Funds from yeast - the possibility of a variety of therapies

August 24, 2012

 funds from yeast
 The main task during the treatment of thrush is the removal of the causative agent and the normalization of composition of microflora in the vagina. It is very important for women to self-medicate. Faced with a situation where a doctor treated once tried various medications. In this case, it is difficult to help, and the prescribed treatment may be ineffective.

 Funds from yeast - the possibility of a variety of therapies

The main methods of treatment

The drugs of choice in the treatment of thrush are anti-fungal agents. They are divided into several groups:

  • imidazole a number of drugs (clotrimazole, ketoconazole, butokonazaol, econazole, miconazole, and other omokonazol)
  • triazole a number of drugs (fluconazole, itraconazole)
  • Other agents (agents containing iodine, etc.)

Funds from thrush can be administered in the form of preparations for local treatment, as well as the systemic exposure .  Selecting the treatment regimen will be determined by the clinical course of the disease .  If a woman has an acute case of thrush, it is enough to conduct short-term treatment .  It includes local treatment and systemic antifungal therapy .  Local effects have suppositories, creams, ointments, gels .  It is enough to have a high efficiency of vaginal suppositories containing clotrimazole .  They must be inserted into the vagina once a night for six days .  This drug is still produced in the form of a cream, so it is recommended to treat the sexual organs outside if thrush manifests skin lesion .  Parallel appointed single dose tablets funds that have systemic effects .  The therapeutic effect may be achieved after ingestion of one tablet containing fluconazole 150 mg .  Appointment of candles for six or ten days for many women is uncomfortable .  Currently it developed a form which requires a single injection spark .  We are talking about the drug sertokonazola (trade name of candles Zalain) .  A woman should enter only one candle, which will exert its therapeutic effect for seven days .  If necessary, the results of the control of microbiological research can continue therapy and re-enter another candle .

If thrush occurs in chronic with periods of exacerbation of the disease, it is necessary to increase the duration of the treatment course. Sometimes appointed not one but several courses. Candles clotrimazole has used for the past ten days. Not less than ten days candles inserted into the vagina, ketoconazole, miconazole. Systemic therapy is also done over a long time, but at a lower dose of drugs. Assigned to receive a single oral dose of fluconazole 50 mg daily for a week. In the future, it should re-take the drug directly in the start of the next menstruation. To increase the effectiveness of antifungal therapy should not stop treatment for six months. Instead, you can assign fluconazole, itraconazole, which must be taken orally once daily dose of 200 mg on the first day of the menstrual period is also a period of six months.

 Funds from yeast - the possibility of a variety of therapies

Additional methods of treatment of thrush

An additional method of treatment can be called a herbal medicine Phytotherapy and menopause - without the side effects  Phytotherapy and menopause - without the side effects
 That is, the use of herbs for therapeutic activity. From the use of traditional medicine should not be abandoned, because they greatly increase the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions. The absence of significant side reactions can be recommended widely used herbs, except in cases of individual intolerance. Antifungal activity have the following herbs:

  • camomile
  • Calendula officinalis
  • sage leaves Sage - cvyaschennaya grass  Sage - cvyaschennaya grass
   drug and eucalyptus
  • juniper berries
  • yarrow
  • buds of birch or black poplar
  • flowers of white clover
  • tea tree oil Tea tree oil  Tea tree oil
  • Oak bark

Many women prefer folk remedies in conjunction with medication. This integrated approach facilitates the rapid onset of recovery. His antifungal and immune-stimulating properties of chamomile is widely known, so this herb should be required to appoint. This grass contains special substances (saponins), enhances immunity Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system  Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system
   local .  You can prepare an infusion of chamomile and calendula, anti-inflammatory properties which are used in traditional medicine .  This will require to prepare a mixture of one part of the herb chamomile and calendula two parts .  The mixture should pour boiling water and infuse overnight .  The prepared infusion is necessary to drain and then use local procedures .  Douche such infusion can be once a day and no more than five days in a row .  The therapeutic effects on fungal flora of thrush has a tincture of eucalyptus .  Eucalyptus exhibits anti-inflammatory, antiseptic activity, including against various fungal species .  The infusion can be used for local treatment, and drink on an empty stomach twenty drops twice a day .  There is a drug that is based on substances derived from eucalyptus leaves - hlorfillipt .  His oil solution is used for local procedures .  Hlorfilliptom soaked tampons inserted into the vagina for seven days .  If there exists an alcohol solution, it must be prepared before applying the aqueous solution to avoid development of mucosal burns .

It has been proven that a detrimental impact on the mushrooms have some spices and herbs. Carnation (decoctions and infusions), cinnamon, cumin cause the death of yeasts. Women who undergo prolonged courses of treatment for thrush, should pay special attention to your diet. Otherwise, talk about carrying out effective therapy does not make sense.

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Symptoms of yeast infection in women - clinical features

August 23, 2012

 symptoms of yeast infection in women
 Yeast infections in women is characterized by the presence of several clinical variants. Each of them has its own characteristics of the clinical picture, which helps in the differential diagnosis and diagnosis. Symptoms of yeast infection in women evaluated during physical examination. According to the current classification distinguishes acute and chronic forms of the disease. To separate clinical forms should be classified kandidonositelstvo form.

 Symptoms of yeast infection in women - clinical features

What distinguishes the various options for thrush

Most often in practice faced with severe forms of the disease. Episodes of acute vaginal candidiasis lesions during life is celebrated almost seventy-five percent of women. The percentage of chronic forms, which differ persistent recurrent course, is twenty percent.

Each of the forms of thrush different features of their clinical picture. In the acute form is dominated by symptoms of acute inflammatory process with a pronounced local symptoms. The most common complaint - a profuse discharge from the genital tract. It changes their color, texture and smell. Selections can be filmy, thick and creamy, flaky, in some cases, watery. It appears blurred sour smell, which is specific for yeast. The most typical local symptoms are redness, swelling, presence of lesions on the skin and mucous membranes, which are accompanied by intense burning, itching and scratching. In some cases, this may lead to disorders of the nervous system (insomnia, neurosis).

Thrush, which occurs in the chronic form, characterized by less intense symptoms and lower incidence of lesions from the genitals. In this situation, dominated by developments related to the duration or the duration of the disease, ie, atrophic processes in the tissues. The disease occurs with periods of exacerbation and remitting inflammatory process, with the frequency of exacerbations can be up to four times a year or more. From the clinical symptoms of the disease should be noted the presence of scant vaginal discharge Vaginal discharge: normal or disease?  Vaginal discharge: normal or disease?
 And unexpressed redness, swelling of the vulva, vagina.

 Symptoms of yeast infection in women - clinical features

Can occur without symptoms of thrush

There is a separate form of thrush, which is characterized by the absence of any complaints or clinical symptoms. This form is called kandidonositelstvo. In this case, the diagnosis can be established only on the basis of the results of microbiological studies. Reliable indication of the presence of yeast is the detection of small amounts of yeast-like fungi (their budding forms) and the lack of pseudomycelium. If a woman shows signs of the disease, then we can talk about the transition of yeast in symptomatic form. This occurs under the influence of a variety of adverse factors, both external and internal environment.

It is a mistake to think that the absence of symptoms does not require antifungal therapy. On the basis of a comprehensive study should be treated to prevent the negative effects or complications associated with fungal infection Fungal infection: to prevent and defeat  Fungal infection: to prevent and defeat
 . Pay particular attention should be attributed to the appointment of therapy in preparation for the intervention tool (diagnostic curettage Scraping - heavy and unsafe procedure  Scraping - heavy and unsafe procedure
 , Hysteroscopy Hysteroscopy - examination of the uterus inside  Hysteroscopy - examination of the uterus inside
 Surgical manipulation in the area of ​​the cervix), but also upon the occurrence of pregnancy.

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