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December 2, 2014

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 fitness exercises at home for weight loss

Fitness at home for weight loss

The fitness program for weight loss include exercises for the press Exercises for the press: a flat stomach and wasp waist - easy!  Exercises for the press: a flat stomach and wasp waist - easy!
   and back, cardio exercises for the muscles of the upper body and the whole body, as well as interval training. Cardio or aerobic exercises, are referred to different types of loads that cause a significant increase in heart rate and amount of oxygen circulating in the body. These include running, walking, dancing, outdoor sports, swimming, various squats, kicks and other exercises performed at a high enough rate. In the above fitness program can include any cardio exercise, such as:

  • Jumping rope. For twenty minutes, this exercise allows you to burn up to 220 calories;
  • Jumping rope without. There are a lot of options - you can just jump on the spot (such jumps well suited for warm-up), jumping on one leg, jump, turn putting his feet together and apart, exposing foot forward (as when performing a lunge), and so on. Ten minutes is enough intense jumps to one hundred calories burned. Note that jumping, especially on a hard surface, not recommended for people who have problems with joints or varicose veins Varicose veins - the operation is inevitable?  Varicose veins - the operation is inevitable?
  • Run. This could be running in place (to increase the load, raise your knees as high as possible), running in the simulator or in the stadium or on the paths of the park;
  • Burpee - one of the most effective cardio, which is recommended to master all losing weight;
  • Sit down, place your hands on the floor. Without taking your hands off the floor and jump back so that the body was in the "bar". Jump forward, returning to the starting position. Jump way back and forth at least 90 consecutive seconds, and gradually try to do the exercise longer and longer, and as quickly as possible. To further increase the load, it is possible after each resetting bounce upward pulling arm;
  • Mahi feet - a very simple and effective exercises, if you do them fast enough;
  • A fight with a shadow. To use this training technique, not necessarily own the martial arts - just "beat" kicking the air as much as possible and quickly;
  • Exercises with gymnastic bench (or steps). Here also there are several options: simple upgrades on the bench ups with dumbbells, jumping on the bench (to perform jumping bench must be very stable). Very useful for running the stairs up and down; to carry out this exercise, do not necessarily live in an apartment building - stairs with steps 10-15 will be sufficient.

Vocabulary for abdominal and back muscles (muscle or bark), and exercises the muscles of the upper body and the whole body related to the power load.

The so-called bark exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles in the spine. These include: plank and side plank (it is also an exercise for the muscles of the body), various types of bridges, push-ups.

  • To run the bar, lie on your stomach, bend your elbows so that your forearms rested on the floor. Climb above the floor, resting on forearms and toes. Make sure that the back was straight and the abdominal muscles are tense. Hold this position as long as possible. Follow the bar at least five times per workout. When the exercise starts to do well, try to do the bar, resting on the floor with one foot and hold the other in the air, in line with the torso.
  • The side strap is made of the starting position lying on its side; man holds the body on the floor, leaning alternately on the right and left forearm, and socks.
  • For normal bridge lie on your back and bend your knees, pull your hands at your sides. Lift the hips and lower back on the floor, resting on the floor and your feet shoulder blades, and hold this position for 20-30 seconds in a row. Perform each exercise, for starters, 15-20 times in a row, and then increase the number of repetitions to thirty or more. You can also perform a bridge on one leg - the same technique, only one leg to pull and keep parallel to the floor. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the lower back and abdomen.

In a set of exercises for the upper body, in addition to those listed above, you can include a variety of lifts dumbbells - they simultaneously provide the load on the muscles of the arms, back and stomach.

In the days that are scheduled workout for the muscles of the whole body, you can do all the above power exercises, and add to them a variety of squats with dumbbells. They provide much of the load on the muscle groups, including, in the gluteal muscles, exercise that is particularly hard. In addition, the complex is recommended to include exercises with resistance (for this you need an elastic band), and with the weighting for the hands and / or feet.

Drill press for girls: solving problems with weak abdominal muscles

April 7, 2012

 drill press girls
 A rare woman does not dream of having a flexible thin waist and elastic flat stomach. In an effort to lose weight, many dieting, but this is not enough for the muscles tightened and the contours of the body they have become attractive. Make a nice belly to help special exercises for the press Exercises for the press: a flat stomach and wasp waist - easy!  Exercises for the press: a flat stomach and wasp waist - easy!
   girls that strengthen muscle and burn excess fat.

In order to work out the problem with the stomach muscles have to do press. There are several simple and pleasant exercises that are suitable for practicing at home. Doing these exercises is best in the morning, as the charging. This will give a charge of vivacity for the whole day.

At night, the best exercises to do, because exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
   stimulate the activation of the internal processes of the body, stimulate the nervous system, then it will be difficult to sleep.

 Drill press for girls: solving problems with weak abdominal muscles

General recommendations

Exercises for girls and women are slightly different from the others. In most cases, the girls do not want to get the dice on his stomach, and just try to make the waist thinner and abdomen - flat. Therefore, the exercise easier and more enjoyable. But what remains the same rule for all sexes and ages - it is constant training. Without a firm intention to exercise may be of a chaotic order, and it will not give the desired result. It is not necessary to allocate exactly one hour to practice, you need to have enough perseverance to deal with every free minute drill press. If one day short sessions was typed on sixty minutes - the goal is achieved. An hour a day can turn your stomach into a work of art.

Engage need to regularly - ideally two or three times every week. The number of approaches - decided individually, but three would be enough. Sami exercise is best to do fifteen to twenty times.

When you exercise it is necessary to monitor the position of the body, the breath. Posture should be flat, but the back should be arched, like a cat, and rounded in the opposite direction. This greatly affects the proper load on the spine. If you do the exercises correctly, it may cause displacement of the vertebral discs, and back will be very sick, have to seek professional help. Breathing should be smooth, deep, when the muscles are tense air necessary to breathe, when straightening the back air inhaled.

 Drill press for girls: solving problems with weak abdominal muscles


Usually women weak muscles of the lower press. To strengthen these muscles fit leg raises.

  • From a prone position, arms along the body legs should be lifted up when your knees are over your hips smoothly, slightly raise your pelvis off the floor, then lower the hips and legs behind them. It is better to do without any sudden movements. A minimum of fifteen repetitions.
  • Another type of exercise for the lower press Exercises for the lower press - that's where the need patience and hard work!  Exercises for the lower press - that's where the need patience and hard work!
 : Lifting the legs when sitting. We need to sit down on a bench or chair and lean back about thirty degrees, stretch your legs and raise them, trying to approach the knees to the chest.

In order to become more pronounced waist, you need to work on the oblique abdominal muscles.

  • To do this, lie on your side, prop your head with one hand. Then, due to the lateral abdominal muscles, reducing them to lift the leg clear up, lower down. A minimum of fifteen repetitions. Then repeat on the other side.
  • Another type of exercise for the oblique abdominal muscles: the position of lying on your side, even housing. Lower arm along the body on the floor, the top - of the head. It is necessary to simultaneously raise the legs and body forward, a little hold and release. Only work the abdominals. A minimum of fifteen repetitions. Repeat on the other side.

For the study of the upper press fit popular lifting body from a prone position. For fine, but not the most powerful women to take full sitting position is not necessary. It is enough to tear off only the blade. This well-designed upper part of the abdominal muscles.

To load all the abdominal muscles to take the position for push-ups, just to focus on your elbows and toes. The body should be straight, without bending. Hold this position for a count of twenty and relax.

Another abdominal exercises: horizontal shears. Sitting lean slightly back, legs lifted off the floor without bending cross in the horizontal plane and again dissolve, repeat, bringing up alternately left and right legs.

Exercise paperweight: lie on your stomach, arching her back to clasp hands behind the ankle, start to swing on a semicircular belly back and forth.

Such exercises are not hard physically performing them, you will not become a bodybuilder, but the abdomen becomes elastic, smooth, it will not be cellulite and fat deposits.

 Drill press for girls: solving problems with weak abdominal muscles

In a standing position

As a rule, drill press performed in the supine position. Unfortunately, this situation is not always convenient: for the exercises require a minimum of a gymnastic mat. Vocabulary standing although less common, more versatile. A range of these exercises allows to achieve the desired result in a short time.

Before performing the exercises needed workout. For example, you can dance or just move vigorously for ten - fifteen minutes. Suitable as a warm-up and exercise with gymnastic hoop. When the muscles are warmed up, you can begin to implement a complex exercise.

Starting position - standing on the floor, feet shoulder width or slightly narrower, palms lie on the lower ribs. One leg can be slightly bent at the knees, raised on the toes to avoid unnecessary tension in the back. Now we should stretch the muscles of the abdomen and perform tilts forward without relaxing the abdominal muscles. In the initial position should inhale and exhale tilt exercise - it helps to make the exercise is particularly effective. Repeat the exercise to be eight - twelve times.

For training obliques effective lateral tilt. The starting position is the same. On the exhale should stretch the muscles and bend to the right. Then return to the starting position, inhale and bend to the left. Exercise should be repeated ten to fifteen times in each direction.

To perform another exercise for the press in a standing position should put your feet shoulder-width apart, hands to dissolve in hand and bend up brushes. At "one" raise right knee and touch it with his elbow bent left arm. At the expense of "two" to return to the starting position. On the count of "three" to repeat the same with the left knee and right hand. At the expense of "four" go back to the starting position. This exercise can and should be done in a fast pace at least twenty times in each direction. It will approach this exercise in a workout to warm up the muscles.

 Drill press for girls: solving problems with weak abdominal muscles

Exercises with dumbbells

To do the exercises for the press even more effective, you need to pick up a dumbbell. For example, with weights, you can exercise for the oblique abdominal muscles. Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart, hands with dumbbells over your head, elbows to the sides apart. It is necessary to make the slope of the right knee while lifting his right foot out, trying to touch the elbow to the knee. Similarly performed and tilt to the left. Exercise should be repeated five to ten times on each side.

To perform another exercise with dumbbells should be wider legs apart, arms apart and dissolve in each hand take a dumbbell. Now you need to rotate the body vigorously in hand, helping himself with his hands in this position of the pelvis should remain unchanged. Repeat this exercise should also be five to ten times on each side.

To strengthen the upper slopes of effective press ahead with dumbbells. Starting position - standing on the floor, feet shoulder width apart, arms bent at the elbows holding dumbbells over head. Straining abdominal muscles should be as slow as possible to lean forward and to return to its original position. Exercise is sufficient to repeat five to ten times.

Strengthen your abdominal muscles, thighs and arms can simultaneously performing squats with dumbbells. Starting position - feet shoulder width apart, arms raised, holding dumbbells. Now you need to perform squats, widely divorced his knees, and at the same time to lean, lowering the dumbbell down between his knees. If the exercise is done correctly, the abdominal muscles have to strain. You should perform this exercise ten - twelve times daily or every other day.

All experts and trainers recommend a combination of targeted training abdominal muscles with cardio exercises. This will help to lose weight in general. Besides these exercises, fun and enjoyable. They can perform both exercises like taking a break from household chores, or devote a day. Physical exercise - an excellent antidepressant. One need only pick up the hair, wear a bright tracksuit, fast turn on loud music and start to play sports as the soul of the alarm go off, new mental strength. After loading you need a shower to please yourself, you can contrast and application to the skin moisturizers, creams or special diet. Excited skin better perceive the nutrients and increase blood flow to speed up metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   and fat burning.

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