The scars from chickenpox - how to fight them?

February 17, 2014

 scars from chickenpox
 Scars are formed from chickenpox is not always and often are the result of additional bacterial infection. It is usually very small scars on the face but they are especially visible on the background of sunburn, because they do not contain the skin pigment melanin. How to get rid of these scars?


Are the scars of chickenpox?

After chickenpox scars may remain if the chicken pox is more severe and accompanied by the development of large bubbles with a fairly deep skin lesions. As a rule, such a flow of chickenpox occurs in adolescents and adults with reduced immunity Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults

Most scars remain after complications of chickenpox - additional bacterial infection. Usually children comb itchy rash that leads to disruption of the integrity of the bubbles and the accession of a bacterial infection. Pustular rash deeper, so it often leaves a scar.


How to remove scars chickenpox using external cosmetics

Scars after chickenpox can significantly impair a person's appearance and cause him traumatized. So most people in this case decides to get rid of the effects of chickenpox. Since these shallow scars, sometimes they help smooth out the special cream.

Cream can help or immediately after undergoing chickenpox, when the scar is still not fully formed, or in combination with other treatments - hardware cosmetology or surgical excision of the scar.

To combat the chickenpox scars after use external tools such as Contractubex, dermatiks, Aldar, medgel, kelofibraza and others.

Thus, a gel for external application Kontraktubeks after application to the skin prevents the growth of connective tissue. In the gel contains extracts of onion, heparin and allantoin. In conjunction with each other, these substances affect the maturing scar tissue and make faster through all phases of maturation. This not only stimulates growth of scar tissue, but also eliminates the excess. Ranka quickly closed by connective tissue, and the scar is formed much faster and becomes virtually invisible. But the cream of chicken pox scars can smooth the scar is only at the stage of its formation. If the scar has matured, no cream does not help.


How to remove scars from chicken pox - the help in the beauty parlor?

The main way to get rid of scars in a beauty shop are various types of peeling. Peeling - is the removal of the upper stratum corneum of the skin. Peeling traumatize the skin, but this is a controlled process, stimulates skin regeneration and the formation of new tissue. With peeling can be made invisible scars on the skin after chicken pox, remove age spots, make less visible wrinkles.

Peeling can be mechanical (manual peeling preparations include granules or microcrystal), hardware (ultrasonic, laser peeling) and chemically (by exposure of the skin of various substances, often acids). Peeling is also divided into very soft surface (exfoliation - just peel orgovevshie cells), superficial (epidermal), middle and deep. All kinds of peels are the indications and contraindications.

To remove a scar from chickenpox often use hardware peeling - is in most cases, even get rid of old scars chickenpox.

So, a few sessions of laser peel layer by layer can fully get rid of the scars of chickenpox. At the heart of laser resurfacing is the principle of thermal destruction of the surface layers of the skin: they immediately evaporate under the influence of laser energy.

Tissue repair and collagen production give rise to a lifting effect. Laser peels has not only aesthetic but also healing effect: the skin becomes supple and elastic, younger wide range of modes of operation of the laser can remove the frame after chickenpox, even on the skin around the eyes and lips.

Scars - a layer of connective tissue. Laser polishing gradually destroys connective tissue and stimulates the cells lying close to the division. By eliminating a large number of old layers, and then regenerating the skin is completely updated. Thus there is a reduction in the density of connective tissue in the scar, reducing its depth and improving the skin structure. Such treatment is almost painless, as the surface layer of skin no nerve endings, and modern machines for laser resurfacing provided with special cooling devices.

Thus, modern cosmetology has a way for you to completely rid a person of scars after undergoing earlier chickenpox.

Galina Romanenko

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Waxing face - the skin should look flawless

October 6, 2013

  • Waxing face - the skin should look flawless
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 depilation Face
 Condition skin - a business card of a woman. If there are defects on the skin, even the perfect facial features may not help a woman become attractive. Especially spoils the appearance of facial hair. Sometimes this condition requires even hormonal correction. Nevertheless, there are easier ways to get rid of facial hair, e.g., facial hair removal.

 Waxing face - the skin should look flawless

Waxing face - what is it?

Facial Hair Removal - the removal of the outer visible part of the hair without disturbing the root (bulb), ie temporary removal. Waxing face - not an easy procedure. How to remove hair from the face? This issue is of concern mainly women. Crucially cope with this task will not work, since the depilation remove only the superficial part of the hair. There is also a likelihood that the new hair will be darker and harder. To get rid of facial hair will help cosmetics, hair growth slows.

Depilation person may occasion using shaving, plucking the hair, removing them with a wax, sugar special strips or various chemical agents (creams, lotions and so forth). There is a hair removal - hair removal from the root, but this procedure is rarely on the face.

Men and women are usually different ways to approach waxing. Men usually used shaving, which is not very suitable for women, as after shave facial hair become more rigid.

Waxing face - is an art, because the skin on the face soft and easily vulnerable. Ideally, each woman faces depilation method must be selected individually, in order to avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions, which are often then associated infection. Today, many tools is available for hair removal, which allows each woman to choose exactly what she needed.

Indications for hair removal Hair removal: perfect skin without hair  Hair removal: perfect skin without hair
   the faces of women is increased growth of hair on the face. In most cases the hair grows at the woman in the upper lip and chin, but there are cases of increased growth of hair on the cheeks. Sometimes women also use hair removal to give the desired shape brows.

Contraindications for this procedure are any skin condition (acne, herpes, hives, etc.), violation of the integrity of the skin or the presence of keloid scars at the site of depilation, diabetes Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
   (in this disease decreased immunity and increased risk of infection attachment). It is also impossible to carry out depilation Waxing: the easy way to beauty  Waxing: the easy way to beauty
   in any tumors as malignant and benign - this may cause their uncontrolled growth. Remove hairs from the tumors and birthmarks better with scissors without damaging them. You can not re-apply as a means of facial hair removal, if it once caused an allergic reaction - following allergic reactions are usually much harder.

 Waxing face - the skin should look flawless

Mechanical removal of facial hair - shaving and plucking

Shaving for hair removal on the face are mostly men. This is a simple, available for daily use and painless way. Shaving razors are used various kinds: dangerous, safety, mechanical, electrical. The disadvantage of shaving is a short duration of action. For women it is not suitable because the next day on-site hair removal appears unpleasant stiff bristles.

Women are much more suitable for this method of hair removal like plucking with tweezers. In addition, the plucking of hair there are special devices - epilators. A feature of the plucking is that while in some extent damaged hair bulb and therefore the hair after such depilation grow slower and different fineness and softness. But sometimes everything is exactly the opposite: after plucking hairs become firm and grow quickly.

The downside of plucking are painful if you want to remove a few hairs (for example, on the eyebrows), it is quite tolerant, but if large areas of skin on the face, covered with hair, it is best to use another method of hair removal.

 Waxing face - the skin should look flawless

Chemical depilation Face

Chemical depilation is carried out using special cosmetics - depilatories. For facial hair removal depilatories are available in the special form of creams, gels and lotions. Use facial depilatories for hair removal, intended for other parts of the body (e.g. leg) can not because they contain higher concentration of chemicals.

Very popular and depilatory creams. If you choose this cream should be remembered that it must meet quality standards, so it is best to buy known cosmetic companies. In addition, the package have to be pointed out that the cream is designed specifically for hair removal Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
   on the face.

The composition of these cosmetics include thioglycolic sodium or potassium salt, which weakens the bond between the cells of the hair, which leads to its destruction. Some depilatories are made on the basis of enzymes. The hair follicle is not affected, so the hair growth is not impaired.

As part of the depilatories usually several chemicals, active influence on the skin before applying them to manufacturers recommend to carry out a test on individual sensitivity to the drug. Rules for sampling may be different for different drugs. How exactly it should be generally described in detail in the instructions.

After the chemical depilatory can not shave your hair, remove them with the help of wax or sugar. If after chemical depilation on the face remained hairs, it is better to remove the forceps. Repeated chemical hair removal can be carried out not earlier than three days after the previous one (after the effect of the chemical depilatory lasts 3-7 days).

Chemical products for the face depilation can not be used for hair removal in the area of ​​the eyebrows - a high risk of getting a chemical in the eyes, and the development of the burn.

Before the hair removal facial skin should be cleaned with a lotion. After that, the skin, where there is an increased body hair, on the skin for a few minutes (as it is stated in the instructions for specific drugs) applied depilatories. After the procedure, together with the Department of depilatory hairs removed and washed off with warm water.