but then is likely to be the opposite. It seems to me that such a diet is too tough and insecure. Everyone chooses how he get rid of excess weight, but it should be remembered that there are simpler methods.
And I know about this method. My colleague, are susceptible to all sorts of methods of losing weight, activated carbon is used for this purpose. I saw just under the scheme, which was mentioned. Every day - plus one tablet, and then decrease. She liked to say that the energy of the body appears and is cleared. The most that you try? Has anyone else lost weight with activated charcoal?
Alla, I would not mind to lose weight with the help of this tool. These pills I use from flatulence, and I know how effective they are. And the fact that they are washed and microflora, so it can be restored each evening sipping on a glass of kefir. But the scheme, to be honest I did not find a striker. If taken on schedule, I get 16 days, no less. And it says that more than 10 days - is harmful. What to do?
I have never heard that using activated carbon can be to lose weight. It seems that the theme with green coffee has lost its power, and now someone is trying to roll out coal. And it should not just that you can produce kilograms after the burning of wood, namely from the pharmacy to buy. I do not believe that's true, it's a fairy tale for the naive villagers.
Read article. Indeed, there is a method of losing weight. I personally have experienced. In my 80 kg weight I drank 8 tablets. The procedure is: 3 days to 8 tablets drink, and then 3 days do not drink. Next week I drink to 8 units per day, 3 days and then do not drink, then 2 weeks of 8pcs / day, 3 days and drink do not drink, and then 3 weeks of the same. Thus dropped 5kg.
I first heard about weight loss with activated charcoal as these pills can help in this matter. I would not even try to become, why would I risk my health for the sake of dubious opportunity to lose weight. By the way, these pills once costing a penny is now much more expensive, probably due to the fact that they claim to have the ability to help people lose weight, but I do not believe it.
I tried to use a white activated carbon for weight loss. It is believed that it has a greater degree of adsorption. But I did not see the effect, and anyway, who came up with this rumor that he lose weight? He did vsasyvaetlishnie calories and consumption of fats? As far as I know, no, so more I will not even try.
And maybe there is some correct dosage of activated carbon for weight loss? I like Yana, nothing happened. A month saw the activated carbon, and the result - just dropped 500 grams, still nothing. Tell me, what sports you need to do when you grow thin with activated charcoal?
In metabolism, primarily affects: a) physical activity and as a consequence - the presence of muscle mass, and b) diet - its frequency and quality of products; c) a genetic predisposition, and d) the overall emotional state cheloveka.Vryad-whether consumption or failure from the use of activated charcoal may somehow significantly affect the process of losing weight. But, from the frequent and controlled use akt.uglya, the body can lose essential vitamins and minerals, or medications - they will be absorbed by the charcoal transit in and out.
In my opinion, complete nonsense. I do not know whether the activated carbon helps to lose weight, but certainly no toxins it does not show. The activated carbon adsorbent as all forms on the surface of intestinal plenochku kind that prevents harmful substances absorbed from the intestine. Coal prevents the absorption and does not take the decision already taken by the body.
For myself, I found only harm activated charcoal slimming. The experiment was so my - the first month I lost weight without it, thus underestimated the intake of carbohydrates and protein intake overstated. At the end of the first month I started having problems with constipation, but occasionally. She returned to normal, everything returned to normal, began to lose weight with coal, problems with constipation began immediately. Like this.
Diet diet and weight loss program with activated charcoal to be properly drawn up. For example, activated carbon drink in the evening after all the meals to cleanse the intestines and stomach of toxins and that harmful received during the day. This will contribute to more rapid metabolism, which is necessary for weight loss.
Something question is activated charcoal method for losing weight and my only doubt was confirmed after the article read. That's right, I thought that the activated carbon can only help to bring the toxins and waste products, but does not help in burning excess fat. But as an assistant in cleansing - it's not bad.
Frankly I was surprised when I first found out about the use of activated carbon for weight loss. I read the mixed reviews, some admired, someone swore. Personally, I have at the end did not have any desire to drink just like coal. As I see it, it's still not very helpful, not that he invented. Best of healthy food.
Read reviews charcoal slimming. Most people claim that it helps only if required to do sports and use additional vitamins. It maintains a balance of nutrients and harmful substances leave. I decided to try this method, too, but I can not decide how best to - to take it before or after meals?
The very formulation of the question: is it possible to lose weight on activated carbon, in my opinion, is absurd. Ten days to drink cheap pills and lose weight? It is ridiculous! The human body is not so simple, and the causes of obesity are mixed. A charcoal only removes some (not all) toxic substances that weight loss is hardly affected
I think this is nonsense. Losing weight on activated carbon is hardly possible. The article says that it is used only as an aid and it does not help one to lose weight. Better to use the usual ways: diet, fitness, jogging in the morning. Then the weight is guaranteed to be perfect. Personally, I do not believe in the other methods.
On the activated carbon as a means of losing weight heard for a long time. But somehow hands did not reach to read what they write about this process, those who have tried. To my surprise, the positive reviews are not less than neutral. Negatives are not met. So, if you drink this scheme, no harm. And what happens? Worth a try, as someone said?
Weight Loss with activated carbon is similar to losing weight on teas. As long as you drink, grow thin, he threw all scored. After all, you just do not give so eaten food properly assimilated. And if you go too far with the reception can be very hurt yourself, depriving the body of all the basic necessities. The only way to lose weight and not regain the weight is correct and moderate diet. And this, to secure the effect exercise. All and any abuse of the body.
So I tried to lose weight !!! And finally, two weeks later, everything remains the same, so also three days unbearable stomach ached and there was this dizzy! So girls, healthy food and sports to help you !!!
Yes, our women's feature gives us peace ... I am 18, height 169, weight 55. I want to prepare properly for the summer. began taking vitaminchiki (Table.) and then suddenly stumbled on coal diet. Experienced girl, can you tell me together (course) to take vitamins and coal? It may be 10 days per month guzzle coal, and the rest Vitaminki?
Quote Marina:
I want to try, too, but I have a lot of weight, will you? someone helped with more weight?
Hello .  I think any of us can already write a book about nutrition to lose weight .  Only ourselves we apply this knowledge can not .  Theory know to practice hands do not reach .  I myself have recovered after birth to 20 kg .  Why is that? Not a lot of moving and eating .  When is the last 3 years, and the weight will not go away, I went to the endocrinologist .  I'm smart, but I know that I have disturbed hormone balance, metabolism and others like them .  .  .  .  .   .   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
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