Secrets of Fitness for Beginners - take the first step

September 22, 2006

  • Secrets of Fitness for Beginners - take the first step
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 fitness secrets
 Fitness - it's not just trips to the gym, it is a way of thinking and organizing your life in a way that there was a place and time to take care of their own health. The following fitness secrets are simple and lie on the surface - perhaps that's why they tend to forget about starting lifestyle changes with grueling workouts and starvation. Fuse is not long enough, and it begins to seem that the fitness - it's awful hard, is the destiny of the elect, having concrete willpower. In fact, everything is much simpler.

 Secrets of Fitness for Beginners - take the first step

Put specific goals

This is borne out so often that the recommendation fell on deaf ears as something tiresome. However, that to achieve something, you need to clearly imagine what it is you want. "I want to be slim" - what does that mean? "I want to lose weight up to 60 kg, 65 cm in the waist and hips 95" - a specific goal. Or better put, such objectives: to swim 1 km per day, and / or run 5 kilometers a day in three months. Such goals are better because they inspire your body. He knows that he runs - is good for your health, and the installation of losing weight, especially if you do not lose weight, it only says that you want to reduce its size.

The goals that you set for yourself, must be realistic. Reset 20 kg per month, or even two - is not just improbable, but also dangerous. If the last time you ran in high school, and then only with reluctance, it is unlikely that you will run at 5 km per day in two weeks. Unrealistic goals put obstacles in your own mind, but they are much harder to overcome than the external barriers.

Write down your goals. The paper gives the promise of weight, and if you have to sign, get out of going to the gym will be very difficult.

 Secrets of Fitness for Beginners - take the first step

The habit

To be effective, fitness should be regular. Engage strictly on certain days and hours. Habit produced, on average, for thirty days; Set a goal, for example, during the month four times a week from 7 to 8 o'clock in the morning run in the park, swim in the pool or work out in the gym. First, you will be very difficult to get up in the morning and force yourself to move, but if you are adamant, just a month later, you'll wake up without an alarm clock and cheerfully go to the gym. So fitness will be integral part of your lifestyle.

 Secrets of Fitness for Beginners - take the first step

Put yourself in the first place

The most common reason that many people today can not regularly engage in fitness - not laziness, and lack of time .  In fact, there are always .  And every man to manage your time .  Often we decide to spend a free hour or two for a family, friends, relatives, or to work, you do not have time to finish during the day .  All this is fine can wait at least one hour until you are in a .  Fitness - is not only resistant exercises, but also the realization that much of the world can be briefly postponed - except for your health .  Learn to appreciate it, and correctly follow him, you will learn to make better use of your time - it will be enough to work, and family, to friends .  As a rule, people who postpone the fitness of the fact that "no time", paradoxically, not enough time for other important things for them .  Just put yourself in the first place - and your health, you will be able to arrange for the appropriate places and other important aspects of their lives .

 Secrets of Fitness for Beginners - take the first step

Think of food as fuel

You do not fill up your car, horrible, otherwise it will not go, or would go, but not for long. You do not fill up too much fuel or too little - it should be enough. The human body is much more complex and sophisticated of any machine, but, unfortunately, to ensure its "fuel" are often quite dismissive. Meanwhile, a healthy diet Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating  Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating
   necessary for successful fitness. Normal diet should consist of 40% of carbohydrates, 30% - of the proteins, and 30% - of the fat. Eat four or five or even six times a day, in small portions - no more than 200-300 kilocalories per meal.

 Secrets of Fitness for Beginners - take the first step

More strength training

Strength training help increase muscle mass, and the more muscle mass you have (of course within reasonable limits), the easier it will be to keep fit. Even at rest, muscle tissue consume more energy than fat tissue.

Pedometer: how to choose the optimal device?

February 6, 2011

  • Pedometer: how to choose the optimal device?
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 Increase the effectiveness of your workouts by using this small device that counts your steps, calculates the power consumption and measure the distance that you have walked. It is worn on the belt, it is invisible to others, but this is a very important subject, which enables you to keep yourself in shape. This subject - the pedometer.

A pedometer is a simple device which is to measure the number of steps you make during the day. Different models have different configurations, you can find pedometers that measure your heart rate, if you just put your finger on the sensor. The LCD display displays the information in a clear and simple manner. Some pedometers attached to the belt, the other - on the shoulder or wrist.

 Pedometer: how to choose the optimal device?

How it works

The simplest pedometer attached to the waist and records the number of steps with the help of the sensor. Some people who have a large waist circumference rather difficult to attach the pedometer, and this may affect the degree of accuracy of the data. Use a pedometer to track their physical activity every day: with it you can do all day without sports equipment.

But if you prefer a more intense exercise such as running, you can also use a pedometer that will work automatically at startup. But keep in mind that the pedometer does not measure the intensity of your workouts, it just counts your steps.

 Pedometer: how to choose the optimal device?

How to wear a pedometer

Attach the pedometer to the waistband of your clothes so that it is closer to the front of the thigh. If you do not wear pants, and dress, you can attach a pedometer, such as underwear or choose a model providing for mounting on hand.

 Pedometer: how to choose the optimal device?

How to test a pedometer

Pedometers have to know how to use it, otherwise its data will be false, and you do not get any effect on his work.

  • Attach the pedometer and reset the counter to zero;
  • without looking at the display, take 20 steps;
  • check that the meter shows.

If the figure is correct, you can use further, if not, then try to change the location of the pedometer and re-test it. In any case, before you buy listen to the recommendations of a sales assistant and read the instructions.

 Pedometer: how to choose the optimal device?

What are the benefits of walking

A pedometer used to count steps and walk at the many advantages. Walking well affect the health, if you perform daily rate duration from 10 minutes to an hour.

 Pedometer: how to choose the optimal device?

10,000 steps as a goal

10,000 steps a day can bring significant benefits to your health. Making the day about 10 000 steps, equivalent to about 8 kilometers or 40 minutes away, you bring the body to benefit much more important than when you make all of 6000 steps a day, which is the standard figure.

The figure of 10 000 steps someone can seem enormous, but need only recall that in everyday life we ​​do about 4000-6000 steps a day.

And only need to double this figure. You can climb the stairs instead of the elevator use, you can go a couple of stops, instead of riding the bus. You can also get to the store on foot, instead of once again drive the car in just 800 m. 10 000 steps - it's quite a bit in order to maintain health in optimal condition. And such a thing as a pedometer in this great help.

 Pedometer: how to choose the optimal device?

For what it is

Pedometer - a device that counts the number of steps taken in response to the motion of the hips. Some pedometers steps mistaken for some other traffic, but in general they consider moves quite accurately.

Modern pedometers are small and light. As a rule, they are attached to the belt. There are mobile phones with built-in pedometer. Analog pedometers - the most cost devices that perform only count steps. There are also digital models that consider not only the steps but also the number of calories burned man, having a certain number of steps. However, such pedometers are often not exactly count as steps and calories, so most experts recommend to buy the simplest pedometers.

 Pedometer: how to choose the optimal device?

Why need a pedometer

The pedometer can serve as an effective means of motivating a person to lead an active lifestyle. A person needs every day to do 10,000 steps a long time to maintain health and reduce the risk of various chronic diseases. In order to achieve a gradual and sustained weight loss, you need to do 12,000 to 15,000 steps a day. To significantly improve muscle tone, 3,000 of 10,000 steps daily to do much faster than usual.

Of course, they counted not only the steps that you make while walking, but also everything else that you do during the day - 150 steps from the workplace to the dining room, 20 steps to the coffee machine, 200 steps from the house to the bus stop, and any steps that you do when you clean the house, cook, dress and beautiful. Therefore, you need to wear a pedometer all day. When performing work and home responsibilities, you've done 5000 steps, go for a walk and make another 5000 - thus, your daily rate will be performed.

On average, making 10,000 steps a person takes 8 km.

You would think that a lot? In fact, it is the norm to which our body is designed - it was created for the world in which most of the time people moved on foot, and not on a smooth road surface. The fact that today we have learned to move faster and with less effort, does not absolve us from the need to provide the body with proper exercise.