Fish oil for weight loss - is there any sense in its application?

June 4, 2014

 fish oil for weight loss
 Fish oil is used for weight loss, but the effect of this would only be the case when the observed and all other recommendations for reducing body weight. Improper diet and sedentary lifestyle to hope for getting rid of the extra kilos just by receiving the fish oil is not necessary.


Fish oil for losing weight - what gives?

Fish oil contains nutrients that have a positive effect on metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 . First of all, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), whose action on cellular metabolism can not be overestimated. Today PUFA can be divided in accordance with the structure of the molecules in the Omega-3 and Omega-6.

More recently, it was believed that the inclusion in the diet of a sufficient amount of oil (in the vegetable oils include mostly omega-6 PUFAs) solve all the problems of fat metabolism. But in the past decade related to the omega-6 PUFA have changed. It has been found that an excess of omega-6 causes not fully digestible fatty acid omega-3, since there is a competition between them: both require the presence of absorption of the same enzymes.

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (eicosapentaenoic, docosahexaenoic, alpha-linolenic acid) contained mainly fatty marine fish and flaxseed oil. They improve lipid metabolism by reducing the blood levels of harmful low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Omega-3 positive effect on the properties of cell membranes and enhance the activity of membrane receptors, thus improving penetration of lipoproteins into cells, and their interaction with cellular enzymes and including metabolism. Under the influence of omega-3 PUFA activate the process of lipolysis - the splitting of fats into fatty acids with release of energy.

If the human diet a lot of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and little omega-3, the process of lipolysis is inhibited. The optimal combination of Omega-6 and Omega-3 in the diet is considered to be 5: 1.


How to lose weight with the help of fish oil

Fish oil will accelerate the process of weight loss only if the number of entering the body of calories will be less than the number of calories used by the body to maintain its life.

This means that even a small reduction in caloric intake coupled with exercise provided a course of fish oil will help reduce body weight.

But while in the daily diet should not be less calories than is required to sustain the body. If this figure falls below the critical level, the person ceases to lose weight - body just starts to save energy resources by reducing the intensity of metabolic processes. Thus there is marked lethargy, and decreased performance. There are different ways of calculating energy intake for weight loss, but it's better if it does dietitian. It is equally important that the energy expended by means of physical activity.

Inclusion in the scheme of courses of fish oil will quickly get rid of the extra kilos. In addition, the normalization of lipid metabolism will make the process more stable and reduce the risk of rapid weight regain.


How to take fish oil for weight loss

Fish oil is produced in the form of capsules and oily solutions. The capsules are more convenient dosage form. They are available in a dosage of 300 and 500 mg. Take fish oil in the first half of the day on 500-1000 mg two or three times a day during or immediately after a meal. Capsules are not chewed and washed down with water. Taking dietary supplements, which include fish oil should be at least three months in a row. Sometimes the doctor prescribes large dosages and duration of treatment. But on their own do not.

When buying fish oil is taken into account some of the nuances. Fish oil is produced today as a conventional method of marine fish liver (mainly cod), and soft tissue adjacent to the muscles. "Muscle" fat is valued more as devoid of toxic substances are deposited in the liver. Such fish oil Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?  Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?
   sometimes referred to as fish oils.


Contraindications for the use of fish oil and its side effects

Fish oil is not suitable for its individual intolerance, severe liver disease, exacerbation of chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, pancreatic diseases Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know  Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know
 , Increased bleeding. Do not take fish oil after injuries and operations - it can increase the risk of bleeding. With caution and only on prescription fish oil can be taken during pregnancy and nursing Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice

Side effects of fish oil can manifest as nausea, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea or constipation, as well as transient liver dysfunction. Perhaps the emergence of allergic reactions.

Fish oil can be a good tool in the fight against excess weight.

Galina Romanenko

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Turboslim - twin Herbalife?

November 27, 2008

  • Turboslim - twin Herbalife?
  • Turboslim "Evalar"

   Turboslim - a drug for weight loss, through which you can burn extra calories and fat, both day and night. Complex consisting of drugs Turboslim Day and night Turboslim designed for use within four weeks. If during this time you will not achieve the desired result, the rate of admission can be repeated after 6 weeks. Manufacturers claim that Turboslim speeds up metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 , Due to which the body is cleansed of toxins and faster than usual, it burns fat.

 Turboslim - twin Herbalife?


Turboslim Day

  • Citrus bioflavonoids - 75 mg
  • Guarana extract - 50 mg
  • Red algae extract - 50 mg
  • Papain - 30 mg
  • Bromelain - 20 mg
  • Vitamin C - 10 mg
  • Vitamin B3 - 3 mg
  • Zinc - 3.2 mg

Turboslim Night

  • Garcinia Extract - 100 mg
  • Senna Extract - 50 mg
  • Chitosan - 40 mg
  • Linoleic acid - 25 mg
  • L-carnitine - 10 mg
  • Lemon balm extract - 10 mg
  • Vitamin E - 5 mg
  • Vitamin B1 - 0.75 mg
  • Vitamin B2 - 0.9 mg
  • Zinc - 0.75 mg
  • Chromium picolinate - 0.1 mg

Additional ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, calcium stearate, aerosil.

 Turboslim - twin Herbalife?


  • Turboslim day: Take one capsule at breakfast time, and another - during lunch. Before use, you need to consult a doctor.
  • Turboslim Night: Take one capsule at dinner time.

 Turboslim - twin Herbalife?

Turboslim day

  • Citrus bioflavonoids stimulate thermogenesis and reduce body fat. Their action is enhanced when combined with caffeine.
  • Ektrakt Guarana provides an optimal concentration of caffeine in the body, stimulate the cell metabolism and metabolic processes and amplifies thermogenic bioflavonoids.
  • Red algae extract stimulates the circulation of fluids in the tissues and promotes the excretion of toxins and excess fluids.
  • Bromelain and papain improve digestive processes, preventing deposition of excess food in the form of fat.
  • Vitamin B3, vitamin C and zinc stimulate metabolic processes in the body.

 Turboslim - twin Herbalife?

Turboslim night

  • Garcinia extract is a source of hydroxycitric acid, which slows down the process of conversion of excess carbohydrates into fat and suppresses appetite.
  • Chitosan binds the fat molecules and removes them from the body.
  • Linoleic acid inhibits the formation of fat and stimulates thermogenesis.
  • L-carnitine L-carnitine - gives the body energy  L-carnitine - gives the body energy
   transports fats to the mitochondria where they are converted into energy.
  • Senna extract improves digestion, increases the activity of the intestine, has a mild laxative effect.
  • Melissa extract stimulates the digestive process; It has antispasmodic and sedative effect.
  • Chromium picolinate maintains normal physiological level of glucose Glucose: The energy source  Glucose: The energy source
   in the blood, thus providing a natural reduction in the weight and suppress cravings.
  • Vitamin B, Vitamin E and zinc are involved in the processing of carbohydrates.

These ingredients are part of many other drugs for weight loss, most of which cost less than Turboslim. During the studies it was found that Turboslim has a significant influence on the burning of fat. Moreover, until now there have been no standardized one controlled clinical trials of the drug action. The effect provided by the fact that the drug is excreted from the body fluid. Fat, if the person during the course of treatment Turboslim continues to eat as usual, split in small quantities. With proper reception Turboslim safe, but after the course, many people weight quickly returns, often - in just a few weeks. The same effect is observed in the subsequent course of treatment with Turboslim.