Lose Weight correctly: slow and steady wins - on going

October 30, 2008

  • Lose Weight correctly: slow and steady wins - on going
  • How to lose weight right?

 Lose Weight correctly: slow and steady wins - on going
   Proper, healthy weight loss does not involve any strict diets, but grueling workouts. The body prefers gradual changes throughout. For example, if you have not engaged in sports, do not start each day to run 5 kilometers and as much again to swim in the pool. First, you have to make such an effort, that in most cases the motivation enough for a very short time. Secondly, the result will be more damage to the muscle tissue than finding shapes dreams.

The same applies to sharp transitions from the normal supply to the low-calorie diet. The most likely consequence would be a deficit of nutrients with all the negative consequences for health. So how do you lose weight right?

 Lose Weight correctly: slow and steady wins - on going

The demand for energy and weight loss

The food is a source of energy for the body. Surplus it transforms into fat and defers to the case of energy sources will be missed. Thus, a person gains weight if it consumes more calories than the body can consume. The conclusion is simple: to lose weight, you need to reduce your caloric intake and increase the amount of energy burned. However, if you spend a lot more calories than you consume, your body will start to work in power saving mode. Metabolic processes slow down, body fat will break down more slowly, and any food will if possible be processed into fat is stored because the body does not know how long will last the hunger strike, and he does everything to protect yourself.

 Lose Weight correctly: slow and steady wins - on going

Gradual changes

In any complex phenomenon trifles play a huge role. One extra biscuit a week can add you to 2 kilos per year. Abandoning this cookie, you lose about as much. How to determine what extra cookies? Strictly speaking, the excess in your diet is all that is not necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the body and provide the usual level of activity for you. Cookies are not exactly necessary. These and many other sweets, you can replace the dried fruit and nuts - they, too, should not be abused, as they are high in calories.

Buy low-fat milk, use plain yogurt instead of sour cream, choose meat without fat when cooking the chicken, remove the skin from it, do not smear the butter on sandwiches, drink coffee and tea without sugar, eat low-fat ice cream instead of cottage cheese with fruit and so on. Gradually eliminating from your diet foods that promote weight gain, you will not see instant results. It may take six months or a year before you realize what is really lost weight and then go for a smaller size clothes. But the most important thing is that by the time you effortlessly learn to eat properly and you will not face a drastic weight fluctuations which occur in those who returned to a normal diet after diet.

So, the first rule of proper weight loss - you should always eat healthy and not temporary.

 Lose Weight correctly: slow and steady wins - on going

Physical activity

If you do not like the classes in the gym, do not worry - even short walks briskly in the fresh air will bring you a great favor, if you walk at least 4-5 times a week. Better, of course, play sports - swimming, running, cycling, tennis, team games. Very good help to lose weight, and even deal with some psychological problems dancing and yoga.

Physical activity should not be limited training. If possible, choose a weekend in the nature and walks on foot or by bike. Find a hobby associated with the need to move. For example, if you like to take pictures of animals or insects, you can take walk kilometers to make a few shots.

Rating drugs for weight loss: 5 best-known funds

December 6th, 2014

 Rating drugs for weight loss
 Obesity has now become a serious problem that in many developed countries are trying to solve, even at the state level. In addition to traditional dietary restrictions and Sport for help losing weight come as special drugs to help get rid of excess fat. There is even a ranking of drugs for weight loss, loss of appetite and burning fat.


Magic pills

Most nutritionists relates to preparations for weight loss with skepticism. On the one hand, such tools are often ineffective. Tablets for burning fat often contain no active ingredients, and their effect is due to the need to diet in conjunction with drug intake.

On the other hand, there are effective means, but they have numerous contraindications and very unpleasant side effects. Many diet pills that are distributed illegally, are composed of banned substances. These pills help lose weight, but the price for weight reduction will have to pay a very large: health could be seriously harmed.

Is there a magic pill that will effortlessly lose weight? The answer to this question in the negative. From the whole range of drugs for weight loss you can not select one universal, which will help everyone and always. However, the tablet can be of great help in weight loss, if we use them wisely. Combined with moderate exercise and proper nutrition Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food  Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food
   Drugs for weight loss can help make the process of losing weight, if not pleasant, then, at least, is not too burdensome.

Diet pills affect the body in different ways:

  • Some affect the nervous system, reduce appetite ("Meridia", "Reduxine", "Goldline" and others);
  • Others create a feeling of satiety (microcrystalline cellulose);
  • Third tone ("Turboslim day");
  • Fourth block absorption of fat and therefore do not give the body to use these fats contained in calories ("Xenical");
  • Fifth laxative and diuretic (capsules "Lida," a series of "Turboslim" slimming teas).

Promises producers is very seductive, but in reality, most of the drugs does not affect the metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   and it does not help to get rid of excess fat permanently. Even authorized drugs are not always safe for health and the effectiveness of their poor.


Top 5 tools for weight loss

Diet pills - a very profitable business. Perhaps there are no women with excess weight, which I did not try to experiment with tools such promising quick results without effort. On sale you can find legal and illegal drugs, effective and not very expensive and cheap.

  • In fifth place in the list of popular drugs for weight loss are the famous Thai tablets. This facility is considered one of the most effective, as it is legendary. But in reality, the preparation may be truly dangerous. The composition of the tablets include amphetamines and their analogues - drugs that reduce appetite. Pills do help lose weight, but at the same time are addictive, psychological dependence, and even irreversible changes of the psyche. They have an extremely negative effect on the cardiovascular system. The drug is banned in most countries, but sometimes sold illegally under different names.
  • In fourth place German drug "Meridia" and its Russian equivalent of "Reduxine." Means reduce appetite, and quite significantly, improve mood, and help easily transfer diet. At the end of their dignity. Since the tablets also include sibutramine Sibutramine - effective but not safe  Sibutramine - effective but not safe
 , They can drink only on prescription, and only under the supervision of physicians. Because sibutramine can cause highly addictive drugs with them banned in the United States and the European Union. "Meridia" and "Reduxine" contraindicated in all diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. The risk of complications after taking the drug is very high.
  • In third place just a few inexpensive products series "Turboslim." This capsule "Turboslim day," capsule "Turboslim Night", three-day program for losing weight, "Turboslim drain" and some other tools. The structure consists of toning agents and appetite-suppressing components, as well as a diuretic and laxative supplements. It is to them and must "Turboslim" for its efficiency. Weight is indeed falling, but this is primarily due to swelling and intestinal contents. Accordingly, the lost weight back quickly, one has only to stop taking drugs. Pills may be accompanied by abdominal pain, sometimes disrupted the work of the cardiovascular system.
  • Second place goes to "Xenical" ("Orsoten"). This tool blocks (or at least significantly reduces) the digestion of fats. Suitable fatty food lovers who are so loyal to their eating habits, they are willing to tolerate the side effects of "Xenical". And such a lot: it's bloating, and frequent stools, uncontrollable and oily discharge from the rectum. Reviews of "Ksenikale" and "Orsotene" for the most part negative: the prospect of going to inspire a few diapers. The drugs do not contribute to the formation of correct eating habits, rather the opposite: there is more fat provoke. Therefore, after the end of supplementation the weight comes back, and even increased.
  • In the first place, "Karnivit Q10». The preparation consists of vitamin E, L-carnitine L-carnitine - gives the body energy  L-carnitine - gives the body energy
 , Coenzyme Q10. The drug is considered to be completely safe for health, it improves skin condition and has beneficial effects on metabolism. Especially recommended for those who play sports. But wait miracles from this medication is not: the weight loss is very small, and it becomes apparent only in the long-term use. Requires drink "Karnivit Q10» for months, if not years, to observe at least some effect. For this reason, the drug is unlikely to suit those who want to lose weight fast.

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