Home Gyms: a day without sports!

March 11, 2013

 Home Gyms
 Healthy lifestyle has long been in vogue, and does not seem to go out of it. Watch your diet and do sports - this is not just fashionable, it is prestigious. If there is no opportunity to visit the health club, the aid will come home fitness equipment. By equipping home gym, you can significantly save time.

 Home Gyms: a day without sports!

Before you buy

Before buying a treadmill you need to not only find a place for him in the apartment, but also to assess the seriousness of their intentions. Surfing the fitness club or gym time-consuming and there are tedious, but employment in the company of other people's discipline. In addition, it is a pity there is money spent on the ticket, and that feeling does not allow to miss classes.

If the trainer is at home, and can be used at any time, it is somewhat discouraging. Only people with a strong will, really wishing to lose weight or to get in shape, able to deal with at home on a regular basis, without gaps and transfer activities. The majority of the first extensive use of svezhepriobretennoy simulator, but eventually reduced the enthusiasm and welcome first "toy" gathering dust in the corner.

If the apartment is not enough place, preference should be given a folding treadmills. If a lot of places, you might think about the equipment and small home gym. It is advisable to purchase a simulator consult with a fitness trainer: such consultation will be more informative and less partisan than consultation seller in the store.

Immediately prior to the purchase should try a simulator in action, it is best to work out on several simulator and compare their experiences. Such testing should be performed and if the payment will be made in the shop. Typically, online simulators are sold at a lower price than in sports shops. But products that offer a variety of 'teleshopping' or companies involved in sending direct mail, best to avoid: As a rule, prices are inflated several times, but the quality leaves much to be desired. In addition, the advertising of goods in these stores is often unfair, and achieve the promised result is quite difficult.

 Home Gyms: a day without sports!

Selection Rules

Simulators are of three kinds: for intensive use in fitness clubs, for less intensive use in small rooms and home. Of course, professional trainers are more durable and reliable - they are designed for that they will always use it. However, there is no need to buy a treadmill for home use: this is the case when the economy completely justified. But the security of the simulator to save in any case should not be. In the market for fitness products is a system of international certification, and only the presence of all necessary certificates guarantees the safety and effectiveness of the simulator. So do not be tempted by cheap offers of unknown firms only need to choose certified products from reliable manufacturers.

In addition, when buying home fitness equipment should pay attention to its compactness (takes up less space than a simulator, the better), the ease and convenience of transportation. Typically, a home treadmill is used by all family members, so it is advisable that the unit was multifunctional.

 Home Gyms: a day without sports!

What are the simulators

Home Gyms can be divided into two groups: power and cardio. First designed for training specific muscle groups, while the latter train cardiovascular system and help burn calories.

Among the most common cardio exercise bikes, allowing to simulate cycling. Such simulators take up little space, safety (including for people with excess weight), and their cost is relatively low. Magnetic exercise bike is powered by electricity, and the belt and shoe kind of a power is not needed. There is also a horizontal kind of bike designed for people with a weak spine, or varicose veins. Some models have a number of bikes for workout programs, development of endurance and fat burning workout to be maximally effective. There have bikes drawbacks: for example, belt and shoe models periodically in need of repair, as their moving parts are subject to wear.

Another popular cardio - treadmill. The shops of the tracks a lot, for every taste and budget, from simple mechanical to "advanced" electric. Training on these tracks are very effective and allow you to combine different types of activities: walking and jogging. However, please note that the mechanical paths are not always convenient, and comfortable electric occupy much space. Keep in mind that running, as opposed to the distance is shown, not all - with a large excess weight, varicose veins and problems with his knees and spine exercises walking is preferable.

If you need to build muscle mass and strength and endurance training, choose weights. For workouts at home, you can buy special benches, racks, barbells and dumbbells, or combining all of these devices simulator that manufacturers commonly referred to as "power station". This simulator is rather cumbersome - it requires at least four square meters of space. The cost of "power station" is high enough, and on the effectiveness of the simulator gives the usual sports equipment. But such a purchase will not lose shape and constantly train the muscles.

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Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure

November 28, 2012

  • Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure
  • Benefits
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 water aerobics
 Maintain motivation for fitness, and maintain interest in the training, it can be difficult for everyone, regardless of health status. However, diabetic patients exercise regularly, and therefore the motivation to maintain the proper level, is particularly important. Water aerobics allows you to add variety to a workout, do not let you get bored - and that usually motivates a person to abandon the lazy evenings on the couch, and go into the pool or sports center.

 Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure

What is aerobic exercise

It refers to any aerobic exercises that increase heart rate, and increase the intake of oxygen for a sufficiently long period that it can bring significant health benefits. For aerobic exercise include, for example, walking, running, dancing and swimming.

 Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure

Why engage in water aerobics

Water aerobics brings a man the same benefits as the more traditional aerobic exercise, but has additional advantages.

Although there is no perfect world load suitable absolutely everyone close to water aerobics to match the capabilities, limitations on health and needs, if not all, then most people.

By varying the speed of movement in the water, we can adjust the load by choosing the best for you. Furthermore, in the water you can work out once all the muscle groups.

Catching water aerobics, you sweat, but with cool water body does not overheat - it's one of the reasons that water aerobics is very popular in regions with hot climates.

Another significant advantage of aqua aerobics is that you can deal with it, regardless of your age. This is due to the fact that the water supports the body and that it, and not the legs, carries the weight of the body. This reduces the pressure on the joints so that even older people can not be afraid of getting injured during exercise.

You do not know how to swim, to engage in water aerobics. With floating belts and boards you can keep afloat without much effort. At the same time you will be able to overcome the fear of water, and depth (if available) and possibly still learn to swim.

Athletes who have suffered injury, people with diseases of the joints Joint disease - prevention is better than cure  Joint disease - prevention is better than cure
 As well as suffering from obesity and have not engaged in sports, can start a safe return to an active lifestyle with aqua aerobics.

Nevertheless, in spite of the relative safety of the water aerobics, people with diabetes, obesity, arthritis Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications  Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications
   and other violations, before embarking on training, it is strongly recommended to see a doctor. Only he can decide if it is safe for you or another load, and how intense should be your training program.

 Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure

Water aerobics for diabetics

Diabetics during exercise (any) it is strongly recommended to wear a special bracelet that indicated human disease - it will help others, if necessary, as soon as possible to provide you with the correct first aid.

As a rule, for diabetics preferred water aerobics classes in warm water - preferably in closed basins.

  • Before training required to warm up.
  • Most pool water contains chlorine and other substances, so people with diabetes after aqua aerobics is especially important to take a shower and put on the whole body moisturizing lotion. You can also use a special shampoo to wash after exercising with hair chemicals.
  • Take a 15 grams of any product containing simple carbohydrates, in a waterproof container, keep far away from the pool - for example, in the pocket of his robe.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after training - intense water aerobics classes, as well as other types of physical activity, lead to the consumption of energy and loss of moisture.

 Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure

Water aerobics - it's really a lot of fun

What you can do water aerobics in the classroom? Walk at different speeds, run, jump, dance, do the exercises with elements of kickboxing, and more. To enhance the load you can use weights that are put on the hands and / or feet.

Any water aerobics classes Water aerobics classes - a medicine and a source of pleasure  Water aerobics classes - a medicine and a source of pleasure
   It begins with stretching and warming up. At the end of the session of stretching exercises Stretching exercises - Be careful  Stretching exercises - Be careful
   also dedicated a few minutes.

Then, as a rule, they start to do the exercises at a small depth, and then move on to an average depth - approximately chest. From the depth of water is generally dependent and exercises that the instructor asked to perform. For example, run under water, as a rule, are engaged when the human body is submerged in water up to his neck. During training the instructor will help you to use the water resistance of the benefit of themselves. So, he will teach you the right to go down to the bottom of his feet (first on the heel and then the toes), and keep the body upright. It may sound easy, but in reality, these seemingly simple things help strengthen the muscles of the body.

When you run or walk in the water, do not forget to move your hands the same way as you do it on the ground. Try to walk (and better - running) water for 20-40 minutes each workout.

In water aerobics has another advantage - it helps burn calories faster.

  • Calories for comparison (in 30 minutes):
  • Walking on the ground: 135 kcal.
  • Walking into deep water: 264 kcal.
  • Jogging on the ground: 240 kcal.
  • Jogging in deep water is 340 calories.

With this calorie consumption is felt much less fatigue so you can exercise longer and possibly more often.