Violation of posture - not just cosmetic defect - Correction

September 19, 2010

  • Violation of posture - not just a cosmetic defect
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What is it - "correct posture"

Correct posture, for example, the dancers - they specifically teach this. Previously taught the correct posture in the Institute for Noble Maidens. Now this is not given much importance, and many young people walk hunched over. A correct posture implies direct position back (primarily the spine), in which the muscles of the back is almost stretched, and the internal organs are not squeezed. Good posture makes people confident independent form the head slightly raised, eyes looking forward and slightly upward, collarbone, shoulder joints, shoulder blades and buttocks are arranged symmetrically, chest slightly convex, stomach in, knees straight.


How is a violation of posture

If a person is not used to keep your back straight, it becomes a round belly bulges forward, and even a good constitution, beautiful breasts and legs are thus invisible. The appearance of such a person creates the impression of tiredness and lethargy. And so it is: the wrong posture Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight  Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight
   fatigue sets in quickly. Back muscles weaken over time and no longer keep the spine, which further exacerbates the situation. Begins to suffer from compression internal organs, shortness of breath, heart palpitations. Most often, this condition occurs when a sedentary lifestyle, when the muscles do not get enough movement and lose their function.

Over time, the constant bending of the spine begins to suffer: intervertebral discs in the round back compressed, flattened and lose its dampening properties, resulting in suffering vertebral bone. The vertebrae are compressed, going through the vertebrae compress nerve roots extending from the spinal cord. In the course of these roots, pain most strongly expressed in the region where more than hurt the spine. Intervertebral discs may go beyond the spine (herniated disc) and also compress the nerve roots.

The cause of bad posture - lack of movement (lack of exercise): the muscles lose their strength and elasticity and can not keep the spine in an upright position.


Can I change the posture

Not yet formed changes in the bony part of the spine, posture can be changed arbitrarily. Many people know that the good spirits themselves straightened his shoulders, his back straightened and his head goes up, and it all happens reflexively, regardless of the wishes of man. Also reflexively lowered shoulders and bent back is a bad mood. A well-known fact that the appearance of the effect on the mental attitude of the person. Therefore, those who have good posture, often in a good mood and better things are going.

In early childhood, the baby is usually very mobile, so preschoolers are rare disorders of posture. Once the children are in first grade, their mobility decreases sharply, back muscles lose their strength and after a year in children 8-9 years revealed a large percentage of posture. But if you teach a child to sit properly without bending the spine, disorders of posture that can be avoided.


Correcting poor posture

Incorrect posture are best amenable to correction in childhood, when it is not formed by the changes of the spine. If the back of your child begins to acquire an irregular shape, the correction (correction) posture to begin with consultation podiatrist. Only orthopedist can assign the correct correction as changes in the spine may be different and muscles in this process is also involved are different.

In the early stages incorrect posture to strengthen the muscles of the back are recommended courses of physiotherapy and massage, physiotherapy. It is also recommended to sleep on a firm mattress is enough, do not fall under the weight of the body. It is useful to sleep on a special orthopedic mattress Orthopedic mattress - a publicity stunt or real help?  Orthopedic mattress - a publicity stunt or real help?
 , Follow the contours of the body. The main position during sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   - Lying on his back, without a pillow or with a thin hard pillow. Recommended as sports, strengthens the back muscles - swimming, gymnastics, figure skating, dancing.

Sometimes appointed wearing special corsets that support the spine and back muscles in the correct position. But how long can not use such a corset, as the muscles become more weak from inactivity. Much better to strengthen the muscles with the help of exercise.

In order to have good posture, you need to constantly ensure that the spine was straight, it is important not only walking but also in standing, sitting, and so on. If a person leads a sedentary lifestyle (for example, works in an office on a computer), you need every hour for five minutes to get up from a chair, walk, stretch, take a few deep breaths. Do not forget the convenience of the workplace - a chair should be comfortable, it should correspond to the height of the growth of a seated man, the back should be a support for the back.

Correct posture - is the foundation of health.

Galina Romanenko

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Protrusion of the disc - you should not be treated with improvised means - intervertebral disk and its changes

July 23, 2009

  • Protrusion of the disc - you should not be treated with improvised means
  • Intervertebral disc and its changes

Intervertebral disc and its changes

The intervertebral disc is a cartilaginous connection between the vertebral bodies, they are performing a damper function, having in its composition a little deflated nucleus pulposus and not giving it to go beyond the disc annulus. When you break the fibrous ring of the nucleus pulposus pressure comes out and forms a protrusion of the spine - the so-called disc herniation.

But there is a condition in which the fibrous ring is not broken, but only thins and bulges of the rear contour of the vertebrae in the spinal canal (about 1 - 5 mm). This condition is called disc protrusion. Over time, the protrusion may go to disc herniation.

 Intervertebral disc and change | protrusion of the disc - do not treat improvised means

The causes of disc protrusion

Disc protrusion occurs on the background of metabolic disorders Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 In the presence of inherited structural features of the spine, after infectious diseases, improper posture and undeveloped muscle corset, with heavy physical exertion, sharp bends torso injuries, falls, etc. Disc protrusion can occur when osteochondrosis Osteochondrosis - Causes and symptoms  Osteochondrosis - Causes and symptoms

 Intervertebral disc and change | protrusion of the disc - do not treat improvised means

How does the disc protrusion

Disc protrusion causes a narrowing of the spinal canal, compression of the nerve roots and spinal cord membranes, inflammation and swelling of the surrounding tissue. The person thus feels severe pain in the protrusion and the disc along the nerves extending from the spinal cord. In addition, the pain will be in the area, which are innervated by nerve entrapment, here may be disrupted motor coordination and muscle strength.

Symptoms depend on the protrusion and its location. Thus, when the protrusion of the lumbar spine appears first numbness in the groin, pain in the lumbar region. Then, you may receive the numbness of the toes, the pain spreads from the top down on the back of the leg. Protrusion of lumbar and thoracic spine nice treat.

The presence of the protrusion of the cervical spine can lead to rapid patient disability. This protrusion rarely gives pain in the neck, often appear dizziness, headaches, jumps of arterial pressure, pain in the shoulder, arm pain, numbness of fingers.

 Intervertebral disc and change | protrusion of the disc - do not treat improvised means

Diagnostics disc protrusion

In addition to the expert examination to confirm the diagnosis is also carried out instrumental diagnostics. On an X-ray of the spine will be visible bone changes in the spine during computed tomography (CT) in addition to changes in the bone can see the changes in the soft tissues, but they are visible clearly, so the CT is often combined with myelography (x-ray of the spine after injection of contrast medium into the spinal canal). And best of all changes in the bone and soft tissues of the spine can be seen during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Wires and functional diagnostic methods that can detect the disease at an early stage. Thus, when we study electromyography function of peripheral nerves, neuromuscular junctions and muscle. On the basis of this study can be judged on the ability of conducting nerve fibers.

 Intervertebral disc and change | protrusion of the disc - do not treat improvised means

Treatment of protrusion of the disc

Treatment of protrusion of the disc can be conservative and surgical. Currently, preference is given to conservative methods of treatment, and only when they are totally ineffective performed surgery.

Conservative treatment - a complex of measures to relieve pain and swelling of the surrounding tissue, restore spinal function, movement and sensation in the affected areas.

First performed fixation and spinal traction to relieve the load on the modified drive. Simultaneously, drug treatment to eliminate swelling and inflammation, and then join complexes physical therapy, massage, reflexology Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies  Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies
   (Chinese method of treatment - effects on specific points on the body surface), manual therapy Chiropractic: the main thing - to choose the competent expert  Chiropractic: the main thing - to choose the competent expert
 , Physiotherapy. All of these techniques can remove the increased load on the modified disk to restore the tone of the surrounding muscles, and the correct operation of the entire spinal column.

One of the modern methods of treatment is treatment with the system DRX 9000 ™. The essence of the technique is that the device allows you to push the two vertebrae to form between them a space in which the fluid flows, nourishing the disc. Disc and restores volume swells. The vacuum effect occurring at the same time, makes the disc being sucked back into place. As a result of a hernia ceases to press on the nerve roots and the pain goes away.

Surgical treatments are applied only in extreme cases, since they make a lot of complications and frequent relapses. Conducting an operation to partial or complete removal of the modified portion of the intervertebral disc.