Lipofilling - facial changes

January 31, 2010

 Despite the fact that we think about plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures as something that will help solve the problem of appearance, appearing with age, they can also help us to correct some shortcomings of the exterior, with which we deal all his life. For example, you were born with a very thin face. Makeup can help give your face a fuller look, but will not be able to really correct it. Instead, people who have this or some other problem with the appearance of selected fatty tissue transplant (also known as lipofilling) in order to improve their appearance.

Lipofilling can be a suitable procedure for people with a variety of problems. This procedure can help improve the shape of the face and cheeks, it can help to make the face look proportionate, do less sunken eyes and reduce wrinkles. Some patients prefer fat grafting procedure because it does not use any extraneous chemicals or materials. Instead, the material is taken from one part of your body and grafted to another. This means that you do not have to worry about the possibility of an allergic reaction Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat  Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat

 Lipofilling - facial changes

What is lipofilling

Lipofilling mainly represents the following procedure: the fat is taken from one part of the body, usually, hips, and is used to make the necessary changes in the face. For example, oil can be used to reconstruct the cheekbones. If you have wrinkles, fat filled the folds of the skin to look smooth again. The result is up to three years. Some doctors recommend to spend a few sessions of this procedure (three to five) to correct deep wrinkles or other significant defects.

The procedure lipofilling or fat transplantation, usually carried out right in the doctor's office or an outpatient. The procedure can be carried out without anesthesia, especially if you are worried about its cost. However, without any freezing endure the pain can be difficult. You can use any type of local anesthetic. If you do not select any other type of anesthesia, sometimes limited anesthetic cream that is applied to the area involved during the procedure. Unlike other kinds of cosmetic treatments, fat grafting does not require exposure to sick leave or refusal from ordinary activities.

 Lipofilling - facial changes

Who is a good candidate for the procedure lipofilinga

Patients who can carry out the procedure lipofilinga must be at least eighteen years of age, although some doctors may agree to carry out this procedure more young patients, especially in cases of facial deformation. For the procedure required lipofilling that the patient was healthy. Talk to your doctor about the health problems that you may have available. If you smoke, you need to give up the habit before the procedure. Smoking can increase the risk associated with the procedure lipofilinga.

Next, you have to be realistic in their expectations of what can give you the fat grafting procedure. Although it can improve your appearance, it can not completely change the appearance.

You can also be a good candidate for this procedure if you need more help than they can give other procedures, for example, such as Restylane. Transplant of fat can also be combined with other procedures such as operations on the eye century (blepharoplasty).

 Lipofilling - facial changes

How is the procedure

Before performing the procedure the patient and the doctor should discuss what they want the patient, and from what part of the body will take the fat (fat donor can also be a different person if the patient so desires). After freezing the relevant parts of the body a local anesthetic, if it will be used, the doctor will conduct liposuction to take fat out of the selected portion of the patient's body.

When fat is taken, it is passed through a centrifuge to fat cells are separated from the rest, which was obtained with the fat. After separation of the fat cells of small needles are introduced into the targeted region, e.g., in the cheeks or wrinkles.

Fat grafting procedure usually lasts less than an hour.

 Lipofilling - facial changes

What time will it take to return to normal life?

The amount of time it will take to recover after the transplant procedure, fat may be different. Some people almost immediately able to return to work and normal activities, others may need a couple of days. Usually around the injection site, a small swelling that lasts about a week, and there is a feeling of discomfort, which can be removed by using an anesthetic. These problems usually disappear within seven days.

 Lipofilling - facial changes


Transplantation of fat has a certain risk, but usually it is a very safe procedure. The most common effects of this procedure - is the pain and swelling around the injection site. These effects are temporary and usually disappear within one to two weeks.

Other, more serious risks - complications from local anesthesia or occlusion of the vessel, which may occur if the fat was in the blood vessel. Infection, discoloration or bleeding person are also possible, though rarely encountered.

Although the procedure lipofilinga not necessarily pose a risk to health, the patient must understand that this procedure does not give a guaranteed result. A significant percentage of patients fat simply absorbed back into the body, and in this case, the desired effect does not occur. Method that allows to determine the procedure to be successful if it does not exist.

 Lipofilling - facial changes

Like whether the patient results?

If the procedure is "triggered", the results are likely to be visible at once, although they will be best seen when the swelling subsides. Most people who have fat grafting procedure is successful, are very satisfied with the results of their self-confidence and self-esteem increased, and they look younger.

 Lipofilling - facial changes

Additional Information

The information contained above is intended to give a basic understanding of the procedure, fat injection, lipofilling, before the patient comes for consultation and to answer basic questions that arise with respect to this type of cosmetic surgery Cosmetic surgery: radical transformation  Cosmetic surgery: radical transformation
 . The final decision should be taken only after a personal meeting with the surgeon. Consultation with a physician does not require the patient to undergo the procedure fat injection, lipofilling.

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Non-invasive methods of correction - an alternative to the gym

June 7, 2013

 non-invasive body shaping
 In recent years, non-invasive methods of correction have increased significantly in its amount. Although surgery is still the leaders in popularity among those who want to quickly get rid of excess fat, more common trend is becoming the elimination of body fat, which requires less time and causes less pain.

Non-invasive and minimally invasive methods of correction are especially popular among those who do not want to sweat in the gym, or who failed to remove the stomach How to remove belly fat: tips and tricks  How to remove belly fat: tips and tricks
   or reduce the hips through training. In addition, such procedures eliminate the need to take sick leave to recover, which is inevitable when choosing liposuction. It should be noted that these methods are not suitable for those who have significantly overweight or obese. They only help to correct the contours of the body, removing a few extra centimeters.


Cryolipolysis - to destroy fat cold

Cryolipolysis, or krioliposaktsiya - a technology that uses low temperatures to remove the fatty deposits. Studies show that fat cells more than others are vulnerable to low temperatures. Cryolipolysis can influence the subcutaneous fat without damaging surrounding tissue. This procedure is suitable for both men (it can also be used, for example, for the treatment of gynecomastia), and for women over 18 years. It is especially recommended for those who have, in general, normal weight, but who can not remove fat deposits in certain areas through diet and sports. So people cryolipolysis will quickly improve the contours of the body.

During the procedure, the target area of ​​the body located vacuum applicator which draws folds of fat, and freezing the fat tissue, thereby forming its cells die. Thereafter, dead cells were removed from the body through the lymphatic system and the liver. At the end of the procedure, do the massage area of ​​the body to which the cryolipolysis. In addition, patients are advised to drink more water to promote the process of removing fat cells from the body.

In some patients, after a session of Cryolipolysis are bruises on the skin, but it is held in a few days. It is also possible temporary reddening of the skin, and periodically there are tingling - it is a normal consequence of the procedure, which will take no more than a week.

During one session kriolipoliza lasting about an hour, you can remove up to 20% body fat at the target site. Patients do not give anesthetics or any substances that contribute to the removal of fat cells, so this procedure is considered very safe. The changes are, on average, three weeks later, and the final result will be seen in two months. Of course, it is advisable that patients past Cryolipolysis, exercise and eat properly - it will provide an additional figure correction Correction figures: options to fight obesity  Correction figures: options to fight obesity


Ultrasonic body shaping and massage

The combination of ultrasonic body shaping and massage - a technology known as Med Contour, to reduce, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This technique is particularly effective for people with normal weight and overweight wishing to correct problem areas. During the procedure, the low-frequency ultrasonic waves are sent directly to the adipose tissue - they penetrate approximately 5 cm under the skin, and generate heat, which creates the effect of a micro massage. Due to this, in the adipose tissue produces steam; microscopic air bubbles induce the cavitation process, and because of the pressure is created fat cells are destroyed and the surrounding structure - the blood vessels, skin, nerves and connective tissue portage - remain intact. After that the patient do the massage, and destroyed fat cells invade the lymph and then - leaving the body.

With this technique it is possible to eliminate fat deposits in various parts of the body - the abdomen, back, arms, thighs, buttocks. In the procedure has no side effects (except a light redness, which will take place a few hours later), and the patient does not need time to recover. For one procedure is possible to reduce waist size, on average, about 3 cm. To obtain consistent results, usually it requires at least four treatments.


Cold laser lipolysis

For the six sessions such lipolysis can reduce waist or hips to 7-20 cm. The split laser fat cells are absorbed with the lymphatic system, cleaved to free fatty acids, and then used by the body as a conventional energy sources. The procedure is virtually painless, its duration - about 40 minutes. For noticeable and stable result it requires a minimum of six treatments. Cold laser lipolysis can be used to remove fat almost anywhere on the body. After the procedure, the skin is left scars or bruises.

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