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January 3, 2012

  • Candidiasis: Treatment is not easy
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Treatment folk remedies

Candidiasis is now a very common disease because of frequent antibiotic treatment. However, this disease has always existed, and traditional medicine has a lot of prescriptions to treat it. For this purpose, used herbs containing natural antibacterial substances - volatile.

 Folk Remedies | Candida: the treatment is not easy

What is the most "afraid" of fungi of the genus Candida

The fungi of the genus Candida most "fear" of any disinfectants, including those of plant origin. For example, plants such as garlic, onions, eucalyptus, parsley Parsley Health and Beauty  Parsley Health and Beauty
   et al. comprise volatile - volatile organic compounds which have antibacterial and antifungal activity. Volatile contained in a number of herbs.

Another kind of fungi Candida «afraid» activate the body's defenses, which do not allow them to penetrate the mucosa and then into the bloodstream. Restorative effect have many plants, such as aloe. Finally, the ability to live yeast fungi are usually suppressed by the natural microflora that lives on the skin and mucous membranes of humans. The largest number of such microflora lives in the intestine where the beneficial micro-organisms, not only suppress the development of opportunistic, potentially harmful microorganisms (this applies fungi genus Candida), but also help to digest food, involved in the synthesis of certain vitamins and so on. Therefore, great importance is the recovery of the intestine, which can be carried out with the help of natural dairy products.

 Folk Remedies | Candida: the treatment is not easy

How to improve the intestine with the help of folk remedies

To get rid of the fungal infection, traditional medicine recommends that severely limit intake of sweet and rich foods and eat more of dairy products, it is best combined with garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea  Garlic health: almost a panacea
 . But dairy products do not have to be sweet - sweet on media fungus will grow even faster, but the acidic environment, and even in combination with the sweet smells of garlic necessarily kill him. With the purpose of improvement of the intestine can be every day at night to drink a cup of yogurt (yogurt, sour milk, acidophilus, etc.) with pounded and added to it zubochkom garlic.

Has antifungal properties of extracts of herbs such as chamomile, St. John's wort, yarrow, sage Sage - cvyaschennaya grass  Sage - cvyaschennaya grass
   and several others. It brews a broth usually at the rate tablespoon per cup of boiling water, leave for fifteen to twenty minutes, filter and take a medicinal tea several times a day.

Help and apple cider vinegar, you can add a teaspoon of tea three times a day and drink a tea unsweetened.

 Folk Remedies | Candida: the treatment is not easy

Treatment for thrush by means of folk remedies

Thrush is commonly referred to as fungi of the genus Candida lesions of the mucous membrane of the mouth and genitals. The most common prescription anti yeast are mouthwashes or hip baths with a 2% solution of soda (a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of boiled water). It was so treat thrush in infants, and if done regularly procedure after each feeding or vomiting, as well as to process such a solution mother's breast before feeding, the thrush in the child will pass quickly.

Adults can rinse the mouth with solutions of garlic (grated on a fine grater and squeezed clove of garlic in a glass of boiled water). Too concentrated solutions of garlic or onion to use is not recommended, as they will irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth and even exacerbate the disease, because through irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane of fungi to penetrate more easily.

Infusions of herbs that have antifungal activity can also be used as a rinse, and for sedentary baths, but their concentration must be twice as high (two tablespoons per cup of boiling water).

If thrush is very good broth oak bark. To do this, take four tablespoons of dry powdered oak bark, pour half a liter of cold water, boil for fifteen minutes, cool, strain and use mouthwash.

Infusion of sage, perfect for sitting baths for thrush genitals. To this end, ten tablespoons of sage pour a liter of boiled water, filtered and used to prepare baths.

 Folk Remedies | Candida: the treatment is not easy

How to boost immunity by means of folk remedies

To increase the body's defenses traditional folk medicine recommends taking aloe Aloe - its amazing healing properties  Aloe - its amazing healing properties
   honey (honey unlike sugar has antifungal activity). Take 150 grams of aloe leaves, cut off from their side spines, stretch your hands thoroughly, pour 300 g of liquid honey and heated to insist during the day. A day warm honey, strain and take a teaspoon of the mixture three times a day for half an hour before meals.

Good help and be fresh juices, but no more cups a day, once in the morning, half an hour before meals.

Traditional medicine has a lot of money to treat a variety of diseases, including fungal.

Galina Romanenko

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Mikrofollin: hormonal drug - Indications

October 5, 2013

  • Mikrofollin: hormonal drug
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 Mikrofollin - indications for use

In medicine, for a long time and successfully used hormones, synthetically produced. The exception is not, and the drug "mikrofollin." The spectrum of its action is not limited to gynecological diseases, mikrofollin use and some men's problems.

What is mikrofollin

Active ingredient mikrofollin is ethinyl estradiol (a synthetic analog of estrogen - the female sex hormones). Additional substances included in the composition mikrofollin are: talc, corn starch, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, gelatin and lactose monohydrate. Available drug in tablets, capsules and pills, with a dosage of 0, 05 mg.

Ethinyl estradiol is found in many contraceptive pills (Marvelon, Logest, Silest and others).

pharmachologic effect

The main effect of the drug - estrogenic. Grappling with disorders related to the lack of natural estrogen in women causes endometrial proliferation and epithelization of the vagina, uterus and causes the development of female secondary sexual characteristics in their underdevelopment. Mikrofollin increases the sensitivity of the uterus to oxytocin, inhibits the action of androgens, increases calcium absorption, neutralizes the increased activity of the sebaceous glands and has a cholesterol-lowering effect.

Indications mikrofollin

Indications mikrofollin consist of its pharmacological actions:

  • amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea;
  • Excessive and frequent menstruation;
  • metrorrhagia (irregular and heavy bleeding);
  • with contraceptive purpose (as part of the contraceptive pill);
  • to stop lactation;
  • acne vulgaris;
  • pronounced climacteric syndrome;
  • prostate cancer (inhibition of androgen action);
  • sexual infantilism;
  • vaginitis (before menarche in girls and postmenopausal women).


Dose physician selected individually depending on the nature of the disease and treatment. In adults with amenorrhea and oligomenorrhea Oligomenorrhea - too short menstruation  Oligomenorrhea - too short menstruation
   dose is 0, 02-0, 1 mg per day for 20 days. Then within 5 days appointed by progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology  Progesterone - norm and pathology
   intramuscular injection of 5 mg. Dysmenorrhea treated with 4-5-th day of the menstrual cycle The days of the menstrual cycle: Four phases  The days of the menstrual cycle: Four phases
   at 0, 01-0, 03 mg daily for 20 days. Mikrofollin dosage regimen for the termination of lactation: the first 3 days at 0, 02 mg three times a day, then three days 0, 01 mg three times a day for the next three days 0, 01 mg. To combat acne vulgaris using 0, 03-0, 06 mg per day. In prostate cancer dose increases to 0, 05- 0, 1 mg per day with gradual decrease to its support - 0 05 mg per day. Menopausal syndrome treated mikrofollin 0 at a dosage of 05 mg daily.

Efficacy reduce: anticonvulsant, phenobarbital, a number of antibiotics (tetracycline, ampicillin, rifampicin). Mikrofollin enhances the action of folic acid Folic acid - the value is hard to overestimate  Folic acid - the value is hard to overestimate
   and thyroid medications. In turn, the drug can reduce the effect of diuretics, antihypertensive agents and anticoagulants.

Anna Sozinova

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