Narcissism: love yourself, a loved one

December 7, 2013

 Narcissism is called a feature of character that makes a person prone to narcissism, narcissistic and extremely selfish. From the point of view of psychology, pronounced narcissism - a personality disorder, but narcissists do not always ask for help: to do this, they must first acknowledge that they are not unique and perfect as they seem, and the likelihood that this will happen, very small.


Living with a narcissist: how to understand what your partner - narcissist?

Usually people who are "lucky" to meet and fall in love narcissist quickly notice the peculiarities of the psyche of the partner - this does not prevent even the strongest love. However, to make sure that next to you is really narcissist, read the following statements describing people suffering from narcissism:

  • They are proud to communicate - including, and with loved ones.
  • On behave differently in public and in private.
  • Irresponsible and unreliable.
  • They tend to blame others for their failures and disappointments.
  • It is often said bad things behind a person under discussion.
  • Fantasizes about novels, sex with the most attractive partners, money and fame, unlimited power. This little doubt that all of this is attainable for them.
  • There may be different depending on, for example, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, sex.
  • They can lie, deliberately distorting the facts in order to present themselves in the most favorable light.
  • Closing and cold in communication, except when they need something.
  • Very rarely show compassion for others.
  • In public, can be charming, even modest.
  • Always carefully control their behavior and are often unable to relax.
  • Regularly provoke people, and then accuse them of conflict.
  • Rare and reluctant to admit their mistakes.

In extreme cases, when it comes to narcissistic personality disorder, the person may consider others simply as tools that he uses for his own pleasure. He considers himself a unique, special and requires others to recognize it. In addition, it can be very jealous, and thus assume that others are envious of him.


Why are they?

Narcissism may begin with severe emotional wounds, or with a series of traumatic events that lead to serious psychological trauma .  In terms of emotional maturity narcissist he is at an age when he was injured, and behaves accordingly .  Typically, such a person receives an injury as a child and at the same time come to the conclusion that people can not be trusted, they can become a source of unbearable pain, which means that they can not truly love .  To survive, the child creates a protective barrier; in the case of narcissist is a false identity, which may vary depending on the circumstances, but always has a very high opinion of himself .  This narcissist can be with someone friendly with someone - aggressive, it may be the soul of a merciless tyrant, or, depending on the environment and on what purpose it achieves .  Without false identity of a person may be broken as a child, and with it he can live life while staying in the belief that he - quite an exceptional person .


Maybe you need to see a doctor?

Narcissists tend to go to the doctor only in the event that self-love and self-centeredness are beginning to have a strong influence on the personal, professional and other spheres of life .  Some narcissists in life are lucky: they can occupy high posts (in part - because of boundless self-confidence), and to arrange his personal life with people prone to addiction from a partner - they are the perfect couple for the narcissist .  However, in the event that all of narcissistic personality disorder is much less well: the need to recognize the uniqueness of their own can become obsessive, and any social interaction with such a man would be extremely difficult .  If you suspect that your loved one a narcissistic personality disorder, do everything possible to convince him to seek professional help .  Attempts to independently convince the narcissist that he should have been better to deal with people, and that in fact his superiority over the other is not so obviously doomed to failure: it would cause his aggression, and accusations that you have it do not understand, appreciate and dislike .  This reaction is the fear of losing a false identity, without which it will again be a small child, which caused a lot of pain, and desperately in need of help and love .  To cope with this can only specialist .



For the treatment of narcissistic personality disorder is assigned a long-term psychotherapy, during which the patient will have a more realistic view of themselves and others. To alleviate some of the symptoms can be used and drug therapy.

After the patient achieves some success with the help of therapy, your doctor may prescribe it group therapy, during which he must learn to perceive the people around them as individuals, and to weaken the defense mechanisms in the communication process.

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Christmas divination - a dip into childhood

December 30, 2008

 Christmas divination
   What can I say, what to say, arranged so people want to know, want to know ... And so frantically pour the wax into the water, burn the paper, watching the shadows, stick to strangers on the streets and that very God knows what did with the wedding ring on rope!

And, indeed, why not? Divination - it's fun, it's interesting, and if the prediction was good, even - informative! For example, divination by barking dogs. Take a sharp knife at midnight and head out into the street ... do not be afraid, do not have to torture the dog! Cutting snowdrift, repeat: "Damn it, do not be silent, hell, tell me the truth, which my husband there, cry or rejoice have? "And then listen to the dogs too. Cheerful barking - and the restriction will be good, risible, angry - hard, sullen Biryukov. Howling Dog is imminent widowhood, which also can be considered a good omen if she barked before this evil: hence, marriage with the villain will be short!

Let me explain my irony: no one knows the future of a person other than his own, almost silent, inner voice, and he often vitiystvuet and repeats ... For our fears for our sorrows, our yearning for that which, as we It never seems to be. But an inner voice can and should be able to suggest! It is necessary to program their future very positive thought forms, and brighter and categorically they are, the guarantee your success is not a coincidence!

So pouring melted wax into cold water and interpreting predictions frozen figures, show imagination in their favor: see our example of "classical interpretation vs creative!" If the wax is poured out in the form of the house, the girl will marry (or buy a penthouse in Ostozhenka on their money?); If the ruins - the misfortune (or girl will go to Egypt, to the Valley of the Kings?); pit - near death (or found the treasure?), ring - a wedding soon (here "creative ideas" is not required!)

Throwing a shoe over the threshold, indicating the side, "in which a girl marries," Aim towards the Rublevsky highway, lighting a candle between two mirrors and looking at the "corridor" in the search for Mr Right face, stick in a corner of a mirror picture of George Clooney. If you are going to choose from the bowl object symbol, do not hesitate long and hard to feel the range, and drag and sugar (sweet life), and the ring (marriage), and glass (fun), and bow with ash (to tears but poverty) can simply I do not put a bowl. In the end, everyone is worthy of what dare to ask. So, if the predictions are good - be happy, and if bad - then forget, because what's the point in a lie?

Playing a game called "Christmas divination", play it to the end, enthusiastically, as a child. In this game - all for fun, but no less pleasant to be a queen in a crown and throne.

Although Christmas divination can be a great way to organize a party so she was surprised and remembered. Imagine, coming to you ladies and gentlemen, as you have in the living room - a live rooster and hen! How much fun: pour into a bowl of water to another to pour money next to the mirror to put release cock and expect choose - if the water pull, then a drunk, if the mirror - a handsome, if the money - the rich, and if chicken, here, excuse me, a womanizer!

You can put a pillow under the 4-card of the king, and wait for one dream: king of spades - the old jealous, pure gold - a young bride and a rich, cross - elect or military policies, and diamonds - the only hope.

Even a passerby on the street is not so sure the first comer holler ... Whose name, appearance and position are believed to coincide with the same characteristics as the future groom. Or show special deceit: Spend Christmas midnight in a circle, obviously full of beautiful and rich men! Cat to divination Divination as a psychological phenomenon  Divination as a psychological phenomenon
   "By a cat" can also be accustom in advance: if it crosses the nut entering the room on the left foot, make a come to pass, and if the right - not this time.

Christmas divination - one of the brightest festive attributes, do not neglect them, but do not take too seriously! ... Just firmly believe that you will be the bride and rich, and beautiful, and affectionate, and even drops of wax so the game with all living creatures - this is for fun, but, nevertheless, very fun!

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