Yarina - contra-indications for use: it is necessary to take seriously

December 2, 2011

 Yarina - contraindications for use
 Yasmin is contraindicated for many applications - manufacturers mentioned in this section, all the disease or condition that could cause the slightest adverse effects. And rightly so, because hormonal contraception Hormonal contraception: Modern birth control pills  Hormonal contraception: Modern birth control pills
   It shows far from all women.

 Yarina - contra-indications for use: it is necessary to take seriously

Contraindications Yarin from cardiovascular

Yarina is contraindicated in many serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, as this drug (like all other hormonal contraceptives) promotes blood clotting. Such diseases include, above all, venous insufficiency Venous insufficiency - rapidly Youthful disease  Venous insufficiency - rapidly Youthful disease
 In which a vein can not cope with its function of pumping the venous blood to the heart. The result is a stagnation of blood in the lower limbs, and then in the abdomen. Stagnation of blood always leads to increased blood clots - thrombosis, thrombophlebitis and thromboembolism (blood clots coming off from the walls of veins and their penetration into the general blood stream, leading to blockage of large blood vessels).

Other diseases, reinforcing the process of thrombosis is coronary heart disease (CHD), which develops against the background of atherosclerosis. In this narrows the lumen of blood vessels due to the fact that the walls of atherosclerotic plaque deposited. Stagnation of blood in ischemic heart disease usually occurs in the coronary vessels that carry blood to the heart - the formation of a blood clot in this case leads to necrosis of part of the heart muscle (myocardium) due to its insufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen, ie to myocardial infarction.

Not less dangerous and cerebral atherosclerosis - stagnation of blood in the arteries and veins of the brain results in ischemia (as a result of malnutrition) or hemorrhagic (due to rupture of the vessel wall) stroke.

Changes in the blood vessels with a tendency to thrombosis can occur in any severe diseases of the cardiovascular system (high blood pressure, heart rhythm irregularities expressed, heart disease, myocarditis), diabetes Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
 Complicated by vascular disease, as well as in chronic pancreatitis, which may contribute to the development of atherosclerotic lesions in blood vessels. There are conditions to increased thrombosis and migraine - severe headaches, mainly in one half of the head associated with the rapid expansion of the blood vessels of the brain and blood stagnation - in case of migraine and movement disorders accompanied sensitivity.

In some cases, Yarin prescribed, but with caution. Thus, the risk of thrombosis increases dramatically in women who smoke after 35 years, so the gynecologist is not always advise a woman hormonal contraception. Increased risk of thrombosis and obesity, moderately high blood pressure, migraine headaches, a long stay in a stationary state, thrombosis in relatives, diabetes (even if you are no vascular disease), certain types of anemia.

 Yarina - contra-indications for use: it is necessary to take seriously

Contraindications Yarin from liver

Contraindications Yarin is any disease of the liver, which are accompanied by violation of its functions. Hormonal contraceptives should not be taken until full recovery of the patient and the full normalization of laboratory parameters. It is also contraindicated for use in any Yarin liver tumors. Both malignant and benign.

For other liver diseases, which are not accompanied by a violation of its functions, you can assign Yarin, but with great care with more frequent laboratory control. The same approach is to accept Yasmin should be the case if during the previous use of hormonal contraceptives or during pregnancy (in this period also produced a lot of sex hormones) in a woman jaundice or exacerbate diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract.

The problem is that a part of Yarin hormones are degraded in the liver and if the liver can not cope with its function, the body accumulates too much hormone, which is certainly dangerous.

 Yarina - contra-indications for use: it is necessary to take seriously

Other contraindications for receiving Yarin

Admission Yarin is also contraindicated in:

  • with severe kidney disease with severe renal insufficiency;
  • in all malignant tumors, especially dangerous when Yarin receiving hormone-dependent malignant tumors of the mammary glands and genitals - it stimulates the development of the tumor;
  • bleeding from the genitals of unknown origin;
  • Pregnancy and breast- Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
  • if you are hypersensitive components Yarin.

The large number of contraindications to receiving Yasmin does not mean that it is a dangerous drug, it should be easy to apply only on prescription, and after the test.

Galina Romanenko

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Emergency contraception - just in case

August 12, 2007

 Emergency Contraception
 There are times when conventional methods of protection, for whatever reasons, have not been used or unexpectedly denied (the condom broke, forgot to take a pill, missed shot, the passion overflowed with the head). In such situations, it is help available methods of emergency contraception. They can be used if there is confidence that the injury was not the genitals, if not even a small probability of catching a sexually transmitted disease.

Therefore, if there has been a rape, you need to collect will in a fist and go to the doctor. Only a specialist will conduct the necessary research and get rid of fear of pregnancy in this case.

Emergency Contraception (EC) - a method that women can use to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse. In the literature it is called emergency contraception, immediate, urgent, extreme, fire, "the morning after". The most frequently used term "emergency contraception."

How it works? Preparations violate EC development egg fertilization is stopped, and if it has already occurred, preventing the attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterus.

 Emergency contraception - just in case

Types of Emergency Contraception

"Home" methods

Douching, heavy lifting, the introduction into the vagina lemons. The effectiveness of this method does not exceed 35%, because the sperm come into the uterus after a minute and a half, and douching they do not get it out of there. Furthermore, it is known that the viability of sperm in the female reproductive tract is retained for three to seven days, and unfertilized egg 12 - 24 hours. This means that the pregnancy may not occur immediately after intercourse. And as a bonus, there is a risk of unpleasant such experiments undermine health (burn the mucous membrane, disrupt the internal organs of gravity).

Hormonal methods . There are two types:

  • Yuzpe regimen when used conventional combined pill containing two hormones.

The required dose of hormones contained in the following formulations:

  • Single-phase products: Rigevidon, Ovidon, Miniziston;
  • three-phase preparations: Triziston, Trikvilar Three-regolith (emergency contraceptive pills can be used only the third phase).

The amount of tablets depends on the dose of the hormone in one tablet, select the best medication with the doctor, because if the wrong dose of a particular pregnancy may occur or complications associated with an overdose of the drug.

Side effects:   nausea, vomiting, headache, breast tenderness, diarrhea, profuse next menstruation cycle disorders.

Contraindications - thromboembolism and uterine bleeding Uterine bleeding outside of menstruation - a sign of a serious breach  Uterine bleeding outside of menstruation - a sign of a serious breach
   in the past, heavy liver disease, migraine. It is also desirable to use in women older than 35 years, especially smokers.

  • specially designed postcoital contraceptive action. The most famous and accessible - Postinor, it contains a loading dose of a hormone - levonorgestrel. It's simple - you need to follow the instructions. The tablets are used in two stages: first - right after intercourse, but no later than 72 hours; the latter should be done through twelve hours after the first. Advantages: if the pregnancy, the drug not hurt neither mother nor child. Disadvantages: a bunch of side effects is less than with the combined drugs, but still impressive.

If you suspect an infection of sexually transmitted disease, contact your doctor immediately. Contraceptive drugs above types of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, do not protect.

If after applying the emergency contraceptive pills Emergency contraceptive pills - can be bought at the pharmacy only by prescription  Emergency contraceptive pills - can be bought at the pharmacy only by prescription
   going intercourse without contraceptive measures, the protective effect of the tablets it is not spreading.

In addition, we must remember that these drugs, and the like their application is possible only in extraordinary situations where a woman wants to avoid the threat of abortion. Use a combination of drugs under the scheme are constantly extremely harmful to health, and to use Postinor can be no more than two or three times a year.

  Method IUD (intrauterine device)

IUD insertion is performed within 5-7 days after unprotected intercourse, the effectiveness of this method is higher than the rest, pregnancy occurs in only 1% of cases. However, in the case of pregnancy, the baby will not be able to keep. After the introduction of possible inflammation of the uterus Inflammation of the uterus: required hospitalization  Inflammation of the uterus: required hospitalization
 Appendages. Spiral impractical to use as emergency contraception Emergency contraception - do no harm!  Emergency contraception - do no harm!
   nulliparous girls, the women who have a large number of sexual partners, as may be previously identified infection, inflammation. It is clear that it is pointless to enter a spiral, if next month a woman is planning to stop using it. In addition, the spiral is contraindicated in women with chronic inflammation of the female, with a number of other diseases. When introduced into the Navy, at the same time will have to spend on antibiotics.

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