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October 26, 2013

  • Baby massage - what its good for your baby
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 Therapeutic massage for children

Therapeutic massage for children

If parents are bracing baby massage may well be your own master, for example, in the books, the therapeutic massage is better to entrust a qualified technician. Only an experienced therapist can evaluate the correctness of the child's reactions to these or other methods of influence and, accordingly, to adjust the reaction. Over time, of course, an expert can teach parents basic techniques of therapeutic massage Massage Therapy - when it is needed?  Massage Therapy - when it is needed?

Like all the other tools and treatments, massage is particularly effective in the early stages of the disease. Massage can help in such pathologies as the torticollis Torticollis - can pass itself  Torticollis - can pass itself
 , Clubfeet, flat feet, congenital hip dislocation Hip dislocation - the result of indirect injury  Hip dislocation - the result of indirect injury
 Deformation of the feet. If you can not eliminate these phenomena, then in the future they may lead to various malfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, and diseases of the spine. Effective therapeutic massage for children and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, muscular hypertonicity Gipertonus: a sign of the disease  Gipertonus: a sign of the disease
   (a very common pathology) and hypotonia, small inguinal and umbilical hernia. Of course, do not self-diagnose and self-prescribe the baby massage - such appointments can only do doctor.


Massage for premature babies

Massage healthy premature infants has its own characteristics. Therapeutic exercise and massage have an important place in the complex of measures for nursing babies.

When choosing a massage systems for these children must be guided not by the date of their birth, and their physical condition. Depending on the degree of prematurity, such children may lag significantly behind their peers in physical development, so massage and gymnastic exercises for such children are selected individually. Assign one or another set of exercises for premature babies should pediatrician with all the features of the baby.


How to massage

If the baby is healthy, in most cases, parents can quite cope with the massage yourself, after consulting with a pediatrician and neurologist. This is no big deal, but you need to remember a few basic rules:

  • The duration of the first procedures should not exceed seven - ten minutes;
  • Massage should not deliver the baby no discomfort. If a child constantly crying during the procedure, you must find out the cause of weeping;
  • Movement during a massage should be very light and delicate, because the baby's skin is extremely sensitive. Leveraging the pressure in the hope to increase the effectiveness of the procedure, you can achieve a result contrary to that expected;
  • Movement should be carried out from the periphery to the center;
  • The speed of movement should roughly match the speed of the lymph and approximately two centimeters per second. It is recommended to exercise at the speed before you start to massage;
  • During the massage unacceptably affect the area of ​​the heart;
  • It is impossible to massage the region of the lymph nodes under the armpits and behind the knees, the area breast and groin;
  • You can not directly massaging the spine - a departure from it for a couple of centimeters apart;
  • The neck and head are massaged very carefully, delicate movements.


Basic methods of fortifying baby massage

The basic techniques of baby massage are stroking, rubbing and kneading and vibration, squeezing and effleurage. These techniques are used in various combinations.

Stroking - the main welcome baby massage in which the masseuse hand glides over the surface of the skin of the child, not collecting it in the crease. This method is used at the beginning of massaging, and serves to prepare the skin and muscles of the child to more intensive massage effect. Stroking stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, help relieve pain and soothe the nervous system. With increased excitability of the child, as well as in the first three months of his life stroking - the only permissible methods of massage. The rate of hand movements masseuse is about twenty-five per minute.

Rubbing provides a deeper and more intense effect. This technique helps to reduce nervous excitability and relax the muscles of the baby. Rubbing is performed one, two or three fingers or hand in a circular motion from the periphery to the center (for example, from the hand to the shoulder). The move should be fast enough, with a little pressure. In contrast, stroking, rubbing the skin gently with the budge.

Kneading is similar to rubbing, but this method is carried out with greater intensity. Pie and both translational movements help stretch your muscles. Sometimes applied schiptseobraznoe rubbing. Movement must be energetic but gentle and soft.

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How to name the baby - a responsible choice - Name and surname

October 27, 2013

  • How to name the baby - a responsible choice
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 to call the baby a name and surname

How to call the child's name and surname

When you select a name to be considered, it will be in harmony with and surname of the child. Otherwise, you may get a pretty funny and even absurd combinations. Especially strange sounds blend with the traditional foreign names and surname. If you can not guess by the name, the sex of the person it belongs to, it is better not to give the child the so-called "universal" names - Zhenya, Sasha and Valia. Otherwise possible misunderstandings when the boy will be taken in absentia for the girl, and vice versa.

If the name for the baby yet, you can choose, and with the name have different options (for example, you can give your child the name of the mother, not the father), the first name change is unlikely. So often parents try to choose a child's name to his patronymic. This often pay attention to the name and patronymic of harmony in terms of, for example, numerology. Those who believe in the values ​​of the names, trying to find such a combination of first name and patronymic, which will be mutually reinforcing.

Equally important is the harmonious sound combinations. For example, it is assumed that if the father's name is Alexander, the children will suit names such as Andrew, Alexander Dmitriev, Sergey, Eugene, Michael, Ivan Paul, Cyril, Mary, Catherine, Anastasia, Ksenia and Olga, Julia, Elena. If the name of the father - Dmitry, the child can be called Alexander, Maxim, Daniel, Ivan, Yegor, Nikita, Artem, Daria, Elizabeth, Julia, Pauline, Anna and Alexander. A patronymic O. (O.) is combined with the names of Vladislav, Oleg, Igor, Nikita, Anton Denis, Maxim, Artem, Cyril, Victoria, Ian, Christina, Pauline, Anastasia.

It is better if at the junction name and patronymic is not a large number of consonants - such a combination is difficult to say. Not a very good combination when the first name starts with that letter, which ends with the name of, for example, or Mikaelyan Viktor Romanovich. By short name is suitable long middle name, and vice versa, short patronymic can choose a longer name.


The name of the child and parents' names

It is believed that a well-chosen name will provide your child with understanding parents. Experts attribute this to the fact that the names sound similar sets of people "on the same wavelength", thereby ensuring intimacy. It is difficult to say whether this really is. Yet many couples are trying to give the child a name, in which at least a pair of letters will coincide with parent names. And best of all, if a mother and father will be the same one vowel and one consonant letter.

For example, Elena can call his son Leonid, Leon, Eugene and her daughter Nellie suitable names, Svetlana, Lada. Michael can give the names of the daughter Maria, Marina, Lyudmila and Svetlana and son - Alexander, Alex, Myron and Ilya. Searching for a name for the baby, which will be combined with the sounds of his father's and mother's name - an interesting activity you can devote a lot of time.


Names inherited

Distributed tradition of giving children names in honor of their parents, grandparents or other relatives. This custom has its advantages and disadvantages. It is believed that this tradition allows to raise children who feel protected - they are part of an old family, even the clan, and no one can hurt them. In addition, a child with childhood formed a certain model of strong family relationships.

On the other hand, it often happens that others expect that the child will repeat the fate of a family member, after whom he was named, and will demonstrate the same character traits. Such expectations can limit the number of the child, they do not give full play to his personality. If the child is named after his father, or his mother, he is doomed to be constantly in the family on the sidelines - have little chance of such a child to become a leader with an active lifestyle.

There are many signs, associated with the names of "inherited". For example, it is believed that it is impossible to name a child after a living relative, because in that case the baby will wait unhappy fate - all the luck he allegedly shared with the senior owner of the name. Some believe that the child is named in honor of a deceased relative, repeating his fate. Well, if fate was happy, and if the person died tragically early and better in his honor child did not call.


The time of birth and the name of

Often, the choice of a name depends on the time of year when the baby was born. It is believed that the winter people are born with a hard and severe character. This may mitigate the severity of the soft, viscous and melodious sounds of the names without the "C" and "P". Suit names Olga Alla, Michael, Nikita.

Those born in the spring of different flexible and sometimes even unscrupulous character. To balance such a character, the name should choose harder. For example, the suit names Grigory Dmitriev, Marina, Catherine, Jeanne.

Born in the summer is usually cheerful and kind, it is very important to feel loved. "Summer" children suit names like Constantine, Roman, Vyacheslav, Margarita, Sofia, Tatiana.

"Autumn" children of non-contentious, they live primarily in the mind, not the senses. The nature of the names of these children have practically no effect, so you can call the baby born in the fall as you like.


Name Meaning

In the old days, giving the name of the child, the parents certainly pay attention to its meaning and waited for Alexander to grow the defense and Sophia is a wise woman. Often, however, the names have multiple values, and quite controversial.

In addition, experts point out that the common name, the less its value is expressed. That is why when choosing a name people are increasingly paying attention to its euphony and associations connected with it, and only then on the origin and original meaning.

Maria Bykov