Restylane - a continuous battle for young skin

July 9, 2009

   Restylane - a drug which is used in the form of injections for wrinkles and lips simulation. Restylane is also often used to reduce the size of nasolabial folds and creases that extend from the corners of the mouth to the nose. The injections do not provide consistent results, but they improve the appearance of facial skin for six months, and sometimes longer.

 Restylane - a continuous battle for young skin


Injections Restylane contains hyaluronic acid, which contains in natural form in the human body and makes the skin more elastic. Over time, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin is reduced, causing a reduction in skin turgor, which in turn leads to the emergence of wrinkles and folds. Restylane provides immediate results, reducing wrinkles and sealing lips by increasing the scope and content of the skin.

 Restylane - a continuous battle for young skin

Before the procedure

The number of injections needed to achieve the desired result may vary depending on the condition of the area to be treated. During the preliminary consultation your plastic surgeon or dermatologist will be able to determine how many treatments you need. You will be asked to specify all prescription and non-prescription medicines you are taking, as some drugs may affect your treatment. Your doctor may ask you to avoid taking vitamin E, as well as OTC NSAIDs two weeks before the procedure. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs include aspirin Aspirin - NSAIDs  Aspirin - NSAIDs
 Ibuprofen Ibuprofen: anti-inflammatory drug  Ibuprofen: anti-inflammatory drug
   and naproxen sodium. The use of these agents may increase the likelihood of bleeding or bruising at the site of injection.

 Restylane - a continuous battle for young skin

Restylane Injections

Before the introduction of Restylane will introduce you to a local anesthetic to minimize the pain of the needle. Once the needle is introduced under the skin wrinkles, hyaluronic acid enters the skin, raising its wrinkled portion. The injections last from 15 to 30 minutes and may be accompanied by a burning sensation on his face.

 Restylane - a continuous battle for young skin


After the injection of Restylane you can watch for two or three days a small swelling Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause  Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause
   at the injection site. You may also experience redness and bruising. It is important during the recovery period after the procedure to avoid friction at the injection site, as well as wrinkling of the lips when the lips are prone procedure. You can stick to their traditional way of life, but you must avoid sun exposure for as long as subsides redness or bruising.

 Restylane - a continuous battle for young skin


You can not use Restylane, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is also not recommended for injection of the people who use blood thinners or prevent blood clots, as is likely, there will be bleeding and bruising. Restylane injections in the facial area, where there are pimples, rash or cysts, may delay recovery or even worsen the skin condition. Some people may develop a granuloma - a rare disease in which the skin can form lumps.

 Restylane - a continuous battle for young skin

How to use Restylane

Restylane - dermal filler, which is mainly used in the field of rvokrug mouth to smooth facial wrinkles and folds around the lips and corners of lips. It contains hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced by the body. Restylane Injections should be done only by qualified dermatologist.

  • Consult a dermatologist experienced in the use of Restylane. It is important that agents are administered by a qualified physician because of possible adverse reactions and side effects that often occur if the procedure carries an inexperienced person. Side effects include the appearance of lumps or bumps under the skin at the injection site, redness and swelling.
  • Show dermatologist wrinkles and folds that bother you. With small and moderate wrinkles can cope successfully with the help of Restylane.
  • Let the doctor, if necessary, to "freeze" areas on the face, which will be driven Restylane. Little a needle inserted into the skin anesthetic prior to enter the vehicle.
  • Restylane injections are administered to areas on the face that cause you concern. The doctor may use various techniques injection into the skin. The needle can be introduced into the wrinkle many times, making small injections close together to reduce wrinkles. Doctors are another technique in which the entire needle is inserted under the skin, and the medicine is injected slowly, as the doctor removes the needle. Improper administration of Restylane can cause side effects such as bruising and pain.
  • Let the doctor make massage of the site, which was introduced the drug to circulate it under the skin and make the right facial contours.
  • Put an ice pack in place the impact of the drug to avoid possible redness and swelling.
  • Sign up for a subsequent consultation in four to nine months to complete the treatment and achieve optimum and desired result.

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Facial Rejuvenation at home - safely and effectively

September 9, 2011

 facial rejuvenation at home
 Carry anti-aging treatments for the skin and can be quite at home, using both known cosmetics companies, and folk remedies. What is important is the time to begin such procedures, then the skin will still be young and fresh.

 Facial Rejuvenation at home - safely and effectively

Why facial skin aging

Cell renewal of the surface layers of the skin is carried out under the control of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems. With the bloodstream to the cells is delivered to the active substance - epidermal germ factor that stimulates the superficial skin cells and regulates their proliferation (on stimulation of skin cells respond by dividing). However, skin cells can not divide indefinitely, each cell are programmed not more than fifty divisions.

The aging process is depleted and germ hormonal factors, as well as the accumulation of metabolic waste products, which slows the rate of metabolism. All this leads to a steadily aging skin Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions  Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions
   face. Thus the first thing that happens - it is the loss of skin cells of water - the skin becomes dry and loses its elasticity due to the fact that loses moisture and the protective film of fat (sweat and sebaceous glands become less work). Then the reduced production of the proteins that give the skin elasticity - collagen and elastin - wrinkles.

 Facial Rejuvenation at home - safely and effectively

Cosmetics for facial rejuvenation at home

For facial rejuvenation, primarily used cosmetic products such as creams, lotions, masks. Better to use a cosmetic product line manufactured by a particular firm. For example, the domestic cosmetics line "Black Pearl", which is of good quality, the French cosmetics firms such as Ericson Laboratoire and Selvert Thermal, Israeli cosmetics company Holli Land Cosmetics.

For aging skin fit assets with a line from La Roche-Posay, and Alfa Alfatsid KM from the LED Laboratoires, plus Isteal from Avene.

Today, women in the home are increasingly using anti-aging serum - water or oil concentrates with lots of different biologically active substances (produced special anti-aging serum for use in the home). Such serum produced for the person, age, body. They are able to fill the cells of the skin with moisture and nutrients necessary for metabolism. The effect of such sera is very quick and efficient - the sensation of skin tightening.

Serum was applied to the skin once a day for a week, such courses repeated every three months. Examples of such anti-aging serums are oil-based serum with seaweed extract and anti-aging serum "cell renewal to face" water-based French cosmetic firm BeautyMed.

 Facial Rejuvenation at home - safely and effectively

Folk remedies for rejuvenation

To restore metabolic processes in the skin of the face and skin moisture content in the home, you can do the following mask:

  • combine the egg yolk with a tablespoon of olive oil, beaten, add 10 drops of lemon juice, a teaspoon of warm honey, stir thoroughly and apply on your face (except for the skin around the eyes, it must be heavily greased fat cream) for 15-20 minutes, after which the wash with lukewarm water without soap;
  • Beat egg whites, add a teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of flour, stir and put on face for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water without soap.

For toning skin lotion can be prepared from bran: a tablespoon of bran, pour a glass of hot water, boil for five minutes, cool, strain, top up to the original level, and wipe the face of broth instead of lotion; Keep refrigerated.

In recent years become very popular facial masks out of clay. The clay for this purpose can be purchased at the pharmacy. For dry aging skin masks fit of yellow clay. Yellow clay frees the skin from the toxic metabolic products, oxygenates. To rejuvenate the need to mix a tablespoon of yellow clay with a tablespoon of warm milk, add egg yolk and a few chopped mint leaves Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness  Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness
   peppermint, all grind and applied on the face for 10 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water.

Finally, traditional medicine offers the following recipes rejuvenating face creams:

  • a teaspoon of melted beeswax, two tablespoons of butter and melted margarine mixed couple; stirring, add a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of oil solution of vitamin A and a tablespoon to crank meat grinder fresh greens (in equal parts of nettle leaves, mountain ash, hop, parsley Parsley Health and Beauty  Parsley Health and Beauty
 , Currant, jasmine petals Jasmine aromatherapy Royal fragrance mood, health, beauty  Jasmine aromatherapy Royal fragrance mood, health, beauty
   and roses); cream is applied on the skin every other day for 15-20 minutes, then blot excess cream cloth; all performed 10 procedures;
  • Make an infusion of zest of two lemons; 100 g butter margarine to grind with three tablespoons of olive oil, raw egg yolk and a teaspoon of melted honey, add dropwise, constantly stirring, 10 drops of lemon juice and retinol (oil solution of vitamin A), a tablespoon of mayonnaise and a tablespoon of camphor alcohol and the infusion of lemon peel, introducing the last two components of the drop; used as a night cream.

At home, too, can do a lot for facial rejuvenation.

Galina Romanenko

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