Treatment of caries: avoid development

May 15, 2011

 caries treatment
 There are several ways to treat tooth decay; the choice between them is dependent on the extent of decay. Will fillings, crowns, pulping, and so on.

 Treatment of caries: avoid development

Tooth filling

In the early stages of tooth decay used fillings; fillings made of amalgam, gold, ceramics and composite resins. These materials are considered safe, although in recent years more and more concern is the amalgam - alloy metals and mercury. However, the allergic reaction to such seals also observed infrequently as seals and other substances.

 Treatment of caries: avoid development


With strong damaged tooth caries it is more appropriate to establish a dental crown .  You must first remove the weakened and destroyed part of a tooth; then put the rest of the tooth dental crowns .  As well as fillings, crowns prevent further development of caries .  Today, do not only metal but also ceramic and metal-ceramic crowns .  Metal is the most durable and wear out the teeth less than other antagonists .  However, for cosmetic reasons, patients often prefer crowns made of metal or cermet .  Ceramic crowns are the most fragile; they are often put on the front teeth, since they are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth .  Because the back teeth regularly have a very strong pressure on them is better to put metal or metal-ceramic crowns .  The latter also look very natural, but over time, sometimes thinner layer of ceramic, metal and starts to shine .

If caries struck dental nerve and / or the pulp, root canal treatment is carried out. The central part of the tooth (including the nerves and blood vessels) is removed along with the destruction of the tooth. After that, the root canal is filled with special restorative material. If desired, a tooth crown mounted.

Today, new methods of treatment and detection of caries. In one of the experimental technique used to detect fluorescent light decay before it can be detected by conventional methods. So early in the process of tooth decay easily stop; in some cases, early caries is reversible. In addition, scientists are working to develop "smart seal" that will prevent further tooth decay, slowly releasing certain dose of fluoride.

 Treatment of caries: avoid development

What is tooth decay, its causes, symptoms and main stage

Caries - a disease of the tooth, which appears first loss of mineral content of hard tooth tissues, and then the destruction of the tooth crown and form a cavity in it.

A tooth is comprised of crown (located above the gum), a narrow neck (gum and it is surrounded by a narrow portion of the root transition crown) and a root disposed within the wells of the jaw. The crown consists of a hard tissues (enamel top, underneath - dentin), inside which there is a cavity filled with a soft cloth (pulp). Root also includes fabrics solid (cement), it extends inside the root canal filled pulp. The bone cell tooth is held by a special bundles - periodontal. Hard tooth tissue does not contain nerve endings and so painless, in the pulp and periodontal lot of nerves and blood vessels, so they are prone to inflammation, which is always accompanied by pain.

In the mouth it is always a variety of microorganisms and if the teeth are not cleaned regularly, then they will appear first soft plaque (food residues, waste products of bacteria, and the bacteria themselves), if you do not brush your teeth How to brush your teeth: interesting facts  How to brush your teeth: interesting facts
   a few days, the plaque hardens and eventually turns into tartar.

The bacteria that breed in large numbers in plaque secrete enzymes gradually destroys the hard tissues of the tooth. Caries has four stages. Initially, the tooth appears a spot of white or brown (stage spot), then gradually in the hard tooth tissue appears cavity, which first affects only the enamel (surface caries), then the dentin (middle caries) finally gets into the tooth cavity (deep caries). Deep caries is often complicated by inflammation of the pulp and periodontal, which is accompanied by severe pain.

 Treatment of caries: avoid development

Treatment of caries in the stage of spot

Caries step spots in most cases treated without a drill. If several teeth affected by caries, the general treatment is usually given in the form of vitamin and mineral complexes to restore the teeth mineralization.

Local treatment is indicated for carious spots in white (chalky). Appointed procedures, reducing the mineral content of the enamel: applications with solutions of calcium gluconate and sodium fluoride, electrophoresis of these solutions. Applied also Ftorlak covering their teeth up to four times a year. The portion of caries rubbing fluoride toothpaste, which was removed after rubbing a swab How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions  How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions
 And rinse the mouth with water.

Brown and black carious spots in the conduct of such a treatment is not needed, as they are a sign to suspend the caries process.

 Treatment of caries: avoid development

The treatment of surface caries

Superficial caries appears briefly pains from sweet, sour and salty and the emergence of a small roughness of enamel. If the surface is tooth decay on the chewing surface of the tooth, a cavity is first dissected, that is expanding (usually up to the dentin), removing all decayed tissue, and then seal up.

If the carious cavity is located on the smooth surface of the tooth, its ground off and prescribe a course of recovery of mineralization of enamel (remineralization rate). Superficial caries is quite possible to cure in one visit.

 Treatment of caries: avoid development

Treatment of middle caries

With an average caries patients usually complain of pain, not only it is sour, sweet and salty, but also from the cold. Cavities are also required to dissected, removed all the affected tissue, including softness and changed its color dentin. Once the cavity is formed, it is processed to its edges (they should not be sharp). In order to prevent infection from entering into the soft tissue of a tooth, impose special insulating gasket Feminine pads - talk about wings  Feminine pads - talk about wings
 Then carious cavity is sealed. Average caries is also quite possible to cure in one visit.

 Treatment of caries: avoid development

Treatment of deep caries

With deep caries Deep caries: the consequences of irresponsibility  Deep caries: the consequences of irresponsibility
   pain arises from any actions, including mechanical (impact of food at chewing) as the tooth cavity has normally open, and any impact on pulp painful.

Treatment of deep caries in one visit is usually not carried out. Just as in the average caries cavity formed (certainly applies analgesia) superimposed therapeutic pad with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents and the temporary seal. If, within one to two weeks of pain in the tooth is not present, temporary filling replaced by a constant.

The easiest way to treat the early stages of tooth decay, if the disease is run, it is possible to remain without teeth.

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