The Kremlin diet - Worth It?

July 1, 2007

 Kremlin diet
 The Kremlin diet - a diet high in protein, so it is suitable not for everyone. Even healthy people can not afford to use this diet for a long time or frequently - there may be a violation of the kidneys, cure that will be very problematic.

 The Kremlin diet - Worth It?

How is the Kremlin diet

In order to adhere to the Kremlin diet, do not need to know any special recipes, you need to familiarize themselves with its principles. And the principles are simple: as much protein and as little carbohydrate. And as the only food protein food is hazardous to health, even in the most "severe" the first two weeks are allowed to receive a certain amount of carbohydrates.

In order that man may be guided in how much what he ate, there are special tables that painted the nutritional value of products in USD (one USD equals 1 gram of net carbs). The number of protein foods (meat, fish, eggs) do not contain the USD, so these products can be used without restrictions. Basically USD contain carbohydrates, they are something and offers limited.

The first two weeks should be severely limit carbohydrate intake to 20 USD (normal for a healthy human of 400 - 450 g carbohydrate per day). That is invited to two consecutive weeks have mostly meat, fish, eggs, cheese, drink the broth (it has no units). This menu is added to the $ 20 carbohydrates, it will be a choice:

  • 200 g of any cabbage (belokachannoy, broccoli, cauliflower);
  • 3 tomatoes;
  • one Apple;
  • one small potato.

After two weeks, it is recommended to add 5 USD per week and gradually reach 60 USD a day, and this stop using such a diet is constant (when it is the WHO recommended rate of at least 400 g carbohydrate per day).

 The Kremlin diet - Worth It?

What happens in the body during the transition to the Kremlin diet

Tunable metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 . Normally energy material that is "fuel" necessary for the occurrence of biochemical processes in the body (they even make up the metabolism), are carbohydrates. If they are present in the diet in the required amount, then to build proteins are body's own proteins (the formation and "repair" cells) and fats are used for proper metabolism.

When you go to a protein food as "fuel" fats are being used, and the shortage of the latter - proteins. When factoring in the metabolic products (metabolites), during which energy is released, fats and proteins form toxic substances that are slowly poisoning the body. So long "sit" on the protein diet is dangerous for life. Especially when it can suffer kidney, because they derive from our body all the products of metabolism.

 The Kremlin diet - Worth It?

How are products in the Kremlin diet

There are special tables, where the value of each product is listed in USD In addition, all products can be divided into three groups: those that can be used without restriction, the reception to be restricted and prohibited products.

Products that can be used without any restrictions - all kinds of meat and poultry products, including sausages (on the package of sausage written content in it of carbohydrates), all kinds of fish (sea and river), seafood, eggs cooked any way, but without sauces , cheeses (consulting the content of carbohydrates), leafy vegetables (lettuce, sorrel, parsley, dill, celery), cucumber, radishes, radish, mushrooms, spices (ginger, thyme, basil, black pepper), any vegetable oil, better Unrefined (except palm), fish oil Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?  Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?
 Butter, tea (including herbal) and coffee without sugar (you can use sugar substitutes Sweeteners: the benefits and harms of artificial sweeteners  Sweeteners: the benefits and harms of artificial sweeteners
   in the absence of carbohydrates), mineral water without gas, only filtered water, unsweetened alcoholic beverages.

Products, whose number should be limited - all kinds of cabbage, tomatoes, eggplant, onions, green peas (in any form), asparagus, avocado, sour-sweet fruits and berries (citrus, cranberries, sweet apples), dairy products, juices, fruit drinks, juice (fresh and canned).

Prohibited products - it's all sweets, bread and bakery products, pasta, cereals, potatoes (one medium potato - 23 USD), bananas Bananas: the benefits and harms health  Bananas: the benefits and harms health
 Sweet fruits and berries (grapes, juicy pears, figs), sweetened milk products, including cheese and yogurt, sodas, sugary drinks (a fortified wine, liquor), beer.

Of course, "sit" on the Kremlin diet is not difficult, but the body can be severely damaged. Particularly affected kidney, and this despite the fact that any kidney disease may occur unnoticed for years, beginning in childhood. And many young women are not aware of at this pathology. And as the kidney and the Kremlin diet - are incompatible, before you start it is to see a doctor and get tested.

Galina Romanenko

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Celery for weight loss - eat and losing weight

September 11, 2011

  • Celery for weight loss - eat and losing weight
  • Diet for diabetes
  • Seeds

 Celery for weight loss
 As a restorative and tonic celery was known to Hippocrates. Today, it is well established that it normalizes metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   and contains very few calories. But the main advantage of celery over other products is that by eating it, a person receives fewer calories than required for its processing in the human body.

 Celery for weight loss - eat and losing weight

Useful properties of celery

Celery contains a large amount of essential oil. It is found in all parts of the plant, but most of all - in the roots. The fresh leaves of celery contains large amounts of vitamin C, carotene (from his body produces vitamin A), folic acid Folic acid - the value is hard to overestimate  Folic acid - the value is hard to overestimate

The roots contain a large amount of mineral salts (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium). They also have vitamins (group B, ascorbic acid), oxalic acid, flavonoid substances, glycosides. Celery increases efficiency, soothes, relieves stress and improves sleep.

A large number of minerals and vitamins is able to perfectly stimulate metabolism. In the celery contains very little protein, fat and carbohydrates, so it is very low calorie. The combination of low calorie and accelerated metabolism creates a so-called "negative calorie balance" Celery: its uptake is more calories than comes from its use.

 Celery for weight loss - eat and losing weight

How can you lose weight with the help of celery

Lose weight with the help of celery can simply adding it to the first and second courses, as well as salads. But we should not forget that the celery is not as powerful tool and can not cover all the errors in the diet. Therefore, at the same time it is necessary to reduce the use of intake of fatty and sugary foods, and increase the amount of vegetables, fruits and cereals.

Celery can be eaten in the form of:

  • salad, adding fresh leaves and stems to any salad or salad; roots can be boiled, grate and add to salads;
  • with first and second courses, adding to them finely chopped fresh or cooked leaves and grated root vegetables;
  • just eat celery between meals;
  • in the form of juice: the morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before a meal drink a third cup of fresh celery juice;
  • in the form of meat paste: Grate cooked celery root, connect them to crank meat cooked in a meat grinder, add overcooked onions and salt to taste; All this mix into the pan, sprinkle with grated low-fat cheese and bake in the oven for about half an hour;
  • in the form of oatmeal meatballs with celery: a cup of oatmeal pour a little milk and let stand for about half an hour; when flakes absorb the milk, add to it grated boiled celery root, add to the same finely chopped fresh celery leaves, raw egg, a tablespoon lemon juice, stir and dazzle patties, roll them in bread crumbs and fry in vegetable oil.

 Celery for weight loss - eat and losing weight

Special diet for weight loss celery

There is a special diet for weight loss, which is based on celery soup. A diet designed for a week, during which time it is possible to lose 2-3 kg of weight.

The soup can be eaten as much as he wants. Along with the soup painted complementary products that can be consumed in a given day:

  • first day - celery soup plus fruit (except bananas and sweet grapes);
  • the second day - celery soup combined with vegetables, most of which should be raw, but you can boiled or steamed vegetables;
  • third day - celery soup combine with vegetables and fruits, preferring raw products;
  • fourth day - celery soup plus 2-3 bananas Bananas: the benefits and harms health  Bananas: the benefits and harms health
   and 1-2 cups of yogurt;
  • fifth day - celery soup and 200 grams of cooked lean beef, chicken or turkey;
  • sixth day - celery soup and 300 grams of cooked meat or fish, fresh or boiled vegetables;
  • the seventh day - celery soup, vegetables and boiled brown rice.

The diet is not bad, but more than a week in a row to observe it is not recommended, it is better to repeat in 1-2 months.

How to cook the celery soup:

  • the first method, three stalk celery root, three tomatoes, five small bulbs, small Kachan cabbage, two sweet peppers, one carrot chopped, put in a saucepan, add tomato juice and boil for 15 minutes, another 5 minutes to insist on low heat for a lid;
  • the second way - all the same cover with water (3 liters) and cook until vegetables are tender.

Cooked celery soup in any way you can sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and dill Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices  Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices