Military psychiatric examination - that the army had not gone mad

October 10, 2010

 military psychiatric examination
 Any mental illness Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help?  Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help?
 Especially acute, can lead to the patient helplessness, inability to serve themselves. Because this is often the question arises whether such a person to serve in the army and the right to perform their duties. This question can not always be answered unequivocally, so in case of doubt, carry out a military psychiatric examination.

 Military psychiatric examination - that the army had not gone mad

What is the military-psychiatric examination

Military psychiatric examination is part of the military-medical examination (VVE) - military medical examination, recruits or conscripts Military Medical Commission (IHC) to determine the extent of their fitness for military service, including service in certain types of troops.

In Russia, the first mention of VVE refers to the beginning of the 18th century. At this time, the examination carried out in military hospitals, chairman of the commission was not a doctor and an officer. But with the end of the 19th century, in the opinion of doctors expertise is crucial.

The growth of technical equipment of the army and navy demanded continuous improvement approach to the selection of replenishment, so the examination was introduced method of individual assessment of fitness for military service, including assessed and mental state candidates. On VVE authorities are obliged to identify among military conscripts and persons unfit for health reasons or partially fit for military service, in need of treatment, sick leave or vacation. Defined as the causal relationship of diseases (including mental health) to their military service - it is of particular importance in determining the causes and degree of disability.

 Military psychiatric examination - that the army had not gone mad

To carry out a military psychiatric examination

To serve in the army's mental health is particularly important, as mentally ill people can not take responsibility for their actions to obey orders and to perform specific types of military operations. Military psychiatric examination carried out by a psychiatrist members of the drafting commissions at the military commissariats, the commission for the medical examination of entering the military school and in the garrison hospital and the military-medical commission. The survey is conducted on the basis of instructions and guidance on the inspection of certain military experts army and navy.

SURVEYS contingents are subject to the following persons (address issues of fitness for military service of persons with mental disorders)

  • recruits - is determined by their suitability on mental health for military service in various military branches;
  • persons entering into military schools - future officers should not have deviations in mental health;
  • soldiers and reservists - in the case when, for whatever reasons, there is a question about the state of their mental health (eg, when they have delusions Brad - not only crazy  Brad - not only crazy
 , Hallucinations, and so on).

 Military psychiatric examination - that the army had not gone mad

Pass or no-go?

Considering the state of health of the recruit, the military psychiatric examination takes into account the following basic criteria:

  • the presence of violations on the part of the psyche;
  • the degree of mental changes;
  • the frequency of exacerbations of the underlying disease.

The schedule illnesses mental disorders represented 9 articles:

  • Article 1 - mental retardation (mental retardation);
  • Article 2 - epilepsy Epilepsy - a sacred disease  Epilepsy - a sacred disease
   and convulsive disorders;
  • Article 3 - affective pathology (state of mental excitation with the loss of voluntary control);
  • Article 4 - Schizophrenia Schizophrenia - to blame civilization  Schizophrenia - to blame civilization
  • Article 5 - organic pathology of the central nervous system as a result of the transferred exogenous organic pollutant (injuries and diseases);
  • Article 6 - alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness intoxication nature (substance abuse - dependence on chemicals that are not recognized by the drug);
  • Article 7 - psychopathy (deformities of character, do not allow a person to adapt to society);
  • Article 8 - reactive psychosis and neurotic states (arise as a response of the organism to any influence, for example, stress);
  • Article 9 - mental disorders in the late period of traumatic brain injury.

If necessary, long-term monitoring of patients and research of military psychiatric examination is carried out in a closed psychiatric hospital. According to the results of examination soldier may fall into one of five categories of fitness for military service:

  • A - unfit for military service;
  • B - unfit for military service in peacetime, but fit for non-combatant service in time of war;
  • B - fit for combatant service;
  • T - temporarily unfit for military service, re-examination after a year.

Military psychiatric examination of an important function selection servicemen on mental health.

Galina Romanenko

Nootropil - use of long courses on prescription

March 18, 2012

 nootropil use
 Nootropil - will help in reducing intellectual abilities. This is happening against a background of trauma, neuroinfections Neuroinfection - a heavy defeat of the nervous system  Neuroinfection - a heavy defeat of the nervous system
 , Strokes. Nootropil and help children after birth trauma cope with loads of school. But in any case, this medication should be administered by your doctor.

 Nootropil - use of long courses on prescription

Features nootropil effects on the human body

Nootropil (piracetam) - a psychotropic drug Psychotropic drugs and their effect on the brain  Psychotropic drugs and their effect on the brain
 Which thus does not exert any stimulating or sedative action. This drug improves metabolic processes in the neurons of the nerve cells of the brain. At the same time it improves blood circulation, while not expanding the blood vessels. Improved circulation occurs by increasing the flow of blood, since under the action nootropil decrease of blood clotting and adhesion of erythrocytes to vascular walls.

Thus, nootropil can be taken with the medical and preventive purposes, it will improve the tolerability of nervous and mental stress and improve mental abilities in healthy people and help recover lost ability in patients.

 Nootropil - use of long courses on prescription

Post-ischemic stroke

Ischemic stroke - a site necrosis of brain tissue that develops against the backdrop of a sharp narrowing or thrombosis Thrombosis - the cause of heart attack and stroke  Thrombosis - the cause of heart attack and stroke
   supply its blood vessel. Ischemic stroke may be manifested by different movement disorders, sensitivity and function of sensory organs.

Neuroprotective drugs are always included in the complex treatment of patients after a stroke. Assign their long courses, initially in the form of injection or intravenous drip infusion, and then for a long time in the form of tablets or capsules. Nootropil dose chosen for each patient by the doctor individually.

 Nootropil - use of long courses on prescription

Application after traumatic brain injury and neuroinfections

Heavy Drawing injuries and neuroinfection lead to the development of psycho-organic syndrome in violation of emotional and neuro-psychic activity of the patient. This is reflected in the change of nature, the patient Satanova irritable, sometimes aggressive and vindictive. He reduced mental capacity, the ability to assimilate new impaired memory and so on.

Nootropil immediately, of course, will not improve the condition of these patients, but if taken long courses, the improvement will be noticeable. Nootropil in this case should be part of an integrated treatment and appointed doctor.

 Nootropil - use of long courses on prescription

Application of alcoholism and drug addiction

Chronic alcoholism and drug addiction - a disease characterized by physical and psychological dependence on alcohol or drugs. The main feature is the presence of the current depending on the presence of withdrawal syndrome - a serious condition after the separation of the substance to which the relationship was formed.

Withdrawal symptoms can occur with severe headaches, high blood pressure, tremors throughout the body, and so on. Alcohol is a poison which selectively acts on cells in the brain, so abstinence syndrome is often accompanied by mental changes, up to psychosis, called delirium tremens, or delirium tremens. In addition, the systematic use of alcohol and drugs reduces the intellectual ability and form a peculiar character of patients.

In all these cases, the patient will nootropil: it will reduce withdrawal symptoms and slow down the formation of alcohol or drug degradation. Take it for a long time, sometimes months or shorter, and part of the course.

 Nootropil - use of long courses on prescription

Application nootropil children

Noootropil often require children to the effects of perinatal (during pregnancy, childbirth and immediately after delivery) nervous system. This might be the consequences of insufficient oxygen supply of the fetus during pregnancy (hypoxia), birth trauma Birth injuries - than they threaten your child?  Birth injuries - than they threaten your child?
 , Intrauterine infection and so on.

Children with the consequences of perinatal nervous system lesions are usually difficult to learn school material may not be to focus on a certain subject, they have broken memory, marked irritability.

Nootropil administered to children in the year up to three years it is given only in the form of a 20% solution for the reception inside, with three years can be given in pill. School-age children who are struggling to learn the curriculum, nootropil prescribed long courses during the academic year.

Nootropil - a drug that is suitable for the treatment of small children, and for the treatment of elderly patients. But in any case it must appoint a physician.

Galina Romanenko