Pacifier - more harm than good - How to choose

October 31, 2010

  • Pacifier - more harm than good
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Benefits and harms

Pacifier can bring many benefits, its positive qualities lie in the fact that it soothes babies. When a child is irritable and difficult to soothe, pacifier can produce a magical effect, as her toddler meets their main reflexes - sucking is especially significant for children who are bottle-fed, which, unlike their peers, sucking the breast on demand They feed by the hour.

But this is the only benefit, so damage is much greater. Firstly, according to pediatricians, the nipple contribute to slowing of mental development of the child, as the sucking - it is a certain thing, and as the child grows, it takes him more and more to the detriment of other activities. It backfired sucking pacifiers predict dentists, they believe that this development is broken jaws kid and formed malocclusion Malocclusion: fix is ​​never too late  Malocclusion: fix is ​​never too late
 . Finally, the nipple may be a source of infection if it is not time to process (or simply lick, as some doting mother).

So what to do? Released only two: either did not initially buy a pacifier to soothe the child, and in other ways, or to buy, but to use it strictly for that purpose, that is, when a child is angry and can not calm down, but then do not forget to pick her up. After each use of a pacifier should be thoroughly washed in running water and pour boiling water. If you fulfill all these conditions, the nipple will certainly be a helper, and not hurt the baby.

It should also be aware that the sucking reflex is gradually fading to 5-6 months of life. And if you're in that age gradually remove your nipple, then the child is to be held quietly. In the same year to wean him from the nipples will be very difficult.

 How to choose | pacifier - more harm than good

What pacifier choose

Pacifiers manufactured lot. But it is better to spend money once and buy a quality pacifier, which is more expensive than usual. This nipple is made of good latex or silicone, which is not so easy to detach from the base, it is suitable for breathing and sucking, has a strong safety disk (it is difficult to break down and it will not crack, in contrast to the simple nipple). Well still buy a special chain-clothespin, for which the nipple can be attached to the child's clothes: hang the pacifier on a string can not be, it can be twisted and injure the child neck.

Issued Dummy sizes from 0 to 3 months from 0 to 6 and from 3 months to 6 months, 6 months or older. Nipple of latex (natural material - rubber) soft, but not too strong, so they are more suitable weak, sluggish sucking children. But sometimes latex allergy in young children. The nipples of artificial silicone material dense, durable, but less elastic, they enjoy a more active kids.

Nipples - pacifiers are different in shape and the papilla, which may have the classic (anatomically, it has a uniform pressure to the sky) and orthodontic shape, avoids trouble with the bite. The latter have a tapered shape of the papilla, allowing them to more easily be placed in the mouth of the child. When a child falls asleep, so the nipple usually falls from their mouths. Anatomic teat is a subspecies as "cherry", with a large nipple.

Qualitative pacifiers have a ventilation system and the relief inside of the protective disk (it is not possible to accumulate the saliva around the mouth). Form a protective disc may be different, but it should not be too small (the nipple can completely get into the child's mouth and he could suffocate) or too large (close the nostrils).

In our pharmacy you can buy high quality pacifiers, which are produced by firms Cicco (Italy) Avent (UK) Newbie (USA), Dr. Braun (Germany), a domestic firm and the other World of Childhood.

 How to choose | pacifier - more harm than good

Pacifier company Cicco

Cicco - an Italian company that produces goods for children, are of high quality. It toys, bottles, pacifiers, various accessories, children's cosmetics, clothing and strollers. Control of the manufactured products in the company is careful so that the trademark Cicco is a sign of goods of the highest quality.

Pacifier company Cicco made of latex and silicone and have a teardrop or anatomical shape. All kinds of nipple-walled, so soft. Their softness is increased by a special valve, exhaust air.

Latex term use is able to collect the liquid inside teats, so in the latex firm Cicco contain special additives with which suspend the process and allow the nipple to retain its shape for a long time.

Silicone pacifiers are very strong, do not absorb saliva and do not lose their shape, but they are prone to breakage because of low elasticity. Therefore, they are not recommended for children who already have teeth.

The protective ring pacifiers Cicco can be both hard (made of plastic, they have the shape of the mouth, or butterfly) and soft (latex or silicone, usually at night pacifiers), but they both have openings for ventilation, do not irritate the skin around the mouth and give the child the opportunity to breathe freely.

Do not forget: the pacifier should be changed every 3-4 months.

Galina Romanenko

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Infant Slings: a godsend for active moms - Types

October 27, 2013

  • Infant Slings: a godsend for active moms
  • Kinds

 types of slings for babies

Types of slings for babies

There are three basic designs Sling: Sling with rings, sling-scarf and May-sling. All these designs have their advantages and disadvantages.


Sling with rings

The length of the sling with the rings can be adjusted using the ring. A sling is worn diagonally over the shoulder. The child may be in a sling on her hip a parent or chest when lying down or sitting.

The advantages of the sling with the rings is easy to use. This sling is easy to put the position of the baby is also very easily change. From this sling is easy to shift the baby to bed without waking with the crumbs. Sling rings are very convenient to take with you and wear when needed, for example, in the clinic or in the store. It is compact, lightweight and can be used from birth.

Have sling with rings and disadvantages. For example, not all children feel comfortable enough that sling. Furthermore, asymmetrically distributed load on both the parent and child. As a child in any way is not fixed in a sling, there is a risk that a baby will fall out of the device, so the crumbs should be supported with one hand. For these reasons, the sling with the rings is better to use only occasionally and briefly.


Sling scarf: strengths and weaknesses

This sling is a panel whose length ranges from three to seven meters. The sling-scarf can be worn baby lying or sitting face to the chest of an adult. Grown up and you can make a baby on her back, though this will require a certain skill or help another person.

Sling scarf can be long (four and a half meters) and a short (up to four meters). Short sling easier to tie a scarf, but it is more suited to grown children and mothers rather slim. Long sling-scarf to use a bit more complicated, but this model is ideal for newborns and mothers to complete to be worn over clothing.

Due to the large area of ​​sling-scarf fit evenly distributes the load on the child and the parent. From properly tied scarf will not fall out even very small or very lively child, this design sling reliability and safety. The sling-scarf can be worn swaddled newborn child and grown-up. If desired, you can put a sling under the clothes. Produce a sling (not one), if desired, easily yourself.

Disadvantages sling-scarf are a continuation of its merits. For active kids do not usually like reliable fixation - they protest and capricious. Grown children often do not like to sit face-to-adult, they want to see what is happening around. Change the position of the baby in a sling is not so easy, and putting itself sling-scarf - it's an art that requires some time to learn. Since the sling-scarf is very long, and in the process of putting it inevitably ends of the floor, it is unlikely it will be convenient to wind somewhere other than your own home. For the same reason the sling has to be washed often. Finally, a few fathers are willing to tolerate children so exotic way.



May-sling is a cross between a sling as such and baby carrier - a rectangular piece of fabric with straps. This kind of sling for the grown children moving, carrying her newborn do not usually use. If you need to buy a sling for a newborn, you need to May-sling was made of soft plastic and natural fabrics. This sling allows you to record all parts of the spine of the newborn. May-rigid fabric slings for very young children do not fit. It should also be borne in mind that in May-slings are not suitable for horizontal carrying children.

From May to sling the child can not fall out, but still has enough freedom. However, these slings are many drawbacks, chief among them - properly distributed load on the child and the parent. As a result, the child may become numb legs and neck, and the parent - there is pain in the back Back pain: Do not start the process  Back pain: Do not start the process
 . Perhaps, over time, in May-sling design will be improved, but to date these slings are considered not too comfortable.


Sling your own hands

The easiest way to make yourself sling-scarf, the main thing - to choose the right fabric. Best fit natural cotton, possibly with additives silk, bamboo, cashmere, rayon. Linen for babies can be a little rude. The fabric should be chosen not too thick (the ends of the sling should easily be tied into a knot), but it is strong enough. The easiest and cheapest option - calico, calico slings but harsh. You can use a tight knit, which is stretched too much. Best of all, if the fabric is double-sided, because when tying the ends of the sling fabric is visible on both sides.

If the sling is used for the manufacture of knitted fabrics, the width of the body should be about fifty centimeters. The width of the non-elastic slings - sixty to seventy centimeters. The length depends on the size of the adult who will be wearing a sling. Skinny moms enough to sling the length of four or four and a half meters, and close to the ladies or men to better choose the sling is longer - from five and up to seven meters.

Slings, scarves come in a variety of forms. The most common option - a rectangle. Beautifully look slings in the form of a parallelogram or a rectangle with rounded corners. And if the sling is sewn from a very dense fabric, tying it to facilitate better to choose the form of a spindle, narrowing the ends of the rectangle. Now we have to treat the region - and a sling ready. You're learning how to properly tie.

Maria Bykov

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