The basic program of strength training: the basis for the bodybuilder - the basic program scheme

November 23, 2011

  • The basic program of strength training: a framework for a bodybuilder
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Scheme backend

Exercises:   squats, deadlifts, bench press, bench press because of the head, pull on the top shelf, pull the belt on the lower block, exercises for the triceps with a dumbbell, curl with dumbbells. The first six exercises - a basic exercises to develop strength and developing multiple muscle groups. The last two exercises - exercises "isolating" type, that is aimed at developing the muscle groups that are important to perform complex exercises, as well as for a balanced fitness. The muscles of the legs do not need the extra exercise in addition to squats and deadlifts with weights included in the training program, provided that these exercises are performed with full dedication.

Sets and reps:   in contrast to the basic program of strength and muscle-building, which includes three sets of 12 repetitions maximum strength training, this program consists of five sets of five reps, followed by three sets of five reps at the next session (if you're training two or three times a week). Do not forget to evenly distribute the weight bearing to the muscles time to rest and recover between workouts. So, on the day of the lighter workout, you can devote 20 minutes of cardio exercise (after classes).

The maximum number of repetitions: you need to calculate, by trial and error, the weight for each exercise, with which you can perform a maximum of five repetitions, that is, to reach the point of total failure of muscle when you can no longer repeat the exercise without resting. But it is necessary to calculate the forces so that in one exercise you can perform five sets. Such exercises like squats or deadlifts with weights require more effort and muscle tension, so it is not necessary from the first class to set impossible tasks. Choose a weight that allows you to perform five sets of five repetitions, and not to fall down dead.

Recovery:   Needless to say, after such intense strength training must be properly restored. For example, after every eight training take time out for a week (but this week you need to be sure to spend one training session (no more!)). Depending on how your body adapts to the power loads, such as squats and deadlifts with weights, you can reduce the number of approaches to four or even three. The main thing is that you can properly recover and feel good.

Period of travel:   If possible, try to rest for at least two minutes between sets. This training program consists of eight exercises integrated and insulation type, aimed at the development of all major muscle groups.

Squats:   ups aimed at the development of the quadriceps (thigh) and gluteus muscles; and hamstrings, depending on the shape and position of the stop. To perform the exercise, you can use the locked barbell or dumbbells. Dumbbells can be kept in the hands of the rectified lowered or kept in the hands at shoulder level. The bar may remain on the shoulders of the head, or it can be kept in front of him, even though the standard is the first option (the bar behind the head). The main form of sit-ups remains unchanged, regardless of the complication. Perhaps a slight change of position when searching for the most convenient position of the bar or dumbbells. The main thing - to observe the following conditions:

  • Do not lean forward and do not put the weight on your toes; knees should not extend beyond the line of socks.
  • The back should remain straight; Do not bend, squat, and when is rectified.

Bench on the bench:   the exercise is aimed at developing the triceps (back of arms), and pectoral muscles. Zhimom dumbbells on a bench with adjustable position can be replaced by a more traditional bench press on a bench with a power frame, although the exercises with a heavier weight will still need to be performed using the power rack. If you need to enlist the support of the controller or coach. When you move a bench in a vertical position, in the exercise also involves the deltoid muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Deadlifts:   exercise designed to develop calf muscles, muscles of the back, neck, arms and abdomen with varying intensity. Deadlifts - a great exercise that helps develop multiple muscle groups, but its implementation requires great effort and energy costs. You can lift the barbell from the floor and lowered it back under the control of a trainer or another bodybuilder (controller), repeating the exercise at intervals of a few seconds. Or you can lower the weight to the level of the chin, holding it, and raise it again. It is important to monitor the position of the body when performing deadlifts, because failure to comply with the rules of implementation is fraught with serious injuries. Back during deadlifts should remain straight. Before each training required a serious workout with light weights, or simply lifting the rod without the "pancakes".

Bench because of the head:   the exercise is aimed at developing the muscles of the shoulder girdle and triceps. If you do this exercise correctly, and are utilized as the abdominal muscles (when you are preparing to lift the weight). Perform bench because you can head dumbbells or barbell in a sitting position (on the bench) or standing, with the simulator for the shoulder muscles at an angle, or without it.

Upper Rod Smith on the simulator:   the exercise is aimed at developing the back muscles and lower back, biceps and forearm muscles.

Link simulator propeller thrust:   the exercise is aimed at developing the back muscles and the back muscles of the shoulder girdle. Varying the width of the grip in the course of this exercise allows us to develop certain muscles.

Exercises for the triceps with dumbbells (sweeps)   the exercise is aimed at developing the triceps.

Flexion / extension arms with dumbbells:   the exercise is aimed at developing the biceps and the muscles of the lower face of the hand.

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How to remove the side - get rid of the lifeline - After birth

July 26, 2009

  • How to remove the side - get rid of the lifeline
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 remove side after childbirth

How to remove the side after childbirth

Weight gain during pregnancy - a completely natural phenomenon, part of the changes through which a woman's body during pregnancy. Of course, after the birth to get rid of dialed during pregnancy weight is not so simple: it is hampered and banal lack of time (taking care of a newborn baby takes almost all the time), and lack of energy. Meanwhile, remove the side after the birth, you can use the most simple exercises (it is only important to implement them properly and on a regular basis), and proper nutrition.

 After delivery | How to remove the side - get rid of the lifeline

Food and Exercise

Do not look for that day taking his ten or fifteen minutes to perform simple exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, you can get rid of fat on the abdomen and flanks. To remove the side after birth is necessary, first of all, a comprehensive approach - that is a combination of exercise, strengthens and tightens the abdominal muscles, and proper nutrition Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food  Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food
 Conducive stored fat overall. Only in this case, losing weight will not damage the health of the young mother.

Of course, after childbirth can not sit on a strict diet - firstly, a significant limitation in the food itself will lead to a shortage of energy, especially necessary to care for a newborn Newborn care: ten reasons for concern (which you should not worry  Newborn care: ten reasons for concern (which you should not worry
   baby the first few months of life, and, secondly, the lack of nutrients in the diet may affect the quality and quantity of breast milk. The best option - maintaining a healthy diet (three times a day, but not when will be able to carve out a moment to eat) and a decrease in the size of the portions, while reducing the amount of consumed calories will be painless, and the body will gradually burn fat in the sides and belly. Eat more fiber - fruits, vegetables, whole grains: to digest foods such organism spends more energy, and in addition, fiber helps to normalize digestion. Of course, with the balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates in the diet must be maintained.

 After delivery | How to remove the side - get rid of the lifeline

The most useful exercise

Although intense exercise postpartum women often are not recommended in order to remove the side after childbirth, it is not necessary to torture your body physically demanding exorbitant - just a few of the simplest (and most familiar) exercises for the abdominal muscles. To gain a slim and taut as before pregnancy, the figures in the first place is just right for such exercises: strengthening and tightening the obliques, upper and lower abs, you can make the speaker even after childbirth belly less noticeable, "tighten" it and at the same time get rid of characteristic folds on the sides.

The following exercises will help remove the side after childbirth without risk to health:

  • Raising the trunk from the supine position with a twist

Lie on the floor, his feet up on the bench so that his back was pressed to the floor, and caviar - to the surface of the bench. One hand lay on the floor, the second rewound his head. Gently lift the torso so that elbows bent his hands to touch the opposite knee (for example, if the head of the - the right hand, her elbow to touch the knee of the left leg), and then just as slowly sank to the floor. After a few approaches that change hands. During exercise it is important to breathe correctly How to breathe correctly - modern and traditional techniques  How to breathe correctly - modern and traditional techniques
 : While lifting the body breathe out, and lowering the body back to the floor - a deep breath. The slower the exercise is performed, the greater the load on the obliques.

  • The simultaneous rise of the body and legs

Take a horizontal position on the floor, knees bent at an angle of approximately sixty degrees. Firmly press your back and feet to the floor, his hands locked in a "lock" on the back. Slowly and gently lift the torso and at the same time one knee, turning the body so that the raised knee and elbow touched the opposite hand (for example, lifting the left knee, you need to reach for him with his elbow, right hand). The key to the effectiveness of the exercise - the contraction of muscles of the abdomen rather than attempt as far as possible to extend the elbow, so it is necessary to reach, twisting body, and without tilting one shoulder. Booming housing breathe out and, falling back to the floor - a deep breath.

Tatiana Smirnova

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