Recovering from weight training: do not underestimate

November 27, 2011

 Recovering from weight training
 Anyone who is engaged in bodybuilding, had heard the phrase "the muscles do not grow in the gym, and beyond." This phrase means that the results of resistance training is primarily dependent on technology recovery thereafter. Over the past few years, food after the workout has become the subject of serious research after scientists discovered that the human body best absorbs nutrients after exercise.

Therefore, the power after a workout helps to increase protein synthesis in the body, thereby leading him into an anabolic state and promoting the most effective recovery. But do proper nutrition Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food  Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food
   - That's all we can do to speed up the recovery process and to make best use of the period of rest between workouts? Of course, no. There are many ways to functionally use the "idle time" and thus increase the effectiveness of training.

 Recovering from weight training: do not underestimate

During training

  • General physical preparation (GPP): This method of training has become increasingly popular in recent years, although it has been used for decades in the model of periodization .  The purpose of the RPT - the balanced development of the basic physical characteristics: endurance, strength, speed, flexibility .  In general, the RPT is meant a low-intensity workout various character .  It can be both weight training and workout without weights .  Busy first type include the pushing force of the projectile, "farmer's walk" (walking with weights equal weight in both hands), "pull sleds" (all weights) and tilting the tires .  PFD Exercises without weights - a general developmental exercises, such as jumping clapping, fast jogging in place, the emphasis squatting, lunges and jumping rope .  In addition to the benefits described above, GPP helps to improve performance and speed recovery after exercise .  It is unfortunate that most people neglect the general physical training .
  • Food: there is evidence that the consumption of certain beverages during exercise may increase the effect of training. Thus, the reception of the branched chain amino acids and glutamine allows increase the effect of exercise.

The peculiarity of branched chain amino acids is that they are hardly degraded in the liver and enter the bloodstream almost in its original form .  However, skeletal muscles are able to break down the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), receiving from them the energy, especially in times of high energy costs, such as during starvation, injury or high physical loads .  In a period of rest when the body is powered by other energy sources, such as fats and carbohydrates, the muscles "canned" BCAA, protecting them from oxidation and keep for protein synthesis, that is precisely what you need to - build muscle and build muscle relief .  It is important to remember that, although BCAA constitute only 20% of the total number of amino acids in the protein foods in the total number of amino acids which enter the bloodstream and absorbed by the muscles of them is 50 to 90% .  BCAA - amino acids that are most involved in the formation of muscle protein and muscle 1/3 .  Additionally, BCAA with increased efficiency and catabolized cleaved (broken into molecules and used for energy metabolism) during a workout .  Therefore, and because the body is unable to produce branched chain amino acids, BCAA are indispensable for all who are actively involved in sports (not necessarily bodybuilding) .

 Recovering from weight training: do not underestimate

Immediately after training

These recovery methods can be used immediately after the workout or between workouts.

  • Douches: when you take a contrast shower after exercise, the water should fall on all parts of the body that are involved in the exercises. Douches - a dramatic alternation of hot and cold shower. The water should be as cold as possible, and hot as you can stand it. Alternate cold / hot water should be every 2-3 minutes, repeated 4-6 times. The effectiveness of a contrast shower Douches - effectiveness is proven time  Douches - effectiveness is proven time
   due to the fact that hot water stimulates vasodilation and cold, on the contrary, their constriction. Thus, the alternation of hot / cold water stimulates blood circulation, which helps to improve the results of the training for the muscles involved.
  • Massage with ice massage is performed with ice in between exercises or immediately after the workout. To fit massage cubes of ice than usual. Ice packs should be led in a circular motion on the muscles, but not in the joints. At the same time you can also move a muscle, it will only enhance the effectiveness of massage. The purpose of massage ice - to relieve tension and release muscle breakdown products in the muscle tissues.

 Recovering from weight training: do not underestimate

Continuous recovery after exercise

  • Deep tissue massage: active recovery techniques - is, above all, a deep tissue massage, which has recently enjoyed increasing success among sports doctors and therapists. In the process of deep tissue massage nodes removed in the muscles, which improves mobility, relieves pain and fatigue, as well as reduced pressure on the nerves. However, it should be remembered that deep tissue massage - is not the only method of active recovery. The methods of active recovery also include neuromuscular massage therapy Chiropractic: the main thing - to choose the competent expert  Chiropractic: the main thing - to choose the competent expert
 , Deep-tissue massage, myofascial massage and friction. Since the formation of knots in the muscles (tiny seal in the muscle tissue, which can cause major problems) is inevitable for anyone who leads an active lifestyle, especially exercise, care should be taken to enlist the services of a good massage therapist or chiropractor. Massage after exercise is necessary as a professional athlete or bodybuilder, and all those involved in sports professionally.
  • Stretching: There are many forms and methods of stretching. But after a workout, experts recommend a static warm or static workout in conjunction with neuromuscular way to restore proprioception. Static stretching does not only improve mobility, but also helps to relax the muscles better than any other technique of stretching.

In general, stretching is simply indispensable for any athlete, because it has many advantages, including:

  • Improved mobility
  • Lowering the risk of injury
  • Reducing the severity of the injury (if the damage could not be avoided)
  • Delay the onset of muscle fatigue
  • Prevention and reduction of "delayed onset muscle soreness" after training
  • Increased general fitness and prepare the muscles for the exercises
  • Renewals sporting life

Highlight fifteen minutes after a workout or at the end of the day to restore the procedure - it is essential to increase the effectiveness of training. Unfortunately, many of us neglect this important aspect of training, although well aware of its significance.

No less popular and other techniques such as water therapy in the whirlpool, sauna, Vibro and use electrostimulation. All of these methods are effective, so choose the method of recovery should meet your needs. But do not forget: if you do not include at least some recovery techniques into your training program, the results are not as high as you expected. Such exercises like stretching, exercise or general physical training should be an integral part of any program of weight training.

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