What a child should be able to 3 months - small achievements

November 11, 2014

 that the child should be able to 3 months
 To follow the development of the child, every young mom should know that a child should be able to 3 months. Then, in the event of any deviation, we can promptly see a doctor.


Motor skills

Congenital reflexes - for example, the startle reflex (or Moro reflex), which were apparent in the first months of life - three baby are much less pronounced or even completely disappear. At this age, the child's neck becomes much stronger. When parents keep the baby upright, his head hardly varies from side to side. In children under the age of three months, the body is strong enough so that they could in the prone position, leaning on hands, lift your head and torso. Often the children every three months for the first time on their own roll over - the surprising both their parents and themselves. They can also pull his legs and kicked - is, however, not painful.

When observing a three-month child may notice the appearance of early signs of developing hand-eye coordination.

The palms of the child may be randomly (not reflex) open and compressed, it can reduce hands together, touching objects attract his attention, and happy enough toys and other items available, and try to put them right in the mouth.

The child may periodically act is mostly left, then right hand, but you will not know it is right-handed or left-handed The left-hander: the gift, or the verdict?  The left-hander: the gift, or the verdict?
 , Until he was two or three years.



The nervous system of the child continues to develop, and its stomach can take more milk or infant formula Dairy mixture - selection of useful power  Dairy mixture - selection of useful power
   at once. With these changes, the baby set some sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   and awake - while it is still quite often broken, but often the child is already able to sleep up to six and even seven hours, which means the possibility for parents at least sometimes normal sleep.

If the three-month baby woke up in the night, wait thirty seconds before you approach it. Sometimes children cry just a few seconds, and then fall asleep again. If one of the parents is always suited to the child the first sound, it may take a long time before he learns to fall asleep on their own.

In case you still had to get up, do only what is necessary - feed the baby or change a diaper, but do not start to sing him lullabies Lullabies: universal hypnotic  Lullabies: universal hypnotic
 Walking with him through the house, and so on. Feeding and changing diapers at night should take place with a minimum of light, and then the child should be immediately put back into the bed. So it is time to get used to the fact that the night - this time only for sleeping.


Hearing and vision

Children under the age of three months, turns his head and smiling at the sound of voices of parents, and many of them already enjoy listening to music.

The baby is three months still prefers bright toys - it is easier to see the pure colors and strong contrasts than different shades and color transitions. It is with great interest the faces of people around. Look at him, and he will answer you close, careful look. The child may also be happy to look at himself in the mirror, but it will take at least a year before he begins to understand what he sees in it herself.



Upon reaching the age of three months, children begin to more actively and consciously interact with the outside world. In particular, they begin to smile to other people - it's called social smile - as well as the arbitrary answer smile. By this age, screaming and crying - it is not the main way of communication of the child with adults. The three-month child should not cry, a total of more than one hour a day. If he cries for much longer, talk about this with your doctor - may cause tears are any health problems.

Instead of crying three-month children are increasingly using Gulen - the so-called stage of the development of speech, when the kids are beginning to pronounce the different syllables.

Answer the sounds that a child utters imitation Gulen, and how much talk with him. Telling him about the surrounding objects, people and animals, as well as on their actions - tell him that you are going to feed him, change diaper, and so on. Studies have shown that children whose parents talk a lot with them from the very beginning of life, intelligence quotient, on average, higher and richer vocabulary than those with parents who talked less active.


Signs of problems

Every child develops individually and as a rule, do not worry if your baby does not know how to do what they know how the majority of three-month children. However, it is necessary to consult a doctor if a child is three months does not respond to sounds, does not watch the eyes of the people and moving objects, is not trying to reach out to various objects in sight.

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How to name the baby - a responsible choice

October 27, 2013

  • How to name the baby - a responsible choice
  • Name and surname

 how to name the baby
 Choosing a name for the baby - not an easy task, because it is believed that the name has a significant impact on a person's life, and sometimes determines its fate. Some parents know exactly how to name the baby, before pregnancy, others, and after the birth of his son it difficult to choose a suitable name.


Unusual names

Choosing a baby name, many parents forget about common sense. How else to explain some, to put it mildly, unusual names? Of course, on the familiar (and even strangers) will make an impression of a happy father's statement that he called his daughter a bath and son Bluetooth, but what will the child live with this name? Of course, over time, an unusual name can be changed, but fourteen years the child has to be called as named his loving parents, and suffer ridicule from their peers.

Many parents in choosing the name to think about anything but the feelings of the future baby. Someone wants to attract attention: these are often guilty, for example, public figures who believe that giving your child a normal ordinary name is too corny. Someone wants to perpetuate in the name of son any event: so are born Olympics, restructuring and privatization. Often, children are given names in honor of politicians, poets, great generals, and even literary characters in the hope that little Napoleon, Stalin, Hamlet, Caesar and Pushkin will become as well known as it is their prototypes.

Unusual names parents give their children in different parts of the Earth. For example, in Chicago, one pair is likely to search for names for their offspring in a medical book. As a result, the kids were given the names of meningitis, appendicitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, and peritonitis. With visionary approach and Indians - for example, the name of two kilos of rice given to the kid's parents have received from the state of his birth was a gift.


A little history

In Russia before the October Revolution was made to give the name of the calendar. Sometimes it turned out not very good, but in most cases been able to find any viable option though not exactly on the day of birth of the baby, but at least for a few days afterwards. In addition, sometimes the names were given in honor of dead relatives.

After the revolution, it was the complete freedom. Began to appear new names, which sometimes sounded rather strange, such as Traktorina, Viluza (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin-Ulyanov Covenants) Dolonegrama (the slogan "Down with Illiteracy") Revmark (revolutionary Marxism), and others. Over time, the fashion for these names come to nothing, although some enthusiasts have come up with unusual names for their children in later years.

Today in Russia too unusual names out of favor, but some parents do not mind to come up with a name for their children pooriginalnee. Thus, the boy can give the names of lettuce, just a hero, or air traffic controllers. A young lady loving parents anoint Viagra, Russia and coolness. One can not but recall the child who gave the parents instead of the complex code of letters and numbers.


According to psychologists

Coming up with an unusual baby name, parents dream that their child was an unusual man. It is believed that the name allows your child to stand out, to realize their individuality and from an early age feel not like others.

According to the psychologists, too unusual name can cause complexes in the child. And not only that of the funny name can make fun of classmates. The child may become a hostage in his own name, he always have to prove that he is worthy to be called that way and not otherwise. Boy with a common name may be afraid and to cry, but from the guy called the Great or the characters surrounding necessarily expect a certain behavior. As a result, these children feel unfree, they develop neuroses, peer relationships become more complex.


Fashion at the names

At all times there was a certain fashion names. This fashion is changing, how to change life priorities of each new generation. The new names are invented rarely, much more often returns fashion names have slightly forgotten partially. It is interesting that very often parents try to give a son or daughter of the original name, and the result is that the name is just so many peers child.

At Ol generation and Len born Masha and Nastya, who give their daughters had other names, such as Elizabeth and Daria. Forty or fifty years ago, the most popular male names were Vladimir and Nicholas, and now they call the boys rarely, but popular names Daniel and Artem Nikita. It is possible that the names were soon forgotten once again become fashionable.

Some names, such as Alexander and Natalia, do not go out of fashion for decades - in any children's team can find at least one Sasha and at least one Natasha. At the same time some names, popular at one time, now seem strange. Occasionally some parents decide to call or Praskovya Stepanida daughter and son - Nicanor or Arkhip.


Name and appearance

Of course, it is impossible to predict exactly how it will look the baby when he grows up. Yet sometimes it is possible to guess what his name will come up. To do this simple rule. For example, a blue-eyed blonde and Severyanka hardly suitable names Tamara or Leila and child Slavic appearance better to pick up the same Slavic and not a foreign name.

"Program" appearance of the child, giving him this or that name, is unlikely. Sometimes parents think that the more beautiful is the name Duden girl will be more beautiful and the girl herself over the years. But, unfortunately, such expectations do not always come true. As a result, the girl with magnificent names and average appearance feel is the best way and are experiencing due to the mismatch of appearance and name.