Maggie Diet: tasty and varied

September 13, 2014

 Maggie diet
 Among other protein diets, diet Maggie stands: diet does not mean a complete renunciation of carbohydrates, which means that it is deprived of many of the shortcomings that are inherent to a strict diet. Reviews of Maggi diet positive and sometimes enthusiastic: a varied diet allows you to lose weight How to lose weight - basic principles  How to lose weight - basic principles
   in a short time without the painful feelings of hunger.


Diet Maggi: Features

Classical protein diet Maggi, known by the name of its creator, lasts 4 weeks. During this time, you can lose between 8 and 20 kilograms. Maggie is also known diet for 2 weeks, the results a little more modest - from 5 to 10 kilograms. It is important that the results depend on the diet Maggi original century: those with more than 20 kilograms overweight, lose weight more noticeable than those who weighed 5-10 kilos overweight.

The most widespread egg diet Egg diet - the full rehabilitation of eggs  Egg diet - the full rehabilitation of eggs
   Maggi. Since the eggs are very satisfying, but it is a relatively low-calorie, they are helping to lose weight without feeling hungry. Eggs can be cooked hard boiled, soft-boiled "in the bag", without the shell - as you like, as long as no added fat. Once a week you can even afford eggs, fried without oil in a frying pan with non-stick coating.

And for those who do not like eggs or can not eat for health, there is a special diet Maggi - cheese option. In this case, instead of eggs for breakfast every day should eat 200 grams of low fat cottage cheese.

The diet requires a responsible attitude: you must strictly adhere to all the recommendations. It is not allowed to replace the recommended products on the other, swap meals. In an extreme case, you can remove some of the unloved product menu does not replace it. If at any point, been a violation of the diet, you should start it from the beginning.

On the day should drink at least two to two and a half liters of water. You can drink coffee and tea, but strictly without milk and sugar. From spices you can use salt and herbs. Recipes for a diet Maggie preclude the use of fats in any form. Also note that diet and alcohol are incompatible Maggi - two or four weeks will have to forget about all drinks, except pure water, tea and coffee without sugar.


Detailed diet menu Maggi 2 weeks

For breakfast every day, you can eat 1-2 eggs and half a grapefruit. Grapefruit can be replaced by orange. Lunch and dinner every day different.

  • On Monday, for lunch to be eaten in any number of one type of fruit (apricots, oranges, watermelons, pears, melons, kiwi, apples). For dinner you can eat boiled or baked without fat meat (except lamb). You can use the natural ground beef with no additives.
  • Tuesday Lunch consists of boiled chicken without skin (best - breast fillets) in any quantity. For dinner, eat relies 2 boiled eggs, toast, orange, carrot, tomato, pepper, cucumber (a salad without dressing or in-kind).
  • On Wednesday, the lunch menu includes a toast with low-fat curd cheese and tomatoes, and the dinner menu - lean boiled meat (not lamb).
  • On Thursday, the dinner will be the same as on Monday. Dinner will be the same as before, but the meat relies garnish - unmade salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and carrots.
  • Friday Lunch - two soft-boiled eggs and cooked vegetables (carrots and peas or zucchini with beans). For dinner, you can treat yourself to a piece of boiled fish with a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and peppers. For dessert relies grapefruit.
  • In Saturday's menu includes fruit for lunch and boiled lean meat with a salad for dinner.
  • Sunday lunch should eat boiled chicken without the skin, tomatoes and boiled vegetables, snack grapefruit. The dinner menu is also cooked vegetables (carrots and peas or beans and zucchini).

By the end of the first week of the weight is reduced by 3-6 kilograms. The second week of the diet can achieve even better results.

  • Monday. Dinner: lean boiled meat and become a familiar salad without dressing. Dinner is the same salad, 2 eggs, grapefruit.
  • Tuesday. Lunch menu is the same as Monday. For dinner, you can eat two eggs and a grapefruit or orange.
  • Wednesday. For lunch cooked meat with cucumber and dinner 2 eggs and grapefruit.
  • Thursday. Lunch: 2 eggs, low-fat cheese, cooked vegetables (peas, carrots, or a mixture thereof). Dinner: 2 eggs.
  • Friday. For lunch, you can eat boiled fish in any quantity. At dinner - only two eggs.
  • Saturday. Cooked lean meat with tomatoes and grapefruit for lunch. For dinner you can eat a salad of fruits allowed.
  • Sunday. As for lunch and dinner can be eaten cooked zucchini with beans, fresh tomatoes, boiled chicken without skin and grapefruit.

After two weeks of diet weight is significantly reduced. If he has not yet reached the desired numbers, then come to the aid Maggi diet for 4 weeks. Those who believed that he had reached his ideal, should gradually return to normal diet. It is important to follow the serving size, not to abuse the fatty and sweet foods, and continue to drink plenty of water.


Contraindications diet Maggi

In some diseases, such as atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis - a chronic disease of the arteries  Atherosclerosis - a chronic disease of the arteries
 , It is recommended to limit the consumption of eggs. Also, egg diet is not suitable for certain liver diseases and, of course, if allergies to egg protein. In this case, you can try a diet version of cheese - it has no contraindications, even before the start of the diet it is useful to talk with your doctor.

Some people do not digest the hard-boiled eggs. In this case, choose an option cheese diet or cook soft-boiled eggs.

Since eggs may be contaminated with Salmonella Salmonellosis - features of the disease  Salmonellosis - features of the disease
 , They should buy only from trusted manufacturers. Instead of one egg can eat two quail - the effectiveness of the diet is not affected.

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Secrets of the Italian diet - prolongs life and protects against cancer

September 23, 2007

 Italian diet
   We've all heard that French cuisine and lifestyle protect French women (and French) from the obesity epidemic that has gripped the US and Canada. Well, what about the culinary traditions of other Mediterranean countries, such as Italy, where obesity - a rarity, despite the abundance of pasta and other delicious dishes? What are the secrets ready to reveal to us the Italian diet?

Studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet has many advantages and is extremely good for health, in particular, it reduces the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease and cancer Breast cancer - the verdict?  Breast cancer - the verdict?
 And prolongs life.

 Secrets of the Italian diet - prolongs life and protects against cancer

Eat slowly

It's no secret that Italians, like other inhabitants of the Mediterranean, not only able to enjoy the process of cooking, and enjoy the results of their culinary skills. During the meal they relax and socialize, spending at the table for several hours a day. However, even such a long stay at the dinner table does not lead to overeating and obesity.

It is also clear that the typical Italian food is very different from what can be seen in the menu of American Italian restaurants. The basis of authentic Italian food - fruits, vegetables, beans, fish, poultry, olive oil, tomatoes, dairy products, red wine and very little beef and mutton.

Italians usually start the day with a relatively small breakfast: coffee with milk (not cream or cream and milk), porridge and a small butter croissant (cornetto). Lunch menu depends on personal preference and geography, but usually includes a "first meal" and "second course", for example, a sandwich and a salad or a small plate of pasta, a piece of fish or chicken and a serving of vegetables.

Lunch - main meal, but served it's not too late (to the food time to digest). Lunch is usually served pasta with tomato or vegetable sauce; a small portion of meat or fish; vegetables; fruit and dessert. The preferred drink - mineral water and a glass of red wine. All the portions are usually small compared with the usual for us huge portions.

 Secrets of the Italian diet - prolongs life and protects against cancer

Know how to stop when gorged

The Italians do not count calories because they know how to stop in time when you do not satisfy your hunger - they eat at the behest of the stomach, not the head, and as a leisurely lunch, you get a signal that ate, and can simply enjoy coffee and pleasant company. Add to this the Mediterranean cuisine with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, fish several times a week, lean meat or chicken, bread made of flour from whole grains, olive oil and red wine. All this extends the life of the Italians.

In addition, the requirement for the Italians satisfy sweet fruit instead of the more high-calorie desserts. Typical Italian dessert - fighi e albicocce, fresh figs and apricots from the garden. In southern Italy, the foundation of desserts, for example, Gelato (ice cream butter and fruit handmade) make huge lemons.

 Secrets of the Italian diet - prolongs life and protects against cancer

No dieting!

Diet - a concept totally foreign to the Italians. So next time when you want to enjoy the Italian cuisine, treat yourself to a treat, having all the useful properties of Mediterranean cuisine. Refrain from fried foods and cream sauce with pasta. Instead, choose a salad with tomatoes, simple vegetable pasta sauce and olive oil. To use the seasoning spices Spices - delicious slimming  Spices - delicious slimming
 , Lemon, vinegar, capers and other flavorful low-calorie foods.

Mediterranean cuisine is not only very useful but also very tasty. Wine, gourmet cheese and juicy flavorful seafood - is a luxury, variety and plus to this the health benefits.

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