Stretch marks on breasts: defending bastions of appeal

August 4, 2011

 stretching the chest
 To that unpleasant consequence of pregnancy may be a phenomenon of stretching, women probably never learn to take it easy. And if they are willing to turn a blind eye to the cosmetic defects in the abdomen and thighs, the stretch marks on the breasts plunged them into indescribable horror: because the main instrument of seduction of men may lose in value. Competent seductress, meanwhile, sleep quietly, they prefer to deal with the prevention of stretch marks, not to lament about their appearance.

Stretch marks on breasts - is not only a scourge for young mothers. A similar problem faced and teenage girls. During puberty Puberty child - stages of a complex path  Puberty child - stages of a complex path
   the body is actively growing in size and gaining weight, and young skin is simply unable to withstand the increasing loads. The internal tearing of the skin may cause hormonal fluctuations in body weight and swings.

Stretching is an internal laceration on the site which then arises scar connective tissue. In terms of medical professionals such cosmetic troubles are called stretch marks. It is interesting that the French call them vergetour: this word translates literally as "the trace of a whip." First, stretch marks on the breasts stand out for their red or purple color, then they brighten and become especially noticeable on the background of tanned skin.

Prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the breasts are not too difficult: it suffices to periodically rub into problem areas a little olive oil. If during pregnancy the doctor authorizes a young woman swimming pool or carry out simple set of exercises, it also will serve as an effective prevention of striae. A beneficial effect on the skin breast douches Douches - effectiveness is proven time  Douches - effectiveness is proven time
 , Special massage, moisturizing infusion of chamomile and a mask of curd.


Treatment of stretch marks on the breasts for cosmetic salons

In the centers of medical cosmetology stretch marks on his chest are treated mainly with complex methods. All treatments stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin, constituting a sort of skeleton of the skin.

In some cases, stretch marks on the breasts are removed through chemical peels - to treat fresh stretch marks reddish or bluish color have a few treatments with glycolic acid. It is quite gentle on the skin and slight redness that remains on the skin after the procedure, is coming off a couple of days.

The course of chemical resurfacing provides a particularly dramatic effect in combination with mesotherapy. Depending on the age and size of stretch marks on his chest specialist selects the optimal combination of essential nutrients and anti-aging products and enters them in the form of injections.

Laser resurfacing as a way to eliminate stretch marks on the breasts are not welcome, because it is considered the most traumatic, although in this way frequently striae removed from the abdomen and thighs.


Treatment of stretch marks on the chest at home

Some women managed to cope with stretch marks on his chest, not resorting to expensive salon services, and using the available folk remedies. For example, a known method for removing stretch using various essential oils Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?  Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?
 And it is considered particularly effective mixture of almond oil and rosemary.

Many reduce stretch marks on the breasts, rubbing the skin of apple cider vinegar, but in this case we should not expect instant results - traces fractures become invisible about a couple of months.

If stretch marks are comparatively few, and they are not very deep-rooted, you can try to cure them with special creams for stretch marks that are typically included in the product range of all known cosmetic brands - in particular, Lierac, Vichy, Chicco and others. Immaculate condition the skin in the neck of course they will not return, but will make stretch marks less noticeable.

Svetlana Usankova

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Enzymatic hair removal: Hair removal by enzymes

October 20, 2011

 enzymatic hair removal
 The demand for different types of hair removal is growing, it makes invent new ways to remove body hair. Today, the most modern and fairly painless hair removal is considered to be a combination of enzyme, followed by hair removal wax.


The operating principle of the enzyme depilation

As you know, the hair follicle or root is seated deep enough in the skin. Completely stop the hair growth is only possible by destroying the follicle. However, it is amenable to various kinds of influences only at a time when the hair is growing. At other times, the bulb is "locked" and it is impossible to destroy. This explains the fact that any kind of hair removal destroy the hair follicles all at once is impossible. It takes them a long period of regular use.

Enzymatic hair removal - it is a gentle method of hair removal Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
   using enzymes or enzymes. These enzymes are of vegetable origin, but they are similar to those enzymes are produced in the human body and help digest food (trypsin, chymotrypsin), decomposing proteins into their component parts. When applying these enzymes on the skin, they penetrate into the channels of the hair follicles and affect the protein from which the hair is built, destroying it so that it can not be restored. On the other proteins of the skin, they do not operate.

In order to increase the impact and activate enzymes, subjected to a special place of exposure to heat treatment using a computerized termoepilyatora where specialist puts options, suitable for skin and hair of the patient or select the most suitable program for him exposure. The heat channels connecting the hair follicle to the surface of the skin to expand and intensify the enzymes to penetrate freely. The impact is quite slow as to destroy the structure of the bulb once enzymes are not able to. This slow exposure is enzyme deficiencies hair removal, which is why it is combined with another kind - hair removal using wax.

After the enzyme epilation is performed Remove loose hair with root using wax. Unlike simple depilation Waxing: the easy way to beauty  Waxing: the easy way to beauty
   wax, use it after preliminary thermochemical skin exposure occurs almost painless and it is a great advantage, as wax hair removal - it is extremely painful procedure.


Indications and contraindications for enzymatic hair removal

Enzyme epilation Hair removal: perfect skin without hair  Hair removal: perfect skin without hair
   It can be carried out in any type of skin How to determine your skin type  How to determine your skin type
   and hair color.

Contraindications for this procedure are hypersensitivity to the enzyme used, heavy diseases of internal organs, particularly the cardiovascular system, cancer, any of the common acute diseases and exacerbation of chronic diseases, varicose veins, skin diseases, and violation of the integrity of the skin at the site of exposure, pregnancy, menstruation, increased bleeding. Enzyme hair removal is not carried on the skin.

In order to avoid possible allergic reactions, one day before the first procedure Policy Pay skin test: the inner surface of the forearm is applied to a droplet of the enzyme. If during the day at this location will not have a significant swelling and redness, then the sample is negative.


Technique of enzyme epilation

The procedure is performed only in the beauty salon. On the skin area undergoing epilation applied special preparation containing enzymes. Then, the portion covered with special elastic bandage (termobandazhami), after which it is exposed to infrared radiation. If hair removal is performed in the bikini area or armpits, a special electrode. The treatment lasts from fifteen minutes to half an hour. Then termobandazhi and electrodes are removed.

The final stage of the procedure - applying to the skin and remove the wax with the help of damaged hair. There is almost painless. After removal of hairs on the skin applied posleepilyatsionny cream which reduces redness and slows the growth of hair.

Total for the course is required to spend five to seven sessions at monthly intervals, after which comes fairly stable effect. Nevertheless, it is possible and even the appearance of the hair, then the procedure may be repeated at intervals of once every three months, until it is truly stable effect.

Independently enzymatic hair removal is rarely used, and it is much less effective than in combination with the removal of damaged hair wax.

Enzymatic hair removal - it is a comfortable procedure that can mitigate the impact of the subsequent wax.

Galina Romanenko

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