How to lose weight with the help of fasting - competent limitation in food

November 5, 2014

  • How to lose weight with the help of fasting - competent limitation in food
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 how to lose weight with the help of fasting
 Fasting can be a useful tool not only for weight loss, but also to cleanse the body Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration  Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration
   of toxins, as well as for the development of the discipline - in the end, survive without food for even one day for most people is very difficult. However, before we get to know more about how to lose weight through starvation, need to find out to whom it is contraindicated.

From fasting should refrain:

  • People with low body weight, and with a variety of eating disorders;
  • Before and after surgery;
  • Women who have an unstable menstrual cycle;
  • People deficient any nutrients;
  • People with low blood pressure;
  • Pregnant and lactating women;
  • People with cardiovascular disease;
  • People with certain mental illnesses Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help?  Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help?
  • When extreme fatigue - before you start fasting, you need to recuperate;
  • In cold weather - long fast is not recommended in winter.

Of course, fasting is contraindicated teenagers whose bodies are not yet fully developed.


The benefits of fasting

Fasting not only reduces weight but also makes it possible to relax the digestive system, cleanses the toxins, cleans the mind, to find peace of mind and clarity of thought.

Many people who have lost weight with the help of starvation, they say that even after a short fasting they felt easy, not only in body but in mind; they have improved concentration, they became more relaxed and better able to cope with stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis


Types of fasting

There are several kinds of fasting, such as juice fasting, starvation, cyclic starvation. During a full fasting person does not eat anything and only drink water, at least for one day. Juice fasting, as you may guess, involves the refusal of any food or drink, other than juice and, of course, water.

For repeated fasting person alternates between periods, during which he eats normally (or to some extent limits the number of calories consumed) with periods of fasting.

Currently, very common type of cyclic starvation 5: 2 - a man for five days eating, as usual, and two days (not consecutive) hungry - so it continues as long as the weight is reduced to the desired mark. Some people prefer to go hungry for two days, usually on weekends; for a healthy person is not dangerous, but without food to sustain 48 hours can not everyone.

Fasting every other day based on the same principles as the paleo diet (or so-called caveman diet), which in recent years is gaining popularity. Proponents of this diet are trying to partially or completely copy eating habits of our ancestors - it is assumed that it allows you to put in order to improve their health and general well-being.

Hunters and gatherers did not have regular access to food, which has a modern inhabitant of developed countries, and the well-fed periods they may alternate with periods of famine. According to the theory, which is based on the concept of such starvation, problems with obesity have become so common, because that modern man lives in the ongoing full time, and rarely without food spends more than 6-8 hours (not counting the time he sleeps). Followers of this theory suggested that a partial fasting every other day time, but this approach may well be used temporarily, only to lose weight.


Cyclic starvation

Fasting every other day to be a normal food for one day and do not use more than five hundred calories for another day. Exactly how much time you need to lose weight in a manner dependent on a number of factors - the initial and desired weight, metabolic rate Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 , Level of physical activity, age.

As a rule, such a diet is recommended to adhere to at least four weeks. The most difficult are the first seven to ten days. About 10% of people who tried cyclical fasting every other day, said that in the early days they had from time to time there is a headache, but the biggest problem is hunger, which can sometimes become very strong. On the second or third week, observe a diet becomes much easier.

Your diet in the days when you eat normally, and in the days when you eat no more than 500 calories should consist of:

  • Healthy fats. From them must come 50-85% of calories. Sources of such fats are avocados, nuts, seeds, fish oil, coconut oil and other vegetable oils;
  • Moderate amounts of high quality protein. The sources of such protein - organic meat, eggs, dairy and soy products;
  • Fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, the best - organic.

It is believed that when a sufficiently long follow such a diet metabolism is rebuilt, and the body begins to much more actively than before to burn subcutaneous fat.

However, to confirm this is not possible - not least because I want to eat this way for a long time not so much.

Cyclic starvation 5: 2 is a much more popular - it is better tolerated and, as a rule, allows to lose two to four kilos in just two or three weeks (of course, provided that within five days, the person does not overeat).

Adhering to such a diet, a person within five days of eating a healthy variety of foods, and then two days, or even refrain from eating and drinking only water or uses a small amount of food (500 calories per day for women and 600 calories per day for men). One of the great advantages of this type of cyclic starvation is that five days a week, people can eat almost anything - any restriction diet is not, though, of course, if you want to lose weight quickly, it is better not to exceed the daily rate in the 1800-2000 kcal . According to scientists, fasting one or two days a week, not only helps to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, but also reduces the likelihood of developing certain disorders that affect the brain, including Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

How to quickly lose fat from the thighs: without exercise will not do

June 14, 2012

 how quickly lose fat from the thighs
 Before reducing the amount of estrogen Estrogen - the key to bone health  Estrogen - the key to bone health
 That women experience in middle age, thighs and hips tend to accumulate fat, which is then hard reset. To quickly get rid of this fat, you need a lifestyle that includes good nutrition, cardio to burn fat and compound exercises to work on the buttocks and sides.


  • Step 1

Tidy your diet. Eliminate most sweet and fat-rich snacks, desserts and drinks. Switch to low-fat or fat-free dairy products and lean protein sources such as fish, chicken breast without skin and legumes. It is desirable to include in the diet of more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to reduce calories during your good nutrition. Never skip meals as this will slow down your metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   and thwart your efforts to lose weight.

  • Step 2

Perform cardio most days of the week for 30-60 minutes. This will help you burn fat accumulated and will bring a lot of other health benefits. If your schedule does not allow you to engage in 60 minutes, try to engage in a little less time, but several times a day. Magazines fitness recommend brisk walk in the fresh air, or a 20 minute walk to stupenkohode, rowing machine or exercise bike to burn 216 to 284 calories.

  • Step 3

Improves skin tone and strengthen the muscles in the hips. These include the hips and the gluteus maximus or buttock. Recommend and combined exercises such as lunges t squats to work on several muscles. If you hold dumbbells during exercise, you increase their strength and good form will attach his hips faster. For each exercise, do three sets of 12-15 repetitions, arranging a brief break between sets and one day of rest between workouts so your muscles can recover.

  • Step 4

Drink plenty of water. It is known that the body takes about 8 cups of water per day for proper function, including the water before, during and after exercise. Water transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body and flushes toxins out of it, regulates body temperature and helps lubricate joints. The lack of fluid causes fatigue and takes from you the energy necessary for a successful workout. Keep a water bottle always at the ready, and especially during exercise.

  • Step 5

Stay active and outside training. All physical activity burns calories and improves the condition of the body, so the more you move, the faster you lose fat from the thighs. Try to walk or ride a bike instead of driving a car, do some gardening or any other hobby that requires physical effort, and get your hands on other leisure activities that give you the opportunity to move instead of sitting in front of a TV. Burning 500 calories lead to weight loss of one pound a week and helps you lose fat from thighs faster.

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