Lymph nodes chickenpox - have increased or not?

February 16, 2014

 lymph nodes chickenpox
 Lymph nodes chickenpox may be increased, because they going multiplication of pathogens when they enter the body. But the increase and swollen lymph nodes Inflammation of the lymph nodes - when it comes to infection  Inflammation of the lymph nodes - when it comes to infection
   It is not a characteristic feature of chickenpox Symptoms of chickenpox - they need to know all  Symptoms of chickenpox - they need to know all
 Rather it is one of the signs of complications of the infection.


Why is there an increase in the lymph nodes of chickenpox

The lymphatic system is actively involved in the development of varicella. After the introduction to the cells of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract pathogens chickenpox (infection occurs by droplets) they going multiplication and accumulation of virus (the causative agent of chicken pox is a herpes virus type 3 Herpes type 3 - causes chicken pox and shingles  Herpes type 3 - causes chicken pox and shingles
   Varicella zoster). Thereafter chickenpox by pathogens enter the lymphatic nearby lymph nodes (usually cervical or occipital lymph nodes) and then to the end of the incubation period, enter the bloodstream.

At receipt of viruses in blood in a large amount of developing common infectious disease is manifested fever, headache, malaise, etc. Simultaneously with the viruses enter the blood stream to the cells of the surface layers of the skin and mucous membranes, which also proliferate. The process of viral replication is accompanied by the destruction of cells with preliminary accumulation of serous fluid in it. After the death of exudate cells merge to form a single-chamber bubbles. After drying of the bubbles formed in their place drying soil crust and damaged surface layers of the skin and mucous membranes is restored without the formation of scar tissue.

In severe chickenpox, when the lymph nodes accumulate a significant number of viruses, reaction to it can become swollen lymph nodes due to swelling of tissues. Lymph nodes may be increased during the period of rashes on the skin and mucous membranes.

When violations of immunity may develop severe chickenpox with visceral and central nervous system.

The reason for enlarged lymph nodes and may be a bacterial infection - in this case, lymph nodes may develop bacterial inflammation - lymphadenitis.


Increased lymph nodes chickenpox: Symptoms

Reactive lymphadenopathy chickenpox can be seen early in the disease, and during the entire period of the rash. Increase, usually the lymph nodes in the neck and nape area, sometimes - subclavian, that is located near the point of introduction into the organism infection. Lymph nodes are usually dense, elastic and can be painful or lightly, or not at all painless.

Increased lymph nodes passes slowly, often they cease to be palpable after the period ends rash. But sometimes this process is delayed for a few weeks.


Inflammation of the lymph nodes chickenpox

Viral infection usually does not cause inflammation of the lymph nodes. However, the question whether the inflamed lymph nodes Lymph nodes - what keeps our immune system  Lymph nodes - what keeps our immune system
   chickenpox, can be answered in the affirmative. Inflammation of the lymph nodes may occur when connecting a secondary bacterial infection and the occurrence of complications such as pustular rash, abscesses and abscesses.

This inflamed lymph nodes located near the place where there was the introduction of a bacterial infection in the skin. That is, it may be lymph nodes located anywhere. Lymphadenitis is a sign of increasing and painful lymph node swelling and redness of the skin over it.

Lymphadenitis passes up until purulent process will be held on the skin.


What to do with enlarged lymph nodes chickenpox?

If it is a reactive lymph node enlargement in the place of introduction into the body of infection, something to do with it does not need anything - the lymph nodes decrease with time on their own. But it is necessary at this time to protect them from exposure to changes in the background on the lymphoid tissue in them developed bacterial inflammation.

If there are signs of bacterial inflammation and lymphadenitis, the prescribed antibiotics. If in developing lymph node abscess, it is opened surgically, followed by prescribing a course of antibiotic therapy.

Since chicken pox, like all other herpes infections, can cause decreased immunity, sometimes a single antibiotic therapy is not enough. To restore the function of the immune system restorative treatment is prescribed, and if necessary (after laboratory blood tests for immunity - immunogram) - drugs that restore certain parts of immunity - immunomodulators.

Chickenpox - it's not so simple and safe condition, as previously thought. Moreover, some of the mechanisms of this infection is still poorly understood.

Galina Romanenko

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Herpes type 7 - one of the most undiscovered viruses

January 28, 2014

 Herpes type 7
 Herpes type 7 has been open a little over twenty years ago, and today it remains one of the most undiscovered viruses in this group. Since often the presence in the body of the herpes virus type 7, combined with the presence of herpes virus type 6, suggest that the activation of the latter takes place by means of the herpes virus type 7, which leads to the development of chronic fatigue syndrome.


The herpes virus type 7 - How do you get infected?

Herpes is caused by virus type 7, open by chance in 1990 in the United States during the study of HIV infection. Most of the virus is similar to cytomegalovirus, and herpes virus type 6 Herpes type 6 - causes different diseases  Herpes type 6 - causes different diseases
 . Today, it was found that the virus is widely distributed in the environment and is often introduced into the body together with the herpes virus type 6, causing chronic fatigue syndrome.

It is believed that the virus type 7 activates the virus type 6, which leads to the development of chronic fatigue syndrome. However, full development mechanisms of chronic fatigue syndrome has not yet been studied.

Primary infection with herpes virus type 7 occurs mostly after year, and this differs from the herpes virus type 6 infection that occurs in the second half of the first year of life. After three years, almost all children are carriers of this virus.

The spread of the virus is now also not been fully established, but found that the virus found mainly in human saliva, so it can be assumed that the infection is transmitted by airborne droplets. It is also possible transmission of infection through blood transfusions have been inactive herpes virus type 7 are T-lymphocytes.

Which this virus causes disease is not set, not its presence in the body are associated with lymphoproliferative diseases (cancer originating from lymphocytes), chronic fatigue syndrome and AIDS.


Chronic fatigue syndrome - the main features

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic fatigue - if life is not a pleasant experience  Chronic fatigue - if life is not a pleasant experience
   (CFS) as a distinct disease presumably viral nature ball first identified in the late 80s of the last century in the United States. It was found that CFS is more common in women younger and middle-aged. Now it allocates a number of diagnostic criteria, which allows the presence of a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. The essential diagnostic criteria are observed for six months and more significant constant fatigue and decreased performance, as well as the absence of any other diseases or other reasons that could cause this condition.

There are minor criteria correct diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. These are signs of chronic infectious-inflammatory processes (small, but long-term rise in temperature, chronic pharyngitis Pharyngitis - recommended home treatment  Pharyngitis - recommended home treatment
 , Increasing the nearby lymph nodes, sore muscles and joints).

It also includes the criteria of small violations of the central nervous system - insomnia or sleepiness, loss of memory, learning, intelligence and the ability of concentration, irritability, weakness, depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
   and so on. Complement criteria for small neuroendocrine disorders symptoms: rapid change in body weight, disorders of the digestive organs, loss of appetite, irregular heartbeat, and the process of urination. All these minor symptoms are combined with rapid fatigue during exercise, constant tiredness, lethargy and allergies to drugs, sunlight, alcohol and other factors.

The diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome is considered to be significant in the case when the patient revealed two mandatory and four minor diagnostic criteria, observed for over six months.


How to identify the type of herpes 7

Currently, there are the following methods for detection of herpes virus type 7:

  • identification of viral DNA by polymerase chain reaction - PCR;
  • detection of antibodies to herpes virus type 7 by enzyme immunoassay (ELISA - method also allows you to set what class of immunoglobulin antibodies are identified with reasonable certainty to say, the primary infection is chronic or recurrent).

Also confirms the diagnosis by means of an immunogram, which shows the changes in the human immune system, typical of HSV infection.


Treatment of herpes type 7

The goal of treatment is to suppress the propagation of the herpes virus type 7, and immune reconstitution. To do this, appoint antivirals and strengthen the immune system, restoring the "broken" links of immunity, focusing on data immunograms.

Galina Romanenko

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