Candidiasis genitals: possible severe complications

January 7, 2012

 Candida genitals thrush
 Candidiasis genitals called thrush because the mucous membranes of genitals of men and women appear white cheesy raids like crud. Thrush is not a serious illness, but it can spread to vital organs, causing serious complications.

 Candidiasis genitals: possible severe complications

Why can begin candidiasis of genitals

Cause of the disease - the yeast genus Candida, which live on the genital mucosa of most people. Under certain conditions they can enter the body and cause disease.

In women, this is often the reason for the suppression of the normal vaginal flora The microflora of the vagina: purity  The microflora of the vagina: purity
 Which creates an acidic environment in the vagina that prevents active reproduction of conditionally pathogenic. One reason for the suppression of the normal vaginal microflora is hormonal changes.

Under the influence of the female sex hormones estrogen normal microflora successfully propagated and blocks the reproduction of pathogenic microflora. If estrogen is released a little, it becomes less and beneficial bacteria, reducing the overall immunity. Less lactic acid is released, changing the acidity of the vagina and the conditions for the reproduction of fungi of the genus Candida are more comfortable than they immediately begin to use, that is, to reproduce, penetrating the mucous membrane and causing candidiasis. Immunity can also be reduced when taking certain drugs such as steroids (prednisone, dexamethasone Dexamethasone - one of the most effective glucocorticosteroids  Dexamethasone - one of the most effective glucocorticosteroids
   and others), some of the substances used in the treatment of cancer and so on. Immunosuppression of any origin can cause candidiasis of genitals.

Useful vaginal flora can be suppressed as antibiotics, especially when their uncontrolled use. The result is the same: the genus Candida fungi begin to multiply and cause disease.

Candidiasis infected genitals can be through sexual contact, but the disease will begin only in the event that a person has to do above predisposing factors.

 Candidiasis genitals: possible severe complications

As shown

The first manifestation of Candida genitals in women are burning and itching in the area. Genital mucosa reddens and swells. After a while, it appeared white cheesy raids, at first they look like white grains, which are easily separated from the mucous membrane, but quickly spread and become a white, sitting firmly on the mucous membrane of the film. If you make an effort and a tear film, then it may be a bleeding surface - erosion and ulcers. There may also appear allocation - first mucous, and then mucopurulent.

Men candidiasis may occur in the form of Candida ballanopostita - the defeat of the glans penis and foreskin. They as well as in women, there redness, swelling and curdled white plaque. All this is accompanied by burning, itching and even voiding.

 Candidiasis genitals: possible severe complications


In identifying the fungi of the genus Candida on the genitals it is important not their presence (they are almost all) and the number. To do this, scrapings from the genital organs examined under a microscope and detection of clusters of cells and fungi pseudomycelium confirm the diagnosis of candidiasis.

Wires and crop discharge from the genitals to the culture media to identify the pathogen and its sensitivity to various antifungal drugs.

In the blood can detect antibodies to the fungus genus Candida, but candidiasis of genitals, this study is not critical.

In addition, a full examination of the patient in order to ascertain the reasons for reducing his immunity.

 Candidiasis genitals: possible severe complications


Candidiasis genitals treated with antifungal drugs. Should be treated at the same time, both sexual partners, if this is not done, during sexual intercourse to happen reinfection. Very useful for the treatment of candidiasis, fluconazole, if the disease has not gone away, then one tablet is enough to get rid of him. With long flowing constantly recurrent candidiasis fluconazole administered once a month until a stable remission.

There antifungals for topical application in the form of vaginal suppositories, creams and solutions for irrigation. One of the most effective antifungal drugs for topical application is clotrimazole. Pregnant women with thrush usually appointed pimafutsin Pimafucin - help in difficult times  Pimafucin - help in difficult times
 Which is not absorbed in the body, acting only locally.

They are used as hip baths with 2% solution of soda, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, decoctions and infusions of herbs (eg, sage), lubricate the mucous membranes of aniline dyes, borax in glycerine Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair  Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair
   and so on.

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Candidiasis in women - whether it is necessary to rely on medication?

June 26, 2012

 candidiasis women
 Especially during the last decade increased role of infections caused by fungi. The most common pathogens are various fungi of the genus Candida. Candidiasis in women can occur not only as a separate disease, but is also accompanied by other diseases that are transmitted sexually.

 Candidiasis in women - whether it is necessary to rely on medication?

What distinguishes from other infections candidiasis

Candidiasis defeat genitals is considered to be frequent infection. To speak of reliable data on the incidence of candidiasis is difficult because a large percentage of women prefer self-medication and seek medical help. On average candidiasis is about thirty per cent of vaginal infections. This incidence is related primarily to the fact that the mushrooms are part of the normal composition of the vaginal microflora. Only with the creation of certain conditions they may begin to proliferate, causing the appearance of a woman has clinical signs of disease.

Clinically, candidiasis occurs in several variants. It can be acute, chronic process and the shape kandidonositelstvo. These forms differ in their flow. Most vividly thrush occurs as an acute process. They are characterized by the following complaints:

  • the appearance of heavy, thick, white secretions of the genital tract. In some cases, they may be filmy or flaky, cheesy. Such separation accompanied by the appearance of a specific sour smell, which is blurred character
  • characterized by intense itching join in the genital area outside. Itching is accompanied by burning, scratching. All this affects the state of the nervous system of women, it can cause neurosis Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock  Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock
 , Insomnia
  • skin and mucous genitals outside becomes edematous, with areas of redness. Often there are various rashes on the skin and mucous membranes, which require a differentiated approach in the diagnosis with other diseases, the clinical picture which may be present this kind of eruption
  • In acute infectious process may appear a complaint related to the difficulty of urination

Candidiasis flowing in the chronic form, characterized by the presence of more than erased symptoms. Complaints and clinical picture will be less intense. Chronic infection process can be characterized by a long passage, in connection with the existence of a fungal infection Fungal infection: to prevent and defeat  Fungal infection: to prevent and defeat
   on the skin are secondary. Often skin manifestations affect the perianal region and the hips.

Such clinical form as kandidonositelstvo, occurs without clinical symptoms and in the absence. The diagnosis can be established only on the basis of laboratory examination, particularly microbiological examination.

 Candidiasis in women - whether it is necessary to rely on medication?

What should be treated with candidiasis

Candidiasis in women requires a course of antifungal therapy is mandatory. Prior to her appointment as a woman should be advised to complete the survey, which includes bacteriological research with the establishment of disease susceptibility to antibacterial or antifungal drugs.

The treatment consists of local and general (or systemic) therapy with agents having antifungal properties. As a topical therapy used vaginal tablets, suppositories, ointments, lotions. They are combined, for example, suppositories and cream, which increases the effectiveness of therapy. Local treatment is prescribed in case of fungal infections of the skin and mucous membranes. Systemic exposure to provide drugs that are several triazole antifungal agents. Fluconazole, itraconazole should be included in the scheme of therapy. It is recommended to prescribe fluconazole Fluconazole - used with caution  Fluconazole - used with caution
   at a dose of 50 or 150 mg depending on the clinical disease. Dose 50mg requires a longer treatment.

It makes no sense to engage in the treatment of candidiasis, without the implementation of recommendations on hygiene, nutrition, lifestyle. It is necessary to review your diet and eliminate flour products, sweets, food that is rich in carbohydrates. Such food is excellent soil for the growth of fungal flora. We need to try to enrich the diet of fresh vegetables and fruits. The problem of candidiasis is closely linked with the state of immunity Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults
 . Thanks to the protective action of local factors, there is no enhanced growth of fungi that are part of the normal composition of the vaginal flora. Dosed physical activity and exercise, tempering should be encouraged in order to enhance the body's defenses and healing.

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