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April 9, 2012

  • The whole truth about the differences between boys and girls
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 you girl

You have a girl

Do you want to raise a little lady? If so, be prepared to talk to her incessantly. Newborn girls are more likely to maintain eye contact with his parents (studies show that girls are far superior to the boys), they used to say the first word, but they also develop in the course of communication with parents.


Girls - lovely simulators

Within three hours after the birth of girls are able to simulate movement. Studies have shown that newborn girls better than boys repeated finger movements seen them. From early childhood, girls mimic some classes and excel in this boys: whether the care of the child, driving a car or watering the flowers, that is, those activities that do not require human interaction.


The girls speak good hands

Girls always win the boys during the execution of tasks to fine motor skills, and this extends to the elementary school. The girls manage to quickly cope with the toys they used to start using utensils, and begin to write before (and most importantly, more accurately).


Girls know how to listen

Recent studies show that girls are more susceptible to the human voice, and even prefer the sound of all the other sounds. Shake a rattle - and you will not see any difference between a newborn baby boy and a girl, but if you talk, you will see that the girls react much more interested.


Girls prefer to live chat

Girls are much more likely to establish and maintain eye contact, and they are attracted to individuals, especially women. Girls are also more easily identify the emotional state of his expression. If a mother makes frightened face, the child will be excited, but if they see a happy mother, then the child will be calm. According to the data analysis of 26 studies in the field of children's ability to recognize facial expressions, boys need more time to understand the emotional state of a person's expression.


Girls begin to talk earlier

Observation and care of the girls in time gives fruits. Girls use gestures with which they indicate a certain thing, or forgiven, much earlier than their brothers. Girls begin to understand what they say, much earlier than boys, and start talking earlier (approximately twelve months, while the boys - at thirteen to fourteen months), and more to communicate throughout the preschool age. In sixteen months, they can speak more than 100 words, the boys in turn to recite 30 words. Although newborn girls and boys are ahead in the development, it does not last long, since the age of two years and six months, boys and girls recite at least 500 words.

It is impossible to clearly separate what are the qualities of the boys, and what - the girls. Girls may be obsessed with fashion, but at the same time are able to speak even tougher boys. And the boys, in turn, can be very sensitive, when we least expect it. The truth is that the floor - it's just one of the characteristics of the person, which is a complex personality.

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How to prevent the sexualization of girls: the recommendations of the parents - How to talk with her daughter

May 15, 2012

  • How to prevent the sexualization of girls: the recommendations of parents
  • How to reduce the harmful effects
  • Influence Fashion
  • Understanding the Beauty
  • How to talk with her daughter

 how to talk to her daughter about appearance

How to talk with her daughter about appearance, beauty and personal value

  • If a girl under the age of five years

You can bet that the majority of comments addressed to infants and young children related to their appearance. Well, this is quite understandable, given that too early to talk about the personality and character of the child's actions and deeds. Remember, after you heard the phrase "what a beautiful child," when your daughter was still in diapers? And, most likely, you repeated this phrase countless times, speaking of the other children. Although the child may not understand what they say about him adults, it will not last long. If the girl from the cradle to make compliments, admire her blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin and graceful figure, she quickly learns to accept these compliments for granted.

But compliments appearance (from parents and other adults) have a drawback. Imagine that your daughter is an expression of admiration not bashfully downcast eyes or respond modest "thank you" and say, "I know I'm beautiful, everything I talk about it"

Agree, it's terrible. Therefore, we must try not to focus on the appearance of the girls, and praise her inner qualities, her intelligence and achievement. If it is constantly expect compliments from others Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words  Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words
 Become literally dependent on the admiration (regardless of who she admires), hurt her self-esteem, she will go into puberty Transitional age - the period of emotional turmoil  Transitional age - the period of emotional turmoil
 Which, as is known, no color? Acne, hair that is impossible to put the body that got out of control, - the truth is, many of us still can not get over it.

Parents need to find a healthy balance, which is not to praise or nedohvalit girl, especially in the first years of her life. On the one hand, the girls, of course, want to hear that they are pretty. If we do not tell them about it, they will subconsciously seek male attention, to deserve praise in any way. On the other hand, if you overdo it with praise, the girl might get the impression that its value lies only in its appearance. It is a time bomb, when in time its outer beauty fades, and compliments will sound less and less, it may begin depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 I have problems with self-esteem.

  • If a girl aged five to eleven years

As soon as your daughter matures and moves from class to class, she had formed their own idea of ​​beauty .  No matter which formed under the influence of these ideas - influenced by the media or the views adopted in its company - one thing is for sure: the external beauty of it probably already have deafened ears .  It is therefore important in this period honestly and openly discuss issues with the girl of beauty, womanhood, to be open to dialogue with it .  As soon as an opportunity (for example, a girl watching a beauty contest or other TV shows in this format), start with it this important conversation .  Let her know that the main thing - not outer beauty and inner beauty that comes from the heart .  If the girl's weight problems, stress that a healthy diet and exercise are very important not only for appearance but also for the normal state of health (it is important that you do professed these principles) .  Rather than scold her for what she leans on sweets or fast food, try to reduce the temptation to exclude harmful products from the menu .  Remember that children learn best by example, so try to submit her daughter to become a positive example for her role model .  And never, under any circumstances, is not ashamed of it because of the weight, even in jest .

If at this age your daughter pays special attention to appearance and body image, should look at its immediate surroundings - maybe it's the influence of her company .  Maybe it affects a girlfriend? Or is it too much to heart receives the information read in magazines, information it can not critically assess due to his young age? Maybe she looks "adult" movies and TV shows, or listening to music that promotes primitive and sexist views of female beauty? Maybe you or your husband too much emphasis on appearance, so your daughter thinks that appearance is most important? If you notice any warning signs, do everything possible to compensate for the damage, even if they have to burn the daughter of an appointment with a therapist or dietitian .  Many eating disorders start in this tender age, and if we fail to notice the warning signs, then will only get worse .

Again, do not cease to emphasize that kindness, honesty and other positive qualities more important than appearance. This is not a call to convince a girl that looks do not matter - it's not true. Teach her daughter that her body - a temple, the seat of her soul, and this temple to care: maintain a healthy weight, eat right, exercise, take care of themselves (ie, hair, teeth and skin). As girls grow faster than boys, during the transition period of its appearance is not just change, what it is necessary to prepare. It should not take its present appearance as something final, but only as an intermediate stage of development. It is important not to comment on the appearance of the other girls (or your daughter) that she did not appear inferiority complex The inferiority complex - do not revel worthlessness  The inferiority complex - do not revel worthlessness
 That she did not feel worse or "not like everyone else." When she was ten years old, begin to talk to her on the subject of pending changes to its accompanying transformation from girl to girl.

  • If a girl older than twelve years

To the question "What is the relationship to the exterior of your parents instilled in childhood? "Many women respond that even many years later, they remember the exact phrases that express the attitude of parents towards the exterior, and still feel the pain that they have caused these comments.

  • "Are you sure you'll be second? "
  • "Do you know how many calories are in that the cake? "
  • "Maybe you should not have it ..."
  • "You'll never find a husband, if you will so lean on flour".

Such comments, even made a joke, do not pass without leaving a trace of your daughter. Even if the girl really should lose weight, it is better if it will tell her pediatrician rather than mum, constantly pestering her a disapproving look. And by the way, if the weight of your child's pediatrician is not worried, it should not bother you too. Here again it must be stressed the value of good nutrition and exercise, and show the effectiveness of a healthy lifestyle by example. Practice, not a sermon.

Most of the girls are going through the most radical changes in the body during the period from twelve to eighteen years old, and by the end of the school they already perfectly formed feminine figure. Many girls these changes being overtaken by surprise, and the task of mothers - to help prepare for them. You must let them know that it is normal that these changes are natural - the way nature prepares the girl for procreation. Never think that your daughter is "already knows" about this, that this knowledge is inherent in it from birth - it is not.

If your daughter twelve to eighteen years old, try to refrain from commenting on her appearance, weight and shape. If all of this is important to you, chances are you will pass your concern about appearance girl. In the presence of the daughter of praise women who really deserve to be called beautiful - intelligent, decent and good women. Most importantly - as often as possible to remind her that beauty - it is something more than long legs and slender waist.

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