Scoliosis - why develop diseases of the spine

April 22, 2014

  • Scoliosis - why develop diseases of the spine
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 Common diseases faced by orthopedic doctors is scoliosis. It is a misconception that the problem is only a problem in school age children or adolescents. Scoliosis can develop in patients at different ages, with proven that men are affected more often than women. If we consider the reasons for the formation of irregularities in the area of ​​the spine, you can not specify a single cause, so the right approach is considered to adhere to a comprehensive theory of the development of scoliosis.


Who is at risk

Scoliosis can be attributed to pathological deformations of the spine, which are characterized by the presence of lateral curvature of the spine. This condition is not physiological, and therefore requires timely detection and treatment. Causes of scoliosis is necessary to separate the causes of congenital and acquired character.

Bookmark skeleton occurs during fetal development, so the impact of unfavorable factors is one of the causes of intrauterine spinal injury or congenital scoliosis Congenital scoliosis - feedback on the child in the first weeks beremennos  Congenital scoliosis - feedback on the child in the first weeks beremennos
 . As these factors can act as follows:

  • poor nutrition of pregnant women
  • the presence of harmful habits among pregnant women
  • non-compliance with the recommendations of physical activity during pregnancy
  • the presence of pregnant pathological changes in the shape of the pelvis

Causes of scoliosis in the period after the birth of the reasons attributable to the acquisition. Of great importance are borne diseases, such as tuberculosis Tuberculosis - a full recovery is not guaranteed  Tuberculosis - a full recovery is not guaranteed
 , Polio, rickets Rickets - all about vitamins  Rickets - all about vitamins
 . Various injuries that are accompanied by a fracture of the spine Fracture of the spine - how to get out with minimal losses?  Fracture of the spine - how to get out with minimal losses?
 Also can cause acquired scoliosis. Even some of the physiological features of the structure are causal factors, namely:

  • different length feet
  • flatfoot
  • disorders of the organ of vision (strabismus, myopia), whereby a person is forced to change its position during normal operation

One important reason is the weakening of muscle tone. Muscles are the supporting framework for the spine, so the weakening of the spine will experience excessive load. For this reason, people who lead sedentary, sedentary lifestyle constitute the risk of developing scoliosis.


What are the signs characteristic of scoliosis

The disease has several levels that differ variety of symptoms. The most easily observed for scoliosis of the first degree. Quite often the scoliosis is diagnosed in children, so at the initial stage of the disease should take the necessary preventive and curative measures. This will prevent the progression of the pathological process.

Signs of scoliosis are noticeable even at the first point where you can clearly see the asymmetry of the shoulders. It is naturally accompanied by a violation of posture. It is important to make a differential diagnosis and distinguish between violations in scoliosis of disorders associated with muscle imbalance. The degree of scoliosis can be reliably established only on the basis of X-ray examination. Replace this kind of study other methods of diagnosis impossible.

With the progression of the disease identified symptoms associated with the pathology of the internal organs and impaired respiratory function. This progressive scoliosis, which can occur when the need for surgery. The use of drugs, physical therapy in this situation has not pronounced therapeutic effect. Pain in scoliosis are caused by muscle tension, when due to abnormal muscle tension roller formed muscle.


Influence of scoliosis on the function of internal organs

The effects of scoliosis is generally associated with secondary changes that occur in the internal organs. Expressed deformation of the spinal column causes a change in the configuration, the volume of the thorax. Disturbed functional activity of the lungs, heart, digestive tract (stomach and the different parts of the intestine).

Scoliosis in adults can cause brain changes the emotional mental state. Changes in the blood supply to the brain is the cause of the development of a diverse range of vegetative symptoms (headache, dizziness, weakness, and others). Patients deteriorating quality of life, emotional depression appears up to depression.

Prevention of scoliosis in girls is essential for carrying a pregnancy in the future. If scoliosis has a progressive course, can occur deformation of the pelvis or their secondary curvature, which is one of the reasons for miscarriage, and may also affect the generic process as a whole. For this reason, it can be argued that the prevention of scoliosis is the key to women's reproductive health. If any of scoliosis in the first stage of the child's parents must conduct a full range of therapeutic measures, since at this stage of the disease is not serious consequences to health.

Treatment of scoliosis in the home - a set of measures

May 6, 2014

 Scoliosis Treatment at home
 Treatment of scoliosis at home on their own, without a doctor's prescription can bring more harm than benefit. The fact that the treatment of the disease should be individualized based on an accurate diagnosis of a patient with regard to the type and degree of deformation of scoliosis of the spine.


How to treat scoliosis Home

Scoliosis - a lateral curvature of the spine. To cure it by yourself at home is very difficult. This is only possible with a small degree of curvature of the spine and the absence of disease progression in children and adolescents who have not yet fully developed skeletal system.

For example, it is possible to eliminate the phenomenon of 1-2 degrees of scoliosis in a child (unless, of course, it does not progress) only by means of clearly established regime of the day, the mobile lifestyle, lack of exercise and heavy long-term presence in an awkward position (eg, sitting at the table without a corresponding increase in the child), the observance fizkultpauz during prolonged sitting. In addition, the baby should sleep on a firm mattress, the best orthopedic, but can also be laid under the mattress wooden shield. With a clear and strict compliance with these requirements may cure at home.

With 1 degree of scoliosis appointed physiotherapy (physiotherapy - LFK) that subject in specially selected groups of children. The main objectives of physical therapy are the general health of the child and strengthening the muscles that support the spine. The exercises can be done at home after the child work out some time in a group under the supervision of an instructor in physical therapy.

Exercise therapy for scoliosis of 2 degrees Scoliosis 2 degrees - correction of spinal deformity  Scoliosis 2 degrees - correction of spinal deformity
   in addition to the same exercises includes exercises for the correction of spinal deformity, so the exercises are selected individually and gymnastics classes as held individually with each patient. Independently such exercises is better not to perform. LFC at 3-4 degree of scoliosis is also carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

Scoliosis Treatment at home may include the wearing of an orthopedic corset - it is made individually for each patient. Properly made corset can help get rid of childhood even scoliosis 3 degrees Scoliosis 3 degrees - may need surgery  Scoliosis 3 degrees - may need surgery
 But it should be worn continuously for a long time and under the supervision of a podiatrist. Courses of massage and manual therapy Chiropractic: the main thing - to choose the competent expert  Chiropractic: the main thing - to choose the competent expert
   at home - it is also quite real, but to hold them in scoliosis may only well-trained specialists.


Treatment of scoliosis at home in children under one year

In children with congenital and dysplastic (hereditary, developing on the background of metabolic disorders of connective tissue) disease scoliosis is most often seen after age, when the child begins to walk and increases the load on the spine. Sometimes the signs of scoliosis soon detected in children under one year, but as the disease does not progress, just watch for the child, holds periodic X-rays of the spine.

In order to prevent the further development of scoliosis in a child up to a year, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • child in the crib mattress should be level, in which the child will not drown (better if it is orthopedic) and low flat pillow (but you can do without it);
  • baby sleep better to lay on your back or stomach; if during sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   He flipped on its side and is a long time in this state, it should pass on to the back, abdomen, or on the other side;
  • it is impossible that a child who can not even roll over on their own for a long time was on the same side, it must be more likely to turn; colorful toys in the crib should be placed on both sides;
  • Well strengthens the spine vykladyvanii baby on his stomach, so he gradually longer have to be in this position during wakefulness;
  • in the hands of an adult child should sit bent, it must support the back so that it is flat;
  • a child can not be put ahead of time, for example in the cushions; he sits himself when his back muscles get stronger;
  • a curvature of the spine can lead to use a walker before the child to strengthen the muscles of the back; better to teach a child walking without their use;
  • when a child learns to walk, it should maintain the handles; if you pull up only one handle, it can cause distortion of the body and the curvature of the spine.

A child under one year with scoliosis can also be carried massage courses (including at home), but this massage should be performed by a qualified masseur.

Correction of scoliosis in the home - not an easy task and it can be run only under medical supervision.

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