Advantan - cream for the treatment of chronic skin diseases

July 15, 2012

 advantan cream
 Advantan cream is used to treat many skin diseases. Especially shows the dosage form Advantan for oily skin with seborrhea. Under the influence of the cream immediately goes advantan swelling, redness, itching and pain. But long advantan cream can not be used.

 Advantan - cream for the treatment of chronic skin diseases

As advantan cream on the skin

Group dosage forms Advantan developed a special department for the production of drugs for the treatment of skin pharmaceutical company Bayer (Germany).

The composition of all formulations (creams, ointments, fatty ointments, emulsion) contains synthetic glucocorticoid means (GCS) - methylprednisolone. This drug acts only locally in the blood gets so small the amount, that the use of short-lived Advantan it can not be ignored.

After application to the skin all dosage forms Advantan act locally, taking root in the DNA of skin cells and active triggering mechanism of action on the skin of biologically active substances. Thus, under the action Advantan sharply decreases the number of prostaglandins that contribute to the expansion of small blood vessels. At the same time activates the action of adrenaline, which has vasoconstrictor action. As a result, disappear edema, redness, pain and itching, that is, reduces inflammation.

The general effect of GCS is supplemented to the skin of different dosage forms, in particular cream advantan contains little fat and a lot of water. It is used for the treatment of acute and subacute inflammatory processes with oily skin without the express soak (maceration) as smooth, and the hairy part.

 Advantan - cream for the treatment of chronic skin diseases

With which diseases and how to apply

Cream advantan used in various inflammatory processes in the skin, including atopic dermatitis (congenital allergic diseases), just contact and allergic contact dermatitis (skin when exposed to irritating or allergy-causing substances), different types of eczema.

In all these diseases advantan cream easily penetrates the skin and has a strong and very rapid effect. This decreases swelling, redness, itching and pain are.

The cream is applied to the affected skin with a thin layer once a day every day until a significant improvement. With a significant inflammatory process may be imposed occlusive dressing surface of the body is sealed against the ingress of air and liquid. In the first two hours cream liquid evaporates, reduces inflammation and cools the skin surface and then, when the liquid evaporates, acts as an ointment.

The duration of the cream advantan in adults should not exceed three consecutive months. Babies can not be used more than a month in a row.

 Advantan - cream for the treatment of chronic skin diseases

When the cream can not be used advantan

Advantan Cream should not be used if the inflammation of the skin caused by tuberculosis Tuberculosis - a full recovery is not guaranteed  Tuberculosis - a full recovery is not guaranteed
   or syphilis - reduced immunity caused by SCS, will promote the spread of infection.

It is also dangerous to use when advantan cream bacterial and fungal infections Fungal infection: to prevent and defeat  Fungal infection: to prevent and defeat
 . However, in severe inflammation, swelling, itching and pain it still has to apply. But in this case, the application should be combined with Advantan purpose antimicrobial and antifungal agents.

But with a viral infection advantan can not be used in any case. Use of corticosteroids can cause rapid "spread" viral infection. For example, when applied in herpetic Advantan recurrent infection the rash will capture all the new skin.

Do not use the cream advantan children up to four months, with increased sensitivity to the body of the patient, a rash on the background of vaccine administration and for chronic skin disease rosacea.

With careful use akrem dvantan during pregnancy and nursing Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
   feeding. On your breasts do not cause it.

 Advantan - cream for the treatment of chronic skin diseases

Can there be side effects

When non-durable courses of treatment no side effects usually do not happen. But if you apply advantan more than three consecutive months for adults and children more than a month, the appearance of possible side effects.

Side effects are usually local in nature, it is white depigmented spots, spider veins Spider veins - a sign of several diseases  Spider veins - a sign of several diseases
 , Stretch marks and areas of atrophy of the skin, excessive hairiness of certain areas of the skin, pustular rash, etc. Allergic reactions are also possible, but they are extremely rare.

The overall impact on the body can manifest itself in the form of increased intraocular pressure (glaucoma) at regular advantan applying the cream to the skin around the eyes for a long time.

Advantan Cream - an effective remedy for inflammation and itching in the skin.

Galina Romanenko

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Advantan - guide for parents

July 15, 2012

 advantan guide
 Advantan - a glucocorticoid drugs for external use. In the form of a cream, ointment, emulsion and its use in treating severe skin diseases including allergic origin. Advantan perfectly removes inflammation, swelling and itching, but, like any hormonal preparation Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives  Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives
   it has side effects.

 Advantan - guide for parents

The mechanism of action Advantan

Advantan - a drug group glucocorticoids (GCS) for external use. Produces advantan German pharmaceutical company Bayer (department engaged in the development of drugs for the treatment of skin diseases Intendis) as 0, 1% cream, 0, 1% ointment, 0, 1% fatty ointments and 0, 1% of the emulsion. The main active ingredient is Advantan methylprednisolone. Other pharmaceutical companies produce these analogues Advantan: Depo-Medrol, Lemod, Medrol, methylprednisolone, metipred, Solu-Medrol, urbazon.

For external use advantan well reduces inflammation, swelling and itching, allergic reactions and inhibits growth of abnormal tissue. Furthermore, advantan suppresses the immune system so that when it is used there is a risk of infection of the skin. When injected into the skin of the main active ingredient Advantan binds to intracellular receptors corticosteroids and certain regions of DNA of cells, causing the complex biological reactions. This leads to the suppression of the formation of the biologically active substance prostaglandins involved in the expansion of small blood vessels and increases the vasoconstrictive effect of epinephrine. There is a sharp narrowing of the capillaries of the skin, reduce inflammation, redness, swelling, itching, and tissue proliferation in the inflammation.

Systemic action of this preparation is minimal, since all of its dosage form into the blood in small amounts. The absorption of the drug in the blood is enhanced when applied to the skin bandage with ointment. Very little is absorbed into the blood advantan emulsion, allowing its use in lesions of large body areas, such as burns, including solar. On the use of adrenal advatana not reflected.

 Advantan - guide for parents

Indications for use

The outer shape Advantan used to treat various skin diseases. Cream, ointment and fatty ointment appointed:

  • in congenital allergies as atopic dermatitis, eczema and neurodermatitis child;
  • in true eczema - a chronic relapsing disease of the skin, caused purulent inflammation of the middle and deep layers of the skin;
  • microbial eczema - recurrent chronic inflammatory process that develops against the backdrop of bacterial and fungal skin infections;
  • when professional eczema - a skin disease develops on the background of professional allergic contact dermatitis (in contact with a substance that causes the allergy);
  • when disgidroticheskoy eczema - dense vesicles up to 0, 5 cm diameter on the palms and soles;
  • by simple contact dermatitis - inflammation of the skin due to exposure to the irritant;
  • in allergic contact dermatitis - inflammation of the skin by contact with substances that cause allergies.

Emulsion advantan apply:

  • atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, infant eczema;
  • with simple and allergic contact dermatitis;
  • if true, microbial and seborrheic (on the scalp, face, chest and neck on the background of seborrhea), eczema;
  • sunburn.

 Advantan - guide for parents


Contraindications for use in the treatment of Advantan are:

  • Cutaneous tuberculosis and syphilis;
  • viral skin diseases, such as herpes recurrent infections, chickenpox, herpes zoster Shingles and chickenpox - from the same pathogen  Shingles and chickenpox - from the same pathogen
  • rosacea - a chronic skin disease with the appearance of erythema and tuberosity of the nose, cheeks, and sometimes the entire face as a whole;
  • inflammation of the skin around the mouth;
  • skin rash after administration of the vaccine;
  • age of the child up to four months;
  • individual intolerance of components.

With caution and only short courses of all external formulations should be used during pregnancy and nursing Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
   feeding. Do not apply to breast cancer advantan.

Heavy microbial (including fungal) eczema are not a contraindication for use Advantan, but, given that it causes reduced immunity of the skin, at the same time you need to use an antimicrobial or antifungal therapy.

 Advantan - guide for parents

Side effect

All dosage forms Advantan well tolerated, but sometimes at the application site irritation occurs. With prolonged use (more than one month in a row), or when applied to large areas of skin may appear theoretically changes such as atrophy (decrease in volume) of the skin, spider veins, stretch marks, pustular rash, increased body hair, white spots on the skin White spots on skin - What are the causes and how to treat?  White spots on skin - What are the causes and how to treat?
 . However, clinical trials revealed no such changes on the skin when using the drug for three consecutive months in adults and in children a month.

Galina Romanenko

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