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February 12, 2009

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Chancroid and its causes

Chancroid or chancroid also called venereal ulcer. It is an infectious disease transmitted through sexual contact, related to sexually transmitted diseases.

Until about the mid-19th century, chancroid was considered one of the manifestations of syphilis, the disease then they were divided, and at the end of the 19th century was discovered the causative agent of chancroid - streptobakteriya Dyukreya-Unna-Peterson. The disease is common in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America. For Russia, the disease chancroid is rare.

 How is | Chancroid - exotica from distant countries

How can you get sick

Chancroid is usually sexually transmitted, other modes of transmission, such as household, are unproven. In the open (without a condom) contact with patients is very important state immunity Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults
 As contamination occurs in this case only half the time. Women often carry the infection and can infect their sexual partners themselves are not aware of it.

 How is | Chancroid - exotica from distant countries

How is

From the moment of infection until the first signs of the disease (incubation period) is usually takes 3-5 days, but this period may be shorter or longer (2-10 days).

On the skin of the genitals (the foreskin, the glans penis in men, large and small labia in women) in the anus or oral cavity (depending on the place of introduction) there is a small red spot in the center of which will soon arise bubble with purulent contents. After some time the vial is opened and the formed irregularly shaped soft painful ulcers with a diameter of several millimeters to several centimeters.

Chancroid often occurs with syphilis, in this case, a mixed chancre. When it first develops a picture chancroid, and after 3-4 weeks - signs chancre (syphilis). The bottom of the ulcer is sealed and cleaned passes soreness.

The ulcers develop within 2-4 weeks, and then (in the absence of complications), the bottom of the ulcer cleaned, and after a while healing takes place with the formation of a small scar. If chancroid is not treated, complications are possible.

 How is | Chancroid - exotica from distant countries


When launched untimely or improperly conducted the treatment of the disease can be complicated.

Inflammation can move to lymph vessels located in the tissues surrounding the ulcer. At the same time on the surface of the skin (for men - on the upper surface of the penis, in females - pubic and the outer surface of the labia majora) appear painful compacted strands.

A few weeks later complication can go to nearby lymph nodes, which are increasing, are soldered to surrounding tissues and become sharply painful. These lymph nodes Lymph nodes - what keeps our immune system  Lymph nodes - what keeps our immune system
   called bubonic. All these changes are accompanied by general malaise and fever. Later buboes completely absorbed (with proper treatment) or abscess, and opened with pus.

Chancroid can be complicated and phimosis Phimosis - whether to go to extremes?  Phimosis - whether to go to extremes?
   (narrowing of the foreskin) and paraphimosis (infringement of the glans penis foreskin).

 How is | Chancroid - exotica from distant countries

Diagnosis of chancroid

Diagnosis of chancroid is built on the basis of the typical signs of the disease, and laboratory tests. Laboratory diagnosis - a microscopic examination of the discharge from the ulcer or bubo, inoculation of secretions in the culture medium (microbiological testing) and determination of the DNA in the blood streptobakterii Dyukreya-Unna-Peterson by polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

If you suspect a chancroid required to undertake tests for syphilis Syphilis - punishment of Venus  Syphilis - punishment of Venus
 Since these infections often occur together.

 How is | Chancroid - exotica from distant countries


Treatment of chancroid should be performed only by a physician and be complex. The complex treatment includes antibiotics (antibiotics, sulfonamides), the means restores and strengthens the immune system and local treatment.

The earlier treatment is started, the more likely it is that the disease is completely cured. This must be treated both partners, even if one of them there is no evidence of disease. The fact that immunity to chancroid is not produced, and therefore it is possible to re-infection.

 How is | Chancroid - exotica from distant countries


Prevention chancroid - is the observance of sexual health. Regular condom reduces the possibility of contracting chancroid almost zero. When sexual contact with a suspicious partner in the first three days is possible to make the prevention of diseases as prophylactic treatment. Prevention using drugs such as gibitan miramistin and can not give absolute certainty that the symptoms do not appear.

Remember that from the sultry southern countries can bring not only good memories, but also chancroid.

  Galina Romanenko

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