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October 31, 2013

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 bacterial meningitis

Bacterial meningitis and septicemia

Bacterial meningitis - a rare, but very serious disease, which in most cases is caused by bacteria species neisseria meningitides (meningococcus). In rare cases, bacterial meningitis can cause pneumococcus (streptococcus pneumoniae), Haemophilus influenzae (haemophilus influenzae), Escherichia coli (escherichia coli). Most vulnerable to bacterial meningitis children under five years of age and adolescents.

Viral meningitis - a much more common form of meningitis, which is a complication of a variety of viral diseases. Typically, viral meningitis Viral meningitis - not uncommon  Viral meningitis - not uncommon
   much less dangerous to humans than bacterial meningitis. Viral meningitis can develop on the background of mumps, chickenpox Chickenpox: painful, but not dangerous  Chickenpox: painful, but not dangerous
 , Viral influenza, herpes.

Neisseria meningitidis (meningococcus) - a common type of bacteria present in the nose and throat of many people (an average of one out of four). Outside the human body, these bacteria can not exist, and from person to person are transmitted by airborne droplets or liquid exchange. In those rare cases where the immune system can not cope with the task of suppressing the activity of meningococcal bacteria enter the bloodstream, causing meningitis (often with concurrent blood poisoning, septicemia). Bacterial meningitis caused by meningococcal - serious, but not a contagious disease, the risk of infection is very low so meningitis.

In most cases, especially in children, the development of meningitis is not accompanied by specific symptoms early on - often the first signs of the disease are fatigue, fever, a general feeling of malaise. The characteristic symptom of meningococcal disease - a red or purple rash that appears on some parts of the body.


Treatment of bacterial meningitis

Upon confirmation of the diagnosis requires urgent treatment of bacterial meningitis injections of antibiotics. To determine the species of bacteria that triggered meningitis, blood tests are usually performed puncture and fluid from the spinal cord (lumbar puncture). Depending on the results of such analyzes are determined drugs needed for the treatment.

In some cases, the treatment of bacterial meningitis involves a course of injections of steroids. Steroids suppress the inflammatory process, often accompanied by the development of meningitis.

Studies show that steroids in the treatment of meningitis Treatment of meningitis - the need to provide urgent assistance  Treatment of meningitis - the need to provide urgent assistance
   reduce the risk of complications - such as hearing problems in the future.

If the exact cause of the symptoms of meningitis identified and found that meningitis is caused by a virus, antibiotics to treat the disease are not assigned - these drugs are useless against viral infections. Typically, the human immune system for several days or weeks independently copes with a problem of suppression of viruses.


Possible complications

Although bacterial meningitis is considered a very dangerous disease that can cause a variety of complications, the prognosis depends on the efficiency of treatment. Megingit If detected at an early stage and treatment starts immediately, the risk of complications is less. Inadequate treatment can be fatal in most cases. A particular problem is that bacterial meningitis and septicemia often accompanied by his developing very rapidly, and symptoms of the disease at an early stage is very Lego confused with symptoms of other diseases. In some cases, the disease develops so quickly that in the morning the man was completely healthy, by mid-day notice symptoms similar to flu symptoms, and the evening's disease worsened so much that needed urgent medical care.

Some of the most common potential complications of bacterial meningitis include:

  • Hearing loss - the most common complication of meningitis. In many instances, after treatment, a check hearing.
  • Problems with perception and digestion with information. Children who have had bacterial meningitis Bacterial meningitis - the reasons for the spread of infection  Bacterial meningitis - the reasons for the spread of infection
 , There may be problems in school.
  • Epilepsy. In rare cases, the brain against damage caused by bacterial meningitis, epilepsy develops.
  • Violation of the kidney. In very rare cases, septicemia (blood poisoning) against meningitis can lead to kidney dysfunction.
  • Problems with the joints or bones. Septicaemia accompanying bacterial meningitis can cause damage to connective tissue.

In viral meningitis, which is considered a disease quite unpleasant, but not dangerous, no serious complications. In rare cases, viral meningitis occur after minor brain damage.

Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges - Forum

October 31, 2013

  • Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges
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All the reason why here and why, and how to treat. And you need to think about the main thing why some people get sick and others do not, though, and fed pigeons on the street. And the thing with you our immunity in the body's ability to kill germs and bacteria that get into our bodies. I, for example, for 5 years never hurt colds, because I am a healthy oboraz life: running, swimming, eating right, and not obzhiralovka.
Zoya Chabretsova should not beat his chest that you are not sick and do not get sick. I know cases where strong and hardy people, leading a healthy lifestyle, suddenly dumped from some disease. Our organism is unpredictable, one should not think that if all abide by, the match will never be. This phenomenon is difficult to explain, but the disease anyway.
Totally agree with Maxim! No SAG *** IAOD from infection, even those who lead a healthy lifestyle and not enough cold from the slightest draft. After contact with sick can happen anywhere, and on the street and in stores, and even at the gym! So do not be so extol themselves and blame other people irresponsibility, they say do not wash their hands and touch pigeons.
Ella, thank you for your support! Just me personally, these people are alarming. Those who talks a lot, does little. Where is the guarantee that tomorrow will not meet the sick person in public transport and sneeze in your face or you take for the holder where he was? We all can get sick, it is difficult to accept this, but it is. It hurts just sometimes suffer from very good people who do really unworthy.
Terrible disease, excruciating pain. For some time I thought meningitis - complication of colds. But hit once with intestinal infection in the hospital, I learned that meningitis is transmitted by airborne droplets, but more often, the distributor of the disease (and many others) are the usual pigeons. Since then, my daughter and I were not allowed close to the pigeons in the park.
I live in a five-storey building, in the attic we live pigeons. Now there are so many divorced, they also cause me concern. The fact that they are in fact there and die and nobody cleans. Just a burial ground - and then a hotbed of infection. After reading your comment, it becomes more negative towards them. I would probably organize tenants to make housing office to bring order to the attic and to protect themselves and residents from all sorts of diseases.
Of course, I could be wrong, but it seems now quite rarely diagnosed with this disease. But pediatricians (especially mine) fans scare when a child's illness common viral infection with all sorts of complications. In any case, vigilance has not been canceled. But it is simple enough to lead a healthy lifestyle, periodically examined by doctors and then the probability of contracting will be minimal.
Elina, and our pediatrician loves to intimidate the consequences of refusing vaccinations. And even if the mother agrees to the vaccine, and understands the need for her to do, she still says what terrible consequences might be if she refused. She's like a broken record constantly the same toldychit. I tell her that I agree to everything, and it is again!
Elina, yes, is now rare disease. But in our last year there was an outbreak it in Tartu, Estonia. In a period of about 10 ill children. I did not hear that someone is dead, thank God. Well, the doctors diagnosed it immediately and have also been at the ready to accept such patients. But what is transmitted by airborne droplets just scares me. Do not know what to fear ...
Read the material and it was scary and terribly uncomfortable, would rather have our medicine invented drugs that could be adopted on an outpatient basis and a pair of pill recover from all these diseases. I had no idea that there are so many originators of this malaise. Why not get rid of all these pathogens, so they do not bother people.
Irina, I can understand your condition. Diseases of the brain - this is a special group of diseases, which plunges people into shock from the mere mention. One tablet, certainly not vylechishsya, but there are many new antibiotics are very effective in this disease and even mortality decreased significantly, especially if the disease is not running.
Irina, yes, our medicine it will not be soon. The problem is not only in the fact that drugs are not cheap, but in the fact that this disease is, fortunately, is not as common. I believe that if you look after your health, then this disease does not threaten you. Of course all the time is difficult to be on the alert, but there's everyone decides for himself: what is more important than the health of you or carefree life.
That statement read, and I think that I have nothing at all do not know about this disease. Maybe the best. But life did not meet the patients with this diagnosis. On television, you look, there the flash, there is almost an epidemic. But this is a dangerous disease. Even bathing in the sea, you can get sick, because viruses and bacteria, oddly enough, to penetrate into the brain through the ears for the most part.
Svetlana, as you godochkov and what education do you have to say such a thing? If you are a schoolgirl 10 years, then it is excusable to you. But if you're over 20, you will forgive me, you generally can not be displayed on lyudi.Potomu that your brain seems to have infiltrated viruses and bacteria, and it is completely devoured. How can you bear such nonsense? Go read the books better than to sit here.
Svetlana, you knew nothing at all, and so on do not know, it becomes clear when you read the ending of your comment where you opened a new way of disease transmission through the ears of the sea. Such nonsense I have not heard, you know how many people go to the sea and swim there, she ever been there? The sea is the other way around is good for health and the doctors do recommend to go for it.
Oh, girl, you make me ashamed, right, I already flushed. Perhaps they need to get sick, it is desirable in all forms at once, to see how you're right. It is good that we have a fully competent people. If anything, I will refer only to you. No, I am not in the sea swim godochkov me a little more, I think, have time to experience this bliss. I hope that my ears do not climb.
Is the disease still exists, if I am not mistaken, that it was over many years ago, the last outbreak was eradicated in Africa. Then there were destroyed malarial mosquitoes that transmit the disease. It is strange that people started to get sick again, probably somewhere to stay sick people, and over time they have spread over this stuff. I believe that anyone could be a carrier, then there is confidence that the infection, but he is healthy.
Inga unfortunately does exist. We have in the past year, the girl fell ill on the course. It was not six months. As far as I know from her friends, she lay in a coma for a long time, doctors did not know if she will ever out of it. This is a girl of 21 years. Where she picked up the disease, I do not know. I do not dare ask. Not convenient once was when she got sick, and then I somehow did not think.
Inga, you are confused, a peddler of this infection are not malarial mosquitoes and rodents, that is, normal mice, they can be a source of the infection, which is called differently even rat fever. Very often the disease are fatal, I know, because I watched a few programs, saying that outbreaks occur almost every year.
Nastya, you and Inga greatly confused and talk about something other diseases peddler is not no anopheles mosquito and especially the mouse. The first are the source of malaria, hemorrhagic second (not to be confused with hemorrhoids) or so-called mouse fever. At your age it's time to know or at least have a superficial understanding of these things, not to look silly.
My friend has recently been ill with meningitis daughter. Onset of the disease as well as the flu: high fever, intoxication. Fortunately, the girl quickly and correctly diagnosed and hospitalized in an infectious diseases hospital. The treatment was long, improvement occurred very slowly. After discharge, a long time to keep the headaches, we are very worried about the consequences. But, fortunately, there were no complications, the girl has a good academic year, feels fine. So it is not necessarily that any mental problems after meningitis.
Elvira, the right light. It is not known what then can come back to haunt illness. Brain - this is a delicate mechanism, no matter how trite it sounds. So the year - it does not figure. It is necessary to constantly monitor her health. But, of course, do not be afraid to voice the girl and the possible problems, and then by self-hypnosis are worse things happen than the real complications.
Elvira, you have described happens, but rarely, I knew a guy who had been ill as a child and grew up healthy, too, he was even much healthier than their peers. But most had been ill suffer health problems, including those related to the psyche. Here much depends on how early to start treatment and how much was a professional doctor.
The disease is not rare but it would heal take a long time and not just my brother was sick miningitom we could not understand what kind of disease is not addressed to the doctor, that we and put such a diagnosis at first we thought that this is a form of influenza but after a visit to the doctor all at once it became clear we had just a month after finally managed to recover, because this process is not fast and requires a lot of effort.
I remember one occasion when my school friend's brother is 8 years suffered the disease. It was terrible, thought that he would not survive. But it is clear the child's body was strong and resisted the infection. Then brother escaped, as they say, with slight shock, but he had to lie in a hospital about a month. But at 18, he became ill again this infection, meningitis occurred coma and he never regained consciousness, died. When reminded of this story, I have goosebumps.
What temperature is meningitis? How it is possible on this basis to suspect that it was he. The disease is serious and the earlier it suspected the better. Do not take the symptoms for something else? Now these doctors went to that horror, all you need to know and control all the time. How many have been cases when treated by one, and in a totally different person.
The differential diagnosis of meningitis is put not only on symptoms. The doctor is required to appoint a bacteriological analysis, which will help identify whether there is in the material microorganisms - pathogens. And yet, somewhere read, there are even tests that will determine the appropriate antibiotic for each patient. So do not be so worry, it's not prokontroliruesh.
In fact, a terrible disease, especially if it is to catch far away from civilization, as it was with my buddy. We went camping for two weeks, and he had a cold, and then fell ill. With us was a medical nurse and quickly recognized the disease. We were immediately interested in the ways of transmission of meningitis, because no one wanted to catch. Fortunately, we were able to come back pretty quickly, and our friend was all good, and we are not infected.
Read a lot about this disease, meningitis reviews about not encouraging, serious illness and its consequences can be very negative. I know one guy who as a child after a swim left uncovered outside in cold weather, and a few hours there playing catch-up. In his case, a strong body able to overcome the disease without consequences, and when he grew up there and was completely healthy.
Yasmina, unfortunately, these days it is not uncommon. Children and adolescents are now increasingly like to flaunt hatless in the cold. And few people of the children think about the consequences of such antics. I believe that it is on the shoulders of the parents must go to the duty to tell the child that this disease, which is meningitis, its causes and consequences. I think it will help reduce the incidence in children.
Medicine and meningitis are constantly in combat, and although the first is constantly evolving and improved fully overcome the disease can not yet. Too serious and dangerous it is as amazing human brain, which is not now and not in the future will not be transplanted. Just yesterday, read about the transplant patient skull Dutch doctors from Germany, the prosthesis is made of a special plastic. But with such brains will not work, they should be protected.
For several months now feel bad. Autumn walk the dog in the woods, and I was bitten by a tick. I know that they carry encephalitis, but suddenly some other diseases ... How could I get meningitis in our time? Worried because it was rash for a long time, and even the temperature is kept constant, low, but all the time I sweat, very unpleasant. And the weakness, no strength, if something has to lift heavy, then sweating. The doctor says that a low immune system.
Meningitis and pneumonia - two terrible disease. Me these words shudder. Always a cold fear of serious consequences. God forbid, grab them, you can say goodbye to life. A daughter is not to get it. I'm tired already to watch over her, his head will wash, dry hair dryer and went. No arrangements have no effect on it. According to the youth does not understand what it can bring.
Elena Pavlovna, if you compare these two diseases, the pneumonia - it's just the beginning. If the time to treat the consequences of any and deaths is much smaller than the first disease. But the prognosis of meningitis is much more pitiable. I know, because faced with that and with another: a friend's brother died of meningococcal disease, and pneumonia had been ill with a 3 years old my son. Still, you're right, you need to beware.
All that is written here about the disease and its symptoms is quite the place to be, but I am still confident that we can not and supercool, otherwise you can get sick, too. History meningitis illness lasts a long time and we were taught in his time be sure to wear a hat in order not to get sick. I am firmly committed to this principle and make my grandchildren (and children and earlier, when they were small) to wear a hat and take off prematurely.
And I hold the same opinion, Irina! Knowing how to develop meningitis, and all of its symptoms and manifestations can not in any case allow children to supercool! After all, the infection is weakened body clings more. Won girls write that cold and fear of complications - and all because the mothers do not look after their clothes and running in a short coat but without caps!
Well, the fact that this disease is contagious, we understand! Now I am more interested in what happens to the brain with meningitis and the threatening consequences? Is there a chance to fully recover and feel the echoes of the disease in the future? Still, I have a small child and I will try in every way to avoid any contact with the sick and in general do everything possible to meningitis have not touched.
If you have a small child, Evdokia, then you really need to first of all avoid possible contact with patients. Especially in the children's clinic, when you come to the reception to a pediatrician is better to clarify that there are no cases in the area. And if quarantined meningitis, then sit at home and not go to the health facilities, and call your doctor at home. Well, the standard hygiene procedures do not forget!
About this insidious disease, I know firsthand. Rather well - she personally did not see, but my grandmother had the disease after suffering horrific consequences. Treated for colds, sore throat - symptoms of the disease meningitis are similar to many diseases. In general, the grandmother has become worse memory vision, eventually developed Parkinson's disease in relatively young age. She stopped going when his father was only 12 years old.
It's just awful what you told Marina! I do not even know what the consequences of meningitis could have thought that he was treated like a normal illness and all this ... Just now I am very afraid to mix cold with something else, but as can be determined accurately, probably only by means analyzes? After all, I do not want to stay disabled at a young age or risk the health of the child.
The disease is very insidious. I think that our need to educate mothers about the causes of meningitis and other childhood diseases. My friend's son became disabled because treat the common cold, and actually missed a serious complication, we kept at home. As a result, the boy was deaf and hardly speaks, and that you do not know who is to blame parents or doctors. Who are overlooked?
The consequences of meningitis of the brain can be quite disastrous. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of health in advance. Always dress appropriately weather, do not build from a mod. But the young do not like when they warn about the threat. Do not want to wear hats even in the winter cold. They do not believe that they can pick up such a terrible disease.
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