Glycine - improves metabolic processes in the brain

April 21, 2011

  • Glycine - improves metabolic processes in the brain
  • The mechanism of action of glycine

 Glycine - is one of the simplest and most important amino acids in the human body. It is necessary to carry out various functions, including the synthesis of nucleic acids and other amino acids, and growth hormone Growth Hormone - Medicine will grow  Growth Hormone - Medicine will grow

In periods of intensive growth of a person needs a lot especially glycine. Some researchers suggest that glycine increases physical strength and endurance. That's why supplements with glycine is often used by professional athletes.

 Glycine - improves metabolic processes in the brain


Glycine is recommended to take at a reduced capacity, including mental. It improves the condition of people experiencing stressful situations - such as divorce proceedings, work on very important projects, exams, and so on. For the treatment of sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   Glycine is recommended to take 20 minutes before the patient goes to bed (the exact dose must be prescribed by a doctor).

 Glycine - improves metabolic processes in the brain


The excess of glycine in the body can cause fatigue, but in normal amounts it has the opposite effect. Scientists believe that glycine causes a surge of strength and stamina, because he is one of the few amino acids that are able to optimize the utilization of sugar in the body.

Moreover, it is a sweet substance (glycine derives its name from the Greek word for sweet) is used as a sweetener in foods that slow down the destruction of muscle tissue, supplying its cells with creatine. Due to this effect of glycine it is potentially useful in the treatment of muscular dystrophy.

In addition, glycine acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, providing a soothing effect on the brain. Glycine is necessary for normal functioning of the central nervous system; its use in the treatment of bipolar disorder, hyperactivity disorder and epilepsy.

 Glycine - improves metabolic processes in the brain

Research glycine

A large number of glycine found in the skin and connective tissue, which makes it necessary for wound healing. It is also used for various digestive problems, stomach discomfort and eliminate toxins from the body. Because many glycine contained in the prostate, this substance is useful in the treatment of many diseases of the prostate. It is proved that glycine combined with alanine and glutamic acid significantly reduces swelling and inflammation in the prostate.

During clinical trials of glycine used for the treatment of patients with schizophrenia. 22 patients, which did not work the traditional methods of treatment, given glycine, while continuing to give them, and antipsychotics. After a while there was a significant improvement in symptoms. A daily dose of glycine was varied from 40 to 90 grams (based prescribed dose of 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight). Research in this area is ongoing and glycine is used for the treatment of schizophrenia only through experiments.

Research glycine acts as a means to treat cancer Cancer Treatment - difficult, but necessary  Cancer Treatment - difficult, but necessary
   also it has shown promising results. Glycine prevented the growth of tumors in laboratory mice by inhibiting angiogenesis - the process by which tumor blood supply itself provides.

Today glycine produced in the form of capsules, powders and solutions. In addition, its sources are protein foods - meat, fish, legumes, milk and cheese.

Nutritional supplements with glycine was generally well tolerated, but some patients after receiving complaints of indigestion. People with kidney and liver should not take glycine without first consulting your doctor. In addition, pregnant women and those who are soon planning to become pregnant, should not take glycine, without consulting a doctor.

The only known side effect of glycine is an allergic reaction that is relatively rare. In case of overdose can appear symptoms such as nausea and dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet  Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet

Atarax - description of the drug to relieve anxiety and fears

October 7th, 2012

 Atarax product description
 Atarax - a group of anxiolytic drug, which is prescribed for the treatment of neuroses (including developed on the background of various long flowing disease), chronic allergic diseases, alcoholism. It is well tolerated, has few side effects and contraindications.

 Atarax - description of the drug to relieve anxiety and fears


Atarax (hydroxyzine) is a piperazine derivative - the drug, which is used as a sedative, causing paralysis of the muscles at the worms. Atarax also has a relaxing effect on the muscles of man. Relaxation of skeletal muscles cause some weakness and relaxation of smooth (it is in the internal organs and blood vessel walls) leads to the removal of spasms. This property atarax widely used for the treatment of diseases of internal organs (stomach, intestine, biliary and urinary tracts), which are accompanied by painful cramps. Atarax also possesses antiemetic properties.

But the main action atarax aimed at restoring the normal state of the central nervous system. It is used for the treatment of neuroses, which are accompanied by emotional instability, irritability Irritability - you try to control my temper  Irritability - you try to control my temper
 , Anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
 , Anxiety, sleep disorders. Often neurotic states develop against any long flowing chronic processes. The introduction of comprehensive treatment atarax significantly relieves these patients. Atarax has a positive effect on higher nervous activity: improves memory and attention.

Atarax also has antihistaminic properties, it blocks the transmission of histamine (the main active substance of allergic reactions) for sensitivity to receptor (H1 receptor), causing an allergic reaction or does not start at all or is considerably easier and faster. This feature combined with the sedative and anxiolytic effect made Atarax Atarax - to relieve feelings of anxiety  Atarax - to relieve feelings of anxiety
   the drug of choice in the treatment of various allergic diseases. It is especially effective for skin allergic processes, as well relieves itching.

Produced Atarax tablets of 25 mg, in the form of a syrup for oral administration and a solution for intramuscular injection. If ingestion of tablets or syrup active substance is rapidly absorbed into the blood and begins to act within fifteen to thirty minutes. The maximum effect is reached within two hours after administration. Atarax penetrates the brain tissue, the placenta to the fetus and breast milk. Excreted through the kidneys after decomposition metabolites in the liver. One of the metabolites atarax - tsiterizin has pronounced antihistamine properties.

 Atarax - description of the drug to relieve anxiety and fears


The main indication for the use Atarax is a functional disorder of the nervous system - neurosis. He is well removes symptoms of neurosis as irritability, tearfulness, aggression, anxiety, inner tension, anxiety, restores normal sleep. Significantly reduce fears - one of the most persistent and difficult to correct the symptoms of neurosis. Atarax is not addictive, so it can be used long courses, up to a month. In some cases, the duration of treatment is extended even further.

Atarax is used in the treatment of patients with organic brain diseases (for example, after a traumatic brain injury) and chronic alcoholism. It takes a good characteristic for these patients, irritability and aggressiveness. This drug is a part of complex treatment of patients with alcoholism in the state of hangover. Removal of anxiety and emotional stress in this case is to prevent the development of such patients alcoholic psychosis (delirium tremens).

Atarax is used to treat chronic long flowing diseases of various organs and systems, which are accompanied by neurotic disorders. Particularly it is effective when the disease is accompanied by spasms of smooth muscle - a chronic gastritis, cholecystitis. Removal spasm and leads to a reduction in pain. In chronic allergic diseases Atarax relieves itching and reduces the duration and severity of bronchospasm, soothing.

 Atarax - description of the drug to relieve anxiety and fears

Contraindications and side effects

Contraindications atarax are pregnant, breast-feeding Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
   breast, voiding, and constipation (smooth muscle relaxation may lead to their strengthening), prostate enlargement, increased intraocular pressure, porphyria (a type of metabolic disorders).

Side effects atarax mainly related to the relaxation of smooth muscles - urinary retention, constipation, lower blood pressure (headache, dizziness), sometimes - dry mouth. CNS depression leads to lethargy, drowsiness. Sometimes there are nausea, transient abnormal liver function, and allergic reactions.

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