How to pass the interview: the rules and taboos

December 5, 2013

 be interviewed
 Interview - this is an extremely important step in the process of selecting candidates for the post. Well-written resume, cover letter, the recommendations - all of this is important, but not enough. How to be interviewed - that the main task for the candidate.

The final decision will be taken only after the interview will take place, and every job seeker knows that to be invited to it is not always possible, but it does not mean that you get the job. Therefore, if a person is invited to personally meet with a potential employer or recruiter, he feels a lot more trouble than joy. During the interview, employers make impression of the candidates, and often it happens that a man who looked to resume attractive in real life than they are not satisfied. It happens the other way: a candidate who has a relatively weak resume in live communication demonstrates qualities that are needed just to the employer. Of course, you can not please all, but there are some general rules and recommendations which in most cases help to successfully pass an interview.


Get ready

Careful preparation is essential for the interview .  Fortunately, at present, thanks to the Internet, it is not difficult .  Explore all available information about the company where you work; looking not only at the official website, but also from other sources .  The interests of both the history and the latest information - read the press releases and business news relating to the company and the industry in which it operates .  Your awareness will show the employer that you are interested in the work it in this company, and are serious about any case in particular, and Interview .  In addition, think about where you will begin the interview - usually at the start of the candidate the opportunity to briefly tell us about yourself .  Typically, such a representation of the candidate is free and concise summary of what is written in the summary .  Think about what your achievements and quality are the most important for the position that you want to take and make the emphasis on them .


Be specific

Come to the interview on time or a few minutes early. If for any reason you are forced to stay, please inform on the phone to someone who should conduct the interview. Do not come too soon - a person who is engaged in the selection of candidates may be other work responsibilities, from which it is better not to distract.


Make the first impression

Behave according to the situation politely greet and call by name or by name and patronymic of a man who conducts the interview (the name you had to communicate by phone when invited for an interview). Choose to interview the simple, neat clothing - is better to give preference to the classic style and neutral colors. Jeans, sneakers and T-shirts is better not to wear a (possibly exceptions can make the applicants places in companies such as Google and Facebook, but it is quite a different story). Black suit and light shirt, or just a skirt or pants with a blouse would be appropriate in any case.


Show a positive attitude

Do this from the beginning, and in no case do not complain about how difficult it is to find a parking place, and how long had to wander through the corridors before finding the correct door. Do not say anything bad about their previous employers. In the beginning, thank you for what you have been given an opportunity to be interviewed.


keep calm

While interviewing for most people due to the severe stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 , Do not show fear and insecurity. When you ask a question, wait a couple of seconds to think a little about the answer and take a deep breath. While maintaining a friendly face, and do not forget to maintain eye contact with the person.


Take care of verbal and nonverbal communication

You speak very clearly and to the point, without deviating from the main topic. Follow intonation - they say a lot about a person. Make sure that you and your partner talked about an equal amount of time. If you say 90% of the time (or vice versa) is likely to end the interview for you quite well.

Remember that the gestures and attitudes are also an extensive source of information and experienced recruiter can accurately determine that a person is lying, he does not have the enthusiasm, or he's just not sure he wants this job. During the interview, do not cross your arms and legs, and keep your hands at the mouth so that they hid the mouth of the interlocutor (this is - one of the famous signs of insincerity). It is necessary to read a book about non-verbal communication - this will help not only in the interview, but in many other situations.


Be confident

Of course, you have to be realistic, and not to show overconfidence. However, do not underestimate yourself, give to understand that you are not sure that we deserve the position for which applying for, and so on. Employers usually want to see among their employees strong personalities capable of adequately assess themselves and their capabilities.


Be ready to test

If the position you are applying for, requires no special skills, be prepared for the fact that the employer can test your skills during the interview. These checks include the conversation in a foreign language, the solution of any problems in the field of programming, search for solutions hypothetical situational problems, and so on.


Be curious

At the end of the interview the applicants are usually given the opportunity to ask questions. If you just say that you have no issues with the employer's perspective this is a demonstration that you are interested enough job you are applying for. So be sure to ask about something - for example, career opportunities, about whether employees treat their proposals to senior management, and how they can do it, the plans of the company in the next five years, and so on . Several of these issues better to prepare in advance.

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How to start a conversation on the street: the goodwill primarily

June 4, 2012

 how to start a conversation on the street
 How often do you see a beautiful girl on the street and thought: "But if it was not in the street, if you meet at a party, where mutual friends, and then ... well, how to talk to a stranger on the street? "

Mental attitude - this is the first and most important factor that ensures your success or failure anywhere, anytime, including when you meet a girl on the street. If you want to get a positive result, the probability that it will be so much more than if you are going to think about failure. Remember that your attitude is transmitted person with whom you are talking. And another tip: try to think less about the result, focus attention on the process. Whatever you said the girl, you will get a lesson, but it is valuable in itself. And now - even helpful tips to help you get acquainted with the girl on the street, or in whatever other location.

 How to start a conversation on the street: the goodwill primarily


It is impossible to overstate the importance of a smile when talking to new people. We must remember that when you approach a girl (especially on the street), it does not have the slightest idea about what kind of person you, and that she was more comfortable talking to you, the first thing to do is convince her that You are not dangerous for her. Smile - a universal way to show friendly intentions.

Smile during the conversation. It may seem a bit unnatural, but believe me, talk to a woman on the street should be so. If you give her a smile, his positive energy, which it is enough for the whole day (and you it can), you will remember it exactly, and it may very well be willing to meet again.

If you still doubt the effectiveness of smiles, conduct an experiment: start talking on the street with 20 strangers. Smile ten of them, and another ten - do not smile. Feel the difference and make conclusions.

 How to start a conversation on the street: the goodwill primarily

Speak slowly

She should be well to hear from you - this is the first. Second - not very comfortable talking with someone, especially a stranger, when he was constantly having to ask again, "I'm sorry, what did you say? "Do not chatter, talk, says a confident man and his words - slowly and distinctly. And do not be afraid of silence. There is nothing wrong in the fact that you do not talk incessantly. The mistake many people - thinking that silence instantly cause embarrassment and a desire to end the conversation.

 How to start a conversation on the street: the goodwill primarily

Make sure you listen

Before starting to talk about themselves, about their work or school (or whatever you prefer to tell at the first call), you need to attract the attention of girls. If it is in response to your "good weather, is not it? "Smiled politely, that does not mean that she will listen to you. She should at least look at you, and if it is clearly running for - you know, not destiny.

 How to start a conversation on the street: the goodwill primarily

Do not invent

To dispense with cliches like "and we met there somewhere", "well do you know so and so," etc. If you are sure you see a girl for the first time, do not reinvent the wheel. So you say, I do not know, but I really want to know. It works better than any inventions.

 How to start a conversation on the street: the goodwill primarily

Playful perseverance

The most difficult - is to draw attention to women for the first 20-30 seconds. It is not enough - for this period of time she will be the first impression of you and decide whether she wants to talk with you or do not want. But just at this crucial second away from you a little that depends - then the decision is made rather on an emotional level. But when you pass the test, you can become more persistent and eventually to talk to when you can meet again, not by accident.

If a girl does not want to give you her phone number, take it calmly and respectfully. Smile and wish her a good day. If you happen to meet her again, say hello and ask how things were going - it is possible that this time it will be more favorable.

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