The menstrual cycle in adolescents: possible failures

September 20, 2012

 menstrual cycles in adolescents
 Unfortunately, not every girl know what menstruation and menstrual cycle at all. Perhaps it is the fault of parents, schools where sex education is not carried out, so often for teenage girls first period is a shock. Another feature of the menstrual cycle at teenagers is its irregularity, frequent violations, as well as pain during menstruation. All this is even more nevrotiziruet girls, and they are afraid to address their problems, not only to the doctor, but also to the mother. The objective of each of her that is the education of his daughter about the features of the menstrual cycle, and in the case of various deviations promptly take her daughter to the gynecologist.

 The menstrual cycle in adolescents: possible failures


Menarche - a first period in the lives of girls and it suggests that sexual development is normal. As a rule, the first month occur within a year - two years after the beginning of the growth of pubic hair and armpits, breast enlargement and rapid growth of a teenager ("growth spurt"). Normally, menarche appear between the ages of eleven and fourteen years old, but there may be deviations in either direction.

Time menarche individually every girl and depends on many factors:

  • Heredity (if relatives in the family began early in the month, or, conversely, too late, we should expect the same and a teenager);
  • physical development (proactive in the physical development of their peers increases the likelihood of an earlier onset of menstruation);
  • diseases (eg, frequent colds, chronic tonsillitis Chronic tonsillitis - inflammation of the tonsils  Chronic tonsillitis - inflammation of the tonsils
   and other influence on the formation of the menstrual cycle and timing of the first menstruation);
  • nutrition (malnutrition prolongs the beginning of the first menstrual period);
  • climate (girl raised in southern climates, start menstruating much earlier than girls who live in the North);
  • emotional state (stress can significantly delay the onset of menstruation, or cause menstrual irregularities).

 The menstrual cycle in adolescents: possible failures

Menstruation in adolescents

With the advent of menarche in girls starts to form the menstrual cycle. The special features of the menstrual cycle at teenagers is its duration. It may be too short (about 20-21 days), or, conversely, too long (45 days). Sami menstruation usually last from three to seven days, but the probability and longer periods. This is due to the fact that the endocrine system is still in development, and the amount of progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology  Progesterone - norm and pathology
   not always high enough to cause the rejection of endometrium (decidua). Typically, these menstrual bleeding lasts more than seven days, but in the case of long-term monthly, seek medical advice.

The menstrual cycle in the majority of adolescent girls established only two years after menarche. Normally, it must meet the following criteria:

  • duration at least 21 days and not more than 35 days;
  • menstrual period should last from three to seven days;
  • menstrual blood loss should be less than 50 ml and not more than 150 ml.

Another feature of the menstrual cycle, in particular menses in girls is their tenderness. In relieving pain during menstruation can help moderate exercise, the heat in the lower abdomen, the restriction of tea, coffee and chocolate, in severe cases, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents (naproxen, indomethacin).

 The menstrual cycle in adolescents: possible failures

Means for intimate hygiene

By the choice of funds for personal hygiene teenage girl must be approached with the utmost seriousness. Self-girl will not be able to understand the huge variety of intimate pads Feminine pads - talk about wings  Feminine pads - talk about wings
   and tampons How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions  How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions
 . Although advertisements should be noted that the use of tampons adolescents unacceptable. In choosing pads girl's mother should participate herself. It is not necessary to acquire a highly absorbent pad if the girl moderate or scanty menstruation. Such spacers may mislead her, it would be less likely to change them, which promotes the growth and reproduction of bacteria, and thus lead to inflammation.

Anna Sozinova

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Parental styles of behavior - the key to the formation of a mature responsible person

April 9, 2012

 parental styles conduct key forming a mature responsible person
 The method of education, "do as I say" is no longer effective. Have you ever carried out tests to determine the most appropriate methods of raising children in your family? Or you use the methods of education applied to you as a child? Did you say to yourself: "I would never bring up their children as did my parents! "Or" My parents beat me, and nothing has happened to me, so I will use this method. " Both of these options - knee-jerk reaction, not having any relation to the principles of the proper education of children.

You might not even be interested in questions of education of children, as long as you are not with them any problems. Suddenly, one day, it turns out that your parenting practices more than ineffective. Good parenting - not necessarily a natural process, and be a good parent - not necessarily easy. There are many skills that will help you be a good father or mother. To achieve excellence, you have to first find a suitable and, most importantly, an effective method and then apply it in practice.

Parental education in the field of education becomes necessary in our time.

What results are expected from the use of positive parenting techniques?

  • Eliminates the need for a flogging, timeouts and "house arrest";
  • instead the strategy of reward and punishment is used encouraging good behavior;
  • apply effective methods to eliminate tantrums;
  • parents find their method of education, which would be easy to apply and which would have given a positive result;
  • help parents master the method of education, which would be effective in all phases of growing up the child;
  • help children grow from responsible adults, who have found their place in the world.

There are three main categories of methods of education. Most parents are one of them, although there are mixed methods of education.

 Parental styles of behavior - the key to the formation of a mature responsible person

The method of orders (instructions)

It is an authoritarian method of education. Authoritarian parents believe not necessary to explain the rules or the reasons for the behavior of children. The main argument for them is that their kids are doing something against the rules, and must bear the punishment for it. Often the penalties are very strict. If the children ask their parents about the conditions of the implementation of one or another job, they hear one answer: "Because I said so (a)." Parents who use this method, they want to keep everything under control. They raise their children according to the rules, which they must adhere. Children deprived of their liberty at the same time. The discipline shown by the method of reward and punishment, and nothing else. Children quickly learn to listen to their parents for the sake of rewards, often they are simply afraid of their parents. The children either live with it and learn to think about themselves, or rebel against the authoritarian practices of their parents.

 Parental styles of behavior - the key to the formation of a mature responsible person

Method concessions

This method is to complete permissiveness. Parents who use this method may fear that children will not love them, or just be friends for the children, so they do not set their conditions and boundaries. Such parents give children freedom of action, and instill in them any responsibility. As children are the parents understand that they can not cope with their bad behavior. Children of such parents are irresponsible, have problems in relationships and believe the world is too complicated for yourself. Not fair to bring up children without installing framework or permanently change them. Children do not want freedom without limits.

 Parental styles of behavior - the key to the formation of a mature responsible person

Selection Method

This democratic method of education. The "do as I say, and do not ask questions" over. This means that parents and children are equal - not to the life experience and education, but in essence. From an early age parents clearly form for themselves the expected result of education and establish a framework to achieve it. Kids can choose to teach them to accept the consequences and to show the importance of their decisions. Granting the right choice of balances a sense of freedom and responsibility. Children who are in control of their own lives and make decisions that work well in the future and respect themselves. Parents encourage children and acknowledge their good behavior. They use methods of discipline, by which children learn, rather than waiting for a reward or punishment.

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