Dietary plateau when the body is not ready for change

June 4, 2007

 Diet Plateau
   You have chosen a suitable diet to lose weight to the desired weight. You said goodbye to old eating habits, and even give up your favorite foods and products. And now we see the first fruits of selfless dieting. The body finally appreciate your sacrifices and responded to a diet - you lose weight! You have almost reached the coveted goal - separates you from it only a few kilograms. The hard work and the rejection of the gastronomic pleasures of life will finally be rewarded!

So, one more little effort - and will disappear the last three to five kilograms. And suddenly you stop losing weight and the scales treacherously freezes on the same mark ... Weight loss just stops or slows down the maximum, so that it becomes invisible.

The fact that the first body not only gets rid of the fat and water. In addition, usually all start losing weight with great enthusiasm, but then gradually lose interest and cease to strictly follow the plan. In nutrition there exists the concept of "diet plateau" when even against the weight of the diet stops. At this stage, you do not gain weight, but do not lose it. "Dietary plateau" is much more common than people think. After this stage, sooner or later are nearly all those who are dieting.

 Dietary plateau when the body is not ready for change

Reasons "diet plateau"

During the first few weeks of reaction to the diet encourages - you pretty quickly lose weight. The body adapts to the new regime and diet. At this time, the calorie intake is low, and the metabolism is accelerated, which leads to a stable and rapid weight loss. Stage "plateau" occurs when the body has rebuilt and "accustomed" to a new regime. Diet is no longer for him unexpected shock. Now the body is set to burning fewer calories - in fact reduced their consumption; to save energy metabolism slows down. At this time, the weight loss slows or stops altogether. No diet, no grueling sessions in the health club does not bring the desired results. Now lose the remaining weight will be difficult.

Are you sure you have reached the "diet plateau. ' When you notice that during the week (or weeks), the scales did not move one space, do not despair and do not give up. If you stop dieting at this time, it will quickly lost kilos so hard and come back to where you started. On the other hand, if you make some changes in the diet, the more quickly reach their goals.

Phase "dietary plateau" experienced people, often from the various diet and experiencing several times during the selected weight loss program. The main thing - remember that the "plateau" - not a permanent phenomenon, but only a temporary situation, a transitional stage.

 Dietary plateau when the body is not ready for change

Possible factors' diet plateau "

Lower activity of the body under the same loads: perform the usual exercises with less activity - an important factor "diet plateau. ' Many believe that simply do fitness and exercise intensity does not matter. As a rule, they are not involved in sports, helps burn calories, or even speed up slow metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting

Malnutrition: a sense of apathy, irritability Irritability - you try to control my temper  Irritability - you try to control my temper
   or indifference that accompany the persistent malnutrition in the diet - the right signals, indicating an acute lack of nutrients, from which suffers not only the body but also the mind. As a rule, people who follow a diet adamant: eat less - the better. Interested in obtaining rapid and visible results, they are becoming increasingly refuse to eat. An organism deprived of the most essential nutrients like falls into lethargy. As a consequence, slow metabolism. Because the body does not receive the "fuel" needed to sustain the process of weight loss slows or stops. It is therefore important to understand the importance of consumption of calories, enough for optimum weight. Moreover, if such voluntary starvation is delayed, blood sugar Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health  Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health
   It rises, which leads to increased appetite. The result - an increase in food intake and return to the original weight.

In women, the expected results of the different diets and weight loss programs to a large extent influenced by hormones, drugs taken and features of the menstrual cycle. Other common factors of 'diet plateau "are slow metabolism Slow metabolism: how slimming complicate his task  Slow metabolism: how slimming complicate his task
 , Reduced / elevated blood sugar levels (insulin-dependent), toxic overload, endocrine diseases, taking certain medications, food allergy and stress.

 Dietary plateau when the body is not ready for change

How to overcome the "diet plateau"

Despite the complexity of the problem, "diet plateau" can be solved. To launch a review of the diet plan and fitness workouts. Make a new strategy to move to the target or modify the existing plan. We can not expect other results if you continue to follow the old strategy.

  • Check goal: how realistic goals you set yourself? The body of each is different and has unique characteristics, so the diet on which thin your friend, you can totally do not like. Try to understand your body and put it in front of realistic goals. If necessary, consult your doctor or dietitian.
  • Be honest with yourself, do not allow concessions: carefully watch your eating behavior, pay attention to the type and portions of all products. Most likely, you will find areas that can not control - make the appropriate changes.
  • Changes in caloric intake: change daily intake of calories, but keep the same number of calories per week. For example, limit the intake of calories in 1500, and the next day, increase this number to 2100. Effective means of increasing or decreasing caloric intake - eat a double dose or twice to increase physical activity in the gym.
  • Perform strength training: strength training aimed at strengthening the muscles, which in turn strengthens bones, helps build lean muscle mass, and ultimately speeds up the metabolism.
  • Changing program fitness workouts: radical change will help to change jobs and "tuning" of the body. Therefore, during the free of sleep, try to be active permanently. Fitness training program should be changed every four - six weeks. Move on to more complex exercises that require good physical fitness. Also try a variety of sports: cycling, swimming, skating and dancing, or even mountain climbing. All of these lessons are not only diversify your life, but to improve the physical condition and burn calories. Result -zametnoe weight reduction.
  • Changes in diet: try to change the diet also. Discard the moderate diet rich in carbohydrates, in favor of a diet low in carbohydrates. Replace carbohydrates proteins. Do not be afraid to experiment and make changes in your diet, but do not forget about balance. Do not skip breakfast, drink 8 glasses of water a day, eat healthy food and share food for 5-6 meals.
  • Changing the order of meals and portion sizes: consumption of less food, but more often (so-called fractional power) - that's time-proven an effective means of proper nutrition, which promotes weight loss. Three main meals to add some snacks - is considerably speed up the metabolism.

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