Bifidumbacterin - restores normal intestinal microflora - dysbacteriosis and probiotics

November 15, 2009

  • Bifidumbacterin - restores normal intestinal microflora
  • Dysbacteriosis and probiotics

Dysbacteriosis and probiotics

Normal intestinal microflora promotes healing and cleansing of the bowel Colon Cleansing - How to put an enema?  Colon Cleansing - How to put an enema?
 . When her enough intestinal contents has a slightly acidic compound. If it develops pathogenic microflora, the acidity of the gut content drops sharply in the intestines begin to dominate the processes of decay with the release of large amounts of gases. This condition is called dysbiosis, it can deliver a person a lot of trouble: bloating and abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms  Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms
 , Unstable chair, exacerbation of chronic diseases, allergies, etc. Furthermore, depending on the state of intestinal immunity as produced herein immune cells. When dysbacteriosis impaired immunity, a person begins to ache often colds.

In order to restore the normal intestinal microflora, probiotics are administered medicines which contain microorganisms that are part of the normal intestinal microflora.

 Dysbacteriosis and probiotics | Bifidumbacterin - restores normal intestinal microflora

Probiotic bifidumbakterin

Bifidumbacterin - a probiotic that contains the basic normal intestinal microflora bacteria - bifidobacteria. Its release in the form of dried microbial mass in vials and ampoules, powder (bags), as tablets and suppositories.

To produce bifidumbacterin vials using dried microbial mass of live bifidobacteria. Bifidumbakterin powder - dried microbial mass of viable bacteria, purified from the cultivation medium (the same dose of bacteria powder contains more than one dose in vial).

There are also bifidumbakterin forte - dried microbial mass of live bifidobacteria, which are stored on a sorbent (activated carbon, stone fruit) - a substance capable to adsorb various substances. One dose bifidumbacterin fort contains far more bacteria than all other forms of the drug. In addition, the efficacy of the drug is enhanced by the fact that bifidobacteria are on the surface of the sorbent - this provides a good settlement in the intestinal mucosa.

Bifidumbacterin normalize intestinal microflora and restore the immune system. It inhibits the development of pathogenic microflora, stimulates digestion, restores the function of the gastrointestinal tract.

 Dysbacteriosis and probiotics | Bifidumbacterin - restores normal intestinal microflora

Indications and contraindications

Bifidumbacterin used to restore the normal microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, increasing the body's defenses, preventing colds and nosocomial infections in hospitals and clinics. Indications for its reception are:

  • intestinal dysbiosis arising after taking certain medications (antibiotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, glucocorticoids), radiotherapy and chemotherapy, stress, people often ill colds;
  • intestinal dysbiosis arising on a background of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chronic liver disease, biliary tract and pancreas);
  • intestinal dysbiosis arising on a background of a variety of chronic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, urinary organs, and so on;
  • intestinal dysbiosis, which develops after acute intestinal infections Acute intestinal infections - the most common disease in the autumn and summer  Acute intestinal infections - the most common disease in the autumn and summer
   (e.g., salmonellosis)
  • intestinal dysbiosis arising on a background of violations of motor activity of the bowel (chronic constipation);
  • bowel dysbacteriosis against allergic diseases (e.g., bronchial asthma, or atopic dermatitis);
  • dysbiosis vagina (bacterial vaginosis), and inflammation of the vaginal mucosa (colpitis);
  • preoperative preparation of patients with diseases of the intestine, liver, pancreas, Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know  Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know
   with the purpose of improvement of the intestine;
  • prevention of inflammatory diseases of the mammary gland in lactating mothers.

Contraindications bifidumbacterin is the idiosyncrasy of the drug. With caution it should be prescribed only to children with lactase deficiency (lack of the enzyme, decomposing milk sugar - lactose). There are no side effects when taking bifidumbacterin been identified.

Bifidumbacterin can be taken by adults and children - is not only promotes healing of the intestine, but also the whole organism.

  Galina Romanenko

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Hepatitis - what to do, before it's too late? - Forum

March 6, 2014

  • Hepatitis - what to do, before it's too late?
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Previously, not much different, I know that jaundice refers to the disease, but which one is the type of the disease, I am confused. Now, finally I understood the difference. It's not clear to me what the symptoms may have spots on the body hepatitis? Or what is more obvious signs of the disease. I would like to understand in what circumstances start to sound the alarm. Very pleased that there is a vaccine for inoculation, and this greatly reduces the risk of disease, it is a pity that it is not entirely rule out the chance of contracting.
Very need help advice. The fact that I have recently found out that the guy with whom we meet for about a month sick with the disease. Tell me, if hepatitis is transmitted through saliva, as *** contacts we had, but we had several times passionately kissing. Now I am very scared, I do not find a place, I am going to donate blood to calm down.
If we hepatitis have celebrities, what can we say about ordinary people. Personally, I am very afraid of hepatitis, as I work in medicine and I was dealing with punctures and blood. We are very serious about the sterilization of instruments and disinfection facilities. There was a case that we have in our clinic patients infected with something bad. Still, the number of infected is growing every year. Scary for themselves and their loved ones.
My husband in his youth he had been ill, and since then he just delusions of purity. In the bathroom, the whole arsenal of antibacterial soaps, antibacterial wipes in their pockets. I treat it as fads because they do not know the differences between hepatitis. Now I understand that he who was the husband, only flowers, you can catch more terrible shape, and we have in the area of ​​a lot of homeless people hawkers of all kinds of infections, from now on will follow the child in both eyes.
It is a terrible disease. A neighbor started progressing liver hepatitis. The reason for it and the doctors said. Unfortunately she died six months later. Do not save it either multiple therapy or support the body's various pills. Now I am afraid of this disease like the plague. Now carefully wash my hands, vegetables and fruits before eating. I look at what would be the water was filtered. God saves man, who save himself.
When asked hepatitis is contagious or not, and I want to say, and how do you think? my mother had a disease in it than it skazalai doctors only after a while. They said that they had been ill with it. And so we did not notice any symptoms. And another said that her man would be handed over analyzes to check because he could catch. Like this! So just to show the doctor.
My sister more than ten years working in the infectious boxes, where are the patients with infectious hepatitis. I always wondered why nurses are not infected, they have developed a immunity or just a coincidence? But the sister said that they have observed in the department of the strict regime of disinfection in hepatitis. Review articles, which are in contact with patients, disinfected and sterilized several times per day.
Wow I did not even imagine that there are 9 kinds of hepatitis. I only know about the three A, B and C. It is by itself not a good disease, because in quietly kills liver. In our town there was a case of the epidemic, and I just was pregnant. After drinking water from the tap, people are massively infected by the virus. Somewhere was a rush and got the sewage pipe. It was terrible when an ambulance went to the city and took away patients. Did not go for a walk, we sat almost at home with her daughter and the hospital, too, it was impossible to walk in mind the possibility of infection. I do not know how I survived this period in s *** e for herself and the child. But I have passed this cup. So that infection is not necessarily not washed your hands or promiscuous, it's simply unpredictable chance infusion of contaminated blood or dental treatment at the dentist untreated tools. The main thing you need to have a positive attitude on and not think about it, and everything will be fine.
How to check for hepatitis B, the result was a completely reliable? I have the gallbladder does not work well. The outflow of bile is difficult, it stagnates. Spring - time to cleanse the body. Now just that and do. I try to avoid complications of bladder operation, so that it in turn messed up the work of the liver. That's why I want to thoroughly know the status of these important bodies.
I agree with Ilya! It is a dangerous disease, I had also for some reason thought that hepatitis B is transmitted through saliva. But this information was a myth. It is a pity that you can catch it in a lake or river in the summer. Now, even unpleasant to walk into the pool! I wonder whether the cases that there is someone they were infected? I will strengthen your immune system, I hope that I was never touches.
Based on personal experience, I can say that ultrasound hepatitis, very important point. Always, when the doctor tells me the date of the meeting, the doctor reminds me of the diet, which should be kept for 3 days immediately prior to the study. I was strictly forbidden to use products that can contribute to gas formation. However, these days, I use such drugs or as a Mezim Festal, and sorbents.
Olga, hepatitis B is not transmitted through kissing, so your young person and not contracted. Now, if you had sexual intercourse during this time, if he could catch and hepatotropic virus. Overall this is a very serious disease that requires mandatory treatment under the supervision of a physician. It scares me that you can pick up an infection, even bathing in the ponds. You must be careful!
I had been ill with hepatitis B as a student. We were 20 people in the hospital rattled off course, communicated closely. Language in hepatitis, I had what that purple-spotted, and the skin yellow. I lay in the hospital for 63 days! Recovered 10 kg of idleness and glucose that I pricked. And interestingly enough, my young man came to see me every day, we even kissed, but he caught hepatitis. Such a healthy body had what?
I myself have a child was hidden hepatitis. Doctors have long could not determine what I'm sick and even wanted to make me, baby, swallow intestine. Then one shining defined my disease. The treatment was in the hospital, well then, in compulsory rehabilitation in a sanatorium. I'm a grown man, but the echoes of childhood, I feel so far.
Marina, as it is hidden? What doctors do not notice that you had an enlarged liver with hepatitis? Strange. In my opinion, even the analysis of the Calla defines the disease. What kind of a doctor, if you do not assign the appropriate tests, even ultrasound did not. So it is possible to ruin a person. How do you cure with their liver is not decomposed at all? Hit That such Aesculapius!
I have faced this disease in adulthood, do the analysis in gynecology and found blood virus. Where did he come from, it's hard to say, can be any source - from dentistry to manicure cabinet. And now it is necessary to study this problem in order to fight it. I would like to find some forum on hepatitis, there to read, ask around people who know.
We have to work a girl recently got into trouble and everyone was asking whether the hepatitis is transmitted through kissing. She takes her friend to the room and they talk every day and that's her friend met a guy who was ill this infection. A girl from a guy picked up the infection and our employee hastily brought from thence, not to replenish their ranks. Her serendipitously had passed this time.
I do not understand how you can become ill with hepatitis in these days when there are conditions of hygiene, wash hands before eating and to buy quality products. This is of course a little, and it is necessary to avoid contact with strangers, the hand is better not shake hands with anyone, even with neighbors. If that's not comply, you can pick up a bunch of very different infection.
Zvenkov, you just surprised me. You say people should live in a bubble and OUNS God to go out. To pick up a disease is possible even in the doctor's office, where there should be perfect sterility. I believe that HIV and hepatitis no SAG *** IAOD. If you are destined to get sick, no safeguards will save from it.
My friend returned from the army with the disease, no one knows where he picked her. I read here how you can get sick with hepatitis, some things should not be done, or done carefully so as not to catch this infection. It is useful to know all this, because I meet with the girls, I communicate with many friends, go for a vacation to the south, everywhere a lot of dangers. It turns out that even large doses of drugs may develop this disease.
More recently, I did not know what are hepatitis, thinking that this is just one kind of disease. But the friend learned that her brother was sick two different types of this disease. I became interested and learned that there are at least three versions. It's A, B and C, the most dangerous is the last option, which often ends in death.
Those who have frequent contact with different people is not even interested in whether the hepatitis is transmitted through the ***, and ask them not to hurt. This disease is much more dangerous than many sexually transmitted diseases, as the blood is affected. Even after recovery, people will never be able to donate blood and the liver remains forever sick.
For my girlfriend a navel piercing and hepatitis became hated phrase. Now, she curses the day when she decided to become a stylish girl. As a result, I ruined his life. It would appear that the workers should salons sterilize instruments properly? In my opinion, it is not difficult. As conscience allows them to cause irreparable harm to human health?
I have problems with the gall bladder. Poor flow of bile years could not pass without a trace. And in the end I have earned and holetsestitny hepatitis. From time to time when the bubble exacerbated chronic disease, the skin becomes yellow due to the fact that the contents of the body spreads through the body. Fleeing from the effects of herbs. Especially helps everlasting. And from medicine to take Kars.
Natalia, I have the same problem. Last year, he aggravated a chronic cholecystitis and I all turned yellow. The doctor, who came to call, immediately wanted to send to the hospital. Well, now that laboratory diagnosis of hepatitis at a height. Under analyzes immediately found out that nothing I do not infectious, and ultrasound showed that the blame for the gallbladder. Then I also really helped everlasting. Now I stick to the diet.
Methods of diagnosis of viral hepatitis are generally reduced to the delivery of the analysis on the blood, but before you do it, you need time to sound the alarm. I'm on the background of reduced immunity in two months after birth developed the disease virus (A). But to identify the house that I did not have the common cold, and disease that requires immediate treatment, I could only on the fourth day, when the whites of the eyes painted in light yellow color and the temperature rose very high. So I advise to take a closer look at his condition and the time to determine what you are ill.
In recent years, a manicure and hepatitis became inseparable friends. Shamelessly salon workers are carriers of a terrible disease. And why many continue to go there, knowing the grave consequences? Personally, I have long given up their services. I bought myself professional tools and navozhu beauty without risk. At the same time saving both time and money.
Taisia ​​I also said goodbye to salons, scary, when you smotrish how they handle tools. But I go to the pool, though the pool has to go because of back problems. I hope there is still no such close contact, and is it possible to engage in sports for hepatitis? How much water is treated with chlorine may contribute to infection with hepatitis?
The most common hepatitis among drug users, as they are constantly dealing with syringes in an environment far from the sterile cleanliness. They have a different attitude to life and they're not particularly averse to use someone else's syringe to visit only that in another vein. This is the most dangerous risk group who are a threat to other people, so stay away from such people should be at a distance.
My skin has a yellow hue, and always when I'm at doctors, they ask, is not sick if I have the liver. Somehow it has become scared of it, wondered, and how to diagnose hepatitis? The fact that a few years ago, very ill with bronchitis treatment was long, many saw sulfonamides, pricked antibiotics for a long time to keep the temperature. I read the article and thought, what if I have drug form of the disease?
There are a number of symptoms that indicate that the disease develops. First of all - this heaviness in the liver, fatigue, fatigue (ie person, for example, can not perform the scope of work, which previously handled easily). Urine hepatitis changes color (becomes less bright). If none of this does not bother you, then you have nothing to fear.
My brother found this unpleasant disease, at first he felt unwell, and after we alerted yellow whites of the eyes. He is now undergoing treatment, but it would be good to find out what more there is a change of the liver with hepatitis. I want to help him to quickly cope with the condition and find the diet and what is appropriate herbal and vitamins.
Can anyone recommend vitamins for the liver with hepatitis? The doctor did not really say, the pharmacy also did not know. Only drug prescribers. I have so much they drank that my poor body. We need it as a support. Maybe someone buys himself and can advise? Or fruits and vegetables which have a beneficial to them were all necessary for the patient.
Not long ago, just out of the hospital. There I received a blood transfusion. I have been reading horror stories that can infect. That in fact, the Internet - the evil and not worth reading about different ailments. Now every day I'm afraid. How long does it manifest hepatitis? When will I be able to calm down, that time I do not have any symptoms, you no longer have anything, and I can calm down?
I want to draw parents' attention to the following points: It's hard to say exactly how many times manifested hepatitis in a child, but it is important to follow the color of the eyes. If the eyes turn yellow, then it is an occasion guard! As well as changing the color of urine becomes dark, almost brown, and the feces is white. That parents should notice these changes and take the baby to the hospital for tests!
I am amazed how many nasties is a poor man. My aunt as a child had been ill with jaundice. So it treated people's way, flea thrust into a bun and allowed to eat! When I learned of this savagery his hair stood on end. But the hospital she was lying and injections against hepatitis stabbed her. And as far as I know, it is power itself lifetime limits.
I'll tell you about one homeopathic medicine that helps to overcome even the fatty liver hepatitis. It is very helpful to our colleague and now recommends it to all - is LIV52. It helps with liver disease in adults and can be given even breast kiddies with chronic jaundice. By the way one friend gave the child and there were no adverse effects and side effects.
My friend had a child anicteric form of hepatitis that is, he was ill, but no outward signs do not show. After all, usually yellow protein in diseased eyes and changes the color of urine and feces. And he just complained periodically abdominal pain. Pots at delivery of analyzes it was found out that the body of the virus is present and immediately put the boy to the hospital where he was treated for about a month.
Do I have to do something like cleaning the liver with hepatitis? Maybe it has something to ease the patient's condition? And then the body and so is unsweetened. So many drugs have to drink all of it settles on this body. I heard folk recipes such purification. What doctors refer to it. Would not it be the opposite of that harm? I think that for any disease you need to try all possible methods.
I'm a middle-aged man, I suffered a lot in life ... It was all, and drunkenness, and even had a chance to smoke marijuana. As a result, the doctor said, the immune system is weakened to such an extent that there was a chronic liver disease. Who I threw all bad habits, but too late, unfortunately. I want to tell young people: living with hepatitis B do not sugar, keep in mind, do not scoff at them, take care of health from an early age.
Here it is necessary to take into account is the fact that the classification of hepatitis has a very wide range. For example, the infant "jaundice" faced by virtually all young moms, too, one of his raznovidzhnostey. That is why the very first vaccination carried out once the kids in the hospital, almost the first day of the appearance of the baby is not light. That's just not all understand the importance of this vaccination!
My child was in the hospital zheltushka. I understand that this kind of non-infectious hepatitis. So few people know that it is precisely in these cases it is not necessary to put even vaccinated against the disease. The body and so is suffering, but he also introduced microbes.

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