Adenoids in children - Treatment: Think about surgery

October 3, 2011

 adenoids of children
 What are adenoids, many parents know firsthand: the slightest cold and the nose of the child stops breathing for a long time. If large adenoids, and the sharpening is they do not allow a child to breathe. Many believe that the adenoids should be removed as soon as possible. Should we do it?

 Adenoids in children - Treatment: Think about surgery

Or adenoids adenoids?

Adenoids - a growth of nasopharyngeal tonsils, which is normally always present in children and only after twelve years begins to atrophy. Adenoids (as well as the tonsils) are made up of lymphoid tissue, whose main function - to protect the body from invading bacteria and viruses. If a child is often sick colds, the nasopharyngeal tonsil lymphoid tissue grows - it is a natural response to infection. But over time the infection starts to cause inflammation and of the nasopharyngeal tonsils, a condition called adenoiditis.

To adenoids not grow further, there is only one sure remedy: do not get sick with colds. Adenoids can not cure, they can be reduced in size only with age or after surgery. But to prevent and treat adenoids can and should be, because the more the child is sick, the more it grows adenoids, and nasal breathing is disturbed.

So it may be worth to remove the adenoids as soon as they get there? It is proved that for children it is not a way out, because lymphoid tissue inhibits the penetration of infection and if you remove some part of it, the infection can break through the barrier and descend further into the bronchial tubes and lungs.

But at a certain stage of the adenoids in children still need to be removed - in the event that they interfere with breathing day and night, and violate the neuro-psychological and physical development of the child.

So what to do, how and when to treat and when their adenoids removed? Conservative treatment of adenoids Adenoids - the expansion of the pharyngeal tonsil  Adenoids - the expansion of the pharyngeal tonsil
   - Is prevention and treatment adenoiditis and for surgical treatment, there are very definite indications.

 Adenoids in children - Treatment: Think about surgery

Prevention adenoiditis

No matter how trite it sounds, but the way here alone - strengthening the immune system Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system  Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system
   child. Only a strong immune system can protect it from colds, adenoiditis exacerbations and further growth of the adenoids.

Prevention begins with hardening. The simplest method of tempering is exposure to fresh air. It has been established that the child should remain in the fresh air every day at least three hours in any weather. In the warmer months, you can walk and five hours. This does not mean that winter in the cold he had to walk for three hours. Better this time split into multiple outputs, and monitor the child, that he was not dressed too warm (sweat and then catch a cold), but not frozen. It is better if the trip will be combined with mobile games.

It is possible to carry out water treatment and hardening. It is best to start with a cool foot bath before going to bed Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . Begin such baths to room temperature and three seconds, every week, the temperature is lowered by a degree of water and added second. After the bath the baby's legs have to rub with a towel and put on ordinary socks.

Adenoiditis Prevention can be done and medication methods. Today, there are drugs that allow the disease to develop without the child immune to the most common pathogens causing infections of the nasopharynx. These drugs include broncho-moon ribomunil and IRS-19. If every spring and autumn, a full course of preventive treatment with one of these drugs, the incidence of child greatly reduced, and some children stop to hurt at all.

Help raise the immune system and vitamin and mineral supplements, they are best taken in the early spring, when the body has used up all its reserves, and in fruits and vegetables vitamins almost gone.

 Adenoids in children - Treatment: Think about surgery

Treatment of exacerbations adenoiditis

Treat adenoiditis complicated. First of all, you need to rinse the nasal cavity to remove slime. For this purpose, fit a two-percent solution of soda (tea boat for a glass of water), drops Aqua Maris (this is sea water), herbal extracts (calendula, chamomile, but they do not dissolve as much slime as disinfected). After washing the nose can be instilled solution protorgola or Albucidum, and at night - vasoconstrictor drops (they will remove swelling and allow the child to sleep). Vasoconstrictor drops can not be abused - they bring relief, but do not benefit from adenoids are not reduced. Long (more than three - five days), they also should not be used.

Because medications can be used the same IRS-19 or broncho-moon, and with a strong aggravation of a temperature and the doctor may prescribe antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
 . Helps to relieve the aggravation adenoiditis and physiotherapy treatments: ultraviolet irradiation of the nasal cavity, UHF, electrophoresis with medicinal substances. Today, in the treatment of adenoiditis high hopes for laser therapy, it is carried out both to the treatment and prevention of adenoiditis.

A step is shown in the case where the adenoids themselves cause a condition which gives the child's development.

Galina Romanenko

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Adenoids second degree: removal is inevitable?

September 28, 2011

 adenoids second degree
 Otolaryngologist said that the child has adenoids second degree. Delete them or not worth it? The indication for adenoidectomy is not so much their size (although it is also, of course, is important), but those disturbances in the body of the child, which they cause. But adult adenoids second degree is better to remove.

 Adenoids second degree: removal is inevitable?

The degree of increase of the adenoids

Nasopharyngeal tonsil growing in all directions, sometimes even closed eustachian tubes. The degree of proliferation is determined by the adenoids opener - bone plate, which is the basis of the nasal septum. There are three degrees of adenoids:

  • 1 degree - the proliferation of lymphoid cover the upper part of the opener; at the same day a person can not breathe properly, and at night in a horizontal position appears tissue edema and nasal breathing is disrupted;
  • 2 degree - the proliferation of cover two-thirds of the opener and did not allow the nose to breathe, day or night;
  • 3 degree - sprawl cover the entire opener, which violates the nasal breathing and causes of hearing loss and speech.

 Adenoids second degree: removal is inevitable?

How does adenoids second degree

If the child does not adenoiditis, that is inflammation of the lymphoid tissue of the adenoids, the adenoids second degree are largely disordered breathing through the nose. Child badly breathes through the nose during the day and very bad - at night. Almost always it affects his overall condition. Lack of oxygen can cause headaches, malaise, lethargy, weakness. Sometimes the child is even behind in the neuro-psychological and physical development.

A stimulation of the reflex zones in the adenoids of the nose causes changes in other organs and systems, for example, asthma, urinary incontinence.

Finally, second-degree adenoids can cause impaired speech: the child gets used to speak indistinctly, in the nose. Forming and hearing impairment, most often it happens in the case of constant exacerbations adenoiditis.

The adenoids can become inflamed and then begins the inflammatory process, which is called adenoiditis.

Usually, it starts with a sufficiently high temperature (up to 38˚ and above), appear at first liquid (sometimes bloody), then muco-purulent discharge, the child with difficulty falling asleep, snoring in his sleep, sometimes against his snoring for a few seconds stops breathing (apnea). Gradually, under the influence of the treatment of the inflammatory process takes place. If in the future such exacerbations occur frequently and are not amenable to conservative treatment, it is likely to have to remove the adenoids.

 Adenoids second degree: removal is inevitable?

Conservative treatment of adenoids second degree

During exacerbation adenoiditis child prescribed nasal lavage. You can use the two-percent solution of sodium or salt (teaspoon per cup of water), ready to drops Aqua Maris (from seawater). After the nose clear of mucus, bury vasoconstrictor drops (they remove the swelling and the child becomes easier). Such a drop is instilled not more than three times a day and no more than three - five days, otherwise they will cease to operate and comes resistant, it does not relieve swelling.

Half an hour after vasoconstrictive drops instilled drugs. This can be a two-percent solution protargola Protargol - Pharmacy survivor  Protargol - Pharmacy survivor
 , Dvadtsatiprotsentnym Albucidum solution, a decoction of oak bark.

If the adenoids runs hard, then your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. From physiotherapy apply ultraviolet irradiation of the nasal cavity (tube), UHF nose electrophoresis with calcium chloride or dimedrolom (it reduces tissue swelling). I prescribe a course of laser therapy.

Beyond acute adenoids are not treated.

The main thing here - the prevention of relapse, if relapse is not, then the adenoids will not grow. To this end, the child quenched in all possible ways. For prevention of bacterial exacerbations of drug use immunomodulators such as broncho-moon and the IRS-19. For the prevention of viral infections are different types of interferon (viferon, gripferon).

 Adenoids second degree: removal is inevitable?

Surgical treatment of adenoids second degree

Treat adenoids conservative or operative depends not so much on the degree of increase, but on what changes in the body of the child they cause. Surgical treatment is recommended for children:

  • If the child starts to lag behind in physical or psychological development;
  • if he often exacerbated adenoids, otitis Otitis - than could face an ear infection  Otitis - than could face an ear infection
 Appears sinusitis;
  • If the background of frequent adenoiditis begins asthma, urinary incontinence and other complications;
  • if during sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   the child stops breathing (apnea).

Surgical treatment of adults with adenoids Adenoids - the expansion of the pharyngeal tonsil  Adenoids - the expansion of the pharyngeal tonsil
   the second degree is almost always recommended.

Surgery for adenoids can be of two types: adenektomiya (complete removal of the adenoids) and adenotomy (partial removal of the adenoids). Adults adenotomy usually not a cause, but her children sometimes do. The purpose of this operation - opening the nasal passages with the preservation of the nasopharyngeal tonsil lymphoid tissue in order to save the child's immune system. This surgery is indicated for large adenoids and infrequent exacerbations adenoiditis or even in the absence of signs of inflammation of the adenoids.

Adenektomiyu carried out more frequently. Today, this operation makes under general anesthesia using endoscopic equipment, which allows for very high quality operation.

Galina Romanenko

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