Cortexin tablets: there are only injections

October 5, 2011

 Cortexin tablets
 Cortexin - an effective drug that is prepared from the cerebral cortex of cattle. It is good for the brain blood circulation and metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   in brain cells. However, this drug is not available in tablets - it is produced in powder form which is diluted and used for injection.

 Cortexin tablets: there are only injections

How "works" cortexin

Cortexin - a drug, which is prepared from the cerebral cortex of cattle and swine. It has a direct impact on the brain, wholly or partially restores the memory, improves the ability to learn, intelligence and other functions of the cerebral cortex.

The drug is almost no side effects and no contraindications, but its drawback is the release form - it is available only for injection. This makes the use of problematic cortexin children in repeated courses. Cortexin available in vials and ampoules, which contains an extract of the dried product in a special way. Bottles for adults contain 10 mg of active ingredient, for children - 5 mg.

Cortexin has a very rich set of biologically active substances, which penetrate into the central nervous system and actively affect the brain cells (neurons). The drug improves metabolism in neurons and intercellular spaces, as well as the interaction between them. As a result, the intercellular space of neurons and formed normal ratio of excitatory and inhibitory amino acids, and substances with which to neuron to transmit nerve impulses. This leads to a total improvement of the activity of the brain, seizure reduction, reduction of production of free radicals and their toxic effects on the neurons.

Cortexin has neuroprotective, nootropic, antioxidant, metabolic processes. First, it protects the brain cells from the negative effects of various factors (neuroprotective), including toxic substances. At the same time it protects neurons and from free radicals (antioxidant effect), which is very important in various diseases of the nervous system Diseases of the nervous system - the basic classification  Diseases of the nervous system - the basic classification
 As it reduces the risk of neuronal cell death in the conditions of oxygen deficiency. Close to these actions and nootropic effect of the drug, which reduces the need for oxygen and neurons uluchaet in their metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things

As a result, after a course of treatment cortexin improves the thinking and intellectual activity of the brain, the memory, the ability for a long time to hold the attention on some object or process. In addition, the increased resistance to the neuro-mental overload and stress, and after such impacts the body recovers faster.

 Cortexin tablets: there are only injections

To appoint cortexin

Cortexin prescribed for the treatment of various diseases and conditions of the brain in adults and children. It cerebrovascular accidents of various origins, such as strokes. Cortexin allows you to minimize the damaging effects of stroke and quickly recover after the main functions of the brain.

When organic brain lesions arising after injuries and diseases in the field, can also disrupt blood flow and metabolism in neurons - cortexin help eliminate some of these symptoms.

When perinatal brain lesions in children that occur during childbirth and the perinatal period cortexin use reduces the risk of severe incurable changes in children. Children of preschool age it is applied at a delay of mental development. In school-age children with disorders of learning and memory disorders cortexin improves learning, memory and concentration.

Apply cortexin and chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases of the brain (encephalitis and encephalomyelitis). It stimulates the metabolism in neurons and increases the chances of the patient in the fight against major diseases.

The positive impact cortexin epilepsy and convulsions of any other origin: improving the relationship between the processes of excitation and inhibition in the brain and reduces the risk of personality changes.

Assign cortexin when after severe infections, poisoning, exacerbation of chronic diseases, with an overall weakening of the body, as well as violations of the autonomic nervous system (which supplies the organs and blood vessels) - in all these cases, the normalization of metabolic processes in the brain contributes to the improvement of patients.

Cortexin well tolerated by both adults and children. Contraindications for his appointment are only pregnancy, breast- Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
   feeding (clinical trials in these patients have not been conducted) and hypersensitivity to the drug.

Galina Romanenko

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Radicular syndrome: the main thing - to find the cause

July 26, 2009

 Radicular syndrome
   Radicular syndrome - a number of symptoms that occur during compression of the spinal nerve (root) at the point where they extend from the spinal cord. This syndrome is a symptom of many diseases, so that only a doctor can properly diagnose and prescribe the necessary treatment.

 Radicular syndrome: the main thing - to find the cause

Causes of radicular syndrome

Damage to the spinal roots can cause conditions such as:

  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Lumbar hernia;
  • Birth defects of the structure of the spine;
  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Constant overload of the spine;
  • Spondylarthrosis;
  • Vertebral fractures in osteoporosis;
  • Tumors scarring and injuries;
  • Changes in hormonal status;
  • Infectious damaged vertebrae (such as tuberculosis or osteomyelitis);
  • Hypothermia.

Generally radicular syndrome after exposure to these reasons, there is not immediate. First develop changes in the intervertebral discs, which lead to the formation of a hernia. End the displacement compresses the spinal root, resulting in impeded outflow of venous blood from him, and this leads to the development of non-infectious inflammation. Around the nerve and surrounding tissue adhesions are formed.

 Radicular syndrome: the main thing - to find the cause


Pain along the affected nerve - the first sign of radicular syndrome. If there is compression of the nerve fibers in the cervical spine, the pain in the chest and arms. The process, which affects the thoracic spinal column, accompanied by pain in the back, in the heart or the stomach. When the roots are damaged in the lumbar region, the pain occur in the lumbar region, buttocks and lower extremities.

Some pain is raking in nature, and depending on which nerve is struck, it gives to certain areas of the body. Pain may occur in the form of attacks, but there is also constant. It is enhanced by coughing, sneezing, careless movement of human and weight lifting. Emotional stress, a significant exercise or hypothermia can provoke pain.

Another characteristic feature of the radicular syndrome - a violation of the sensitivity in the area of ​​the body, which are innervated by the damaged spine. In order to identify this symptom, the doctor pricks a needle balanced skin of the patient. The patient usually notes a significant reduction in sensitivity on the affected side as compared to the same health area.

Traffic violations - another symptom of the defeat of the spinal nerves. The muscles that are innervated choked spine, gradually weaken and atrophy.

 Radicular syndrome: the main thing - to find the cause


Before treatment is necessary to determine the cause of compression of the spinal nerve. Investigation of violations of sensitivity and movement help determine at what happened vertebrae damage. For example, if the spine is compressed at the level of the fifth lumbar vertebra that occurs lumbalgia (pain), which gives on the outside of the thigh and lower leg to the second, third and fourth toes. This symptom is called a lumbar ischialgia.

If nerve damage has arisen as a result of infectious diseases, it may be accompanied by fever and a rise in temperature of the skin located above involved in the pathological process of spine. When tumors patients usually say wanton significant weight loss in a short period of time. Compression fractures of the spine occur most often in people over fifty years old, and in those patients who regularly take glucocorticoid hormones (such as prednisone).

The main instrumental method for diagnosing radicular syndrome - X-ray of the spine. This research is performed in two projections: the direct and oblique. But the most informative method for the detection of diseases of the spine is a magnetic resonance imaging. It is carried out in those cases where it is impossible to determine the cause compression in other ways.

 Radicular syndrome: the main thing - to find the cause


Treatment of radicular syndrome is appointed only after the cause that provoked it. Patients should comply with strict bed rest, and they should be based on a solid surface.

Drugs that are prescribed to patients:

  • Analgesics: baralgin and ketorol. These funds, which eliminate or reduce the severity of pain.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) diclofenac, Nurofen, movalis Movalis - relieve symptoms of inflammation  Movalis - relieve symptoms of inflammation
 . These preparations not only reduce inflammation in injured nerves, and exert an analgesic effect. NSAIDs for prolonged use causes a number of side effects: loss of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum with the formation of ulcers and the occurrence of bleeding, increased skin sensitivity to sunlight (photodermatitis), a decrease of blood flow in the vessels of the kidneys. These tools also exist in the form of ointments and gels (e.g. ketonal, Fastum) for outdoor use. This method of application allows to reduce the adverse effects described.
  • Funds that have a local anesthetic and irritant effect: finalgon ointment, Kapsikam, nikofleks.
  • Muscle relaxants - drugs that eliminate muscle spasm. These include Mydocalmum Mydocalm: drug from muscle spasms  Mydocalm: drug from muscle spasms
   and sirdalud. But they need to be applied strictly only on prescription, otherwise you can hurt yourself.
  • B vitamins B, which improves metabolism in nervous tissue.
  • Chondroprotectors - drugs that stimulate the processes of recovery and slow down the destruction of the cartilage in the intervertebral joints. Chondroxide and terafleks Teraflex - regulates the metabolism of the cartilage  Teraflex - regulates the metabolism of the cartilage
   - Representatives of this group of medicines.

When radicular syndrome also appointed non-pharmacological treatment. It includes gymnastics, massage, reflexology Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies  Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies
   and physical therapy (e.g., electrophoresis). But such methods are contraindicated in the treatment of tumors. In some diseases will require surgery (for example, tumors and hernias of intervertebral discs).

Prevention of radicular syndrome should be aimed at normalizing weight and reducing the load on the spine, strengthen the back muscles with the help of physical therapy and massage.

Alexander Chernov