Tsiston - will help get rid of the inflammation

January 1, 2012

 Infectious-inflammatory diseases of the kidney and urinary tract are among the most frequent diseases. Many of this group of diseases occur against a background of urolithiasis Kidney stones - why women tolerate it harder?  Kidney stones - why women tolerate it harder?
 So drugs having both anti-inflammatory action and dissolves the stones are very important in the treatment of such diseases.

 Tsiston - will help get rid of the inflammation

Basic principles of treatment of urinary tract infections

Unlike diseases of other organs, urinary tract infections are treated with long-term. For patients with acute pyelonephritis after recovery for several more months are appointed by short courses of antibiotic therapy followed by a break in treatment. Chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases of the kidney and urinary tract, even if there is no deterioration, necessarily spring and autumn being treated similarly. It is the prevention of possible recurrence.

For anti-treatment is usually applied first conventional uroseptiki (drugs that inhibit the growth of microflora in the urinary tract), and then antibacterial and diuretics vegetable origin, which are softer. Particularly important is anti-treatment in the case in the urinary tract there is any obstacle to the passage of urine, for example, rocks, any restriction, disruption of the musculoskeletal system of the urinary tract and bladder Urinary bladder - structure and function  Urinary bladder - structure and function
   and so on.

Herbal drugs are assigned for the treatment of acute inflammatory processes, but in a combination therapy. They enhance the action of antibiotics and other uroseptikov.

 Tsiston - will help get rid of the inflammation

Who should take tsiston and when it is contraindicated

Tsiston - a herbal drug, which operates smoothly and has no contraindications except for allergic reactions to its components. And since many of the components, and the allergic reactions are common.

In addition, we must remember that tsiston, even despite the fact that he has inflammatory properties, will not remove an attack of renal colic - it is impossible, because, as with any herbal preparation, it acts slowly. In renal colic ischemia occurs (bleeding tissue of the urinary tract due to compression of the blood vessels) - that it causes severe pain. This condition requires immediate care, and this applies to quite other drugs.

Tsiston used in the treatment of acute infectious and inflammatory processes in the kidneys and urinary tract in a combination therapy. It combines perfectly with any uroseptiki, including antibiotics. Moreover, if antibiotics are appointed by the short course, you can take tsiston and after relief of acute inflammatory process to prevent the recurrence of stone formation and inflammation for up to six months.

When kidney stones, if for some reason the stones are not removed surgically tsiston can assign rates to prevent the formation of new stones. Assign it and after removal of the stones - and to prevent the formation of new stones in the kidneys and urinary tract.

Assign tsiston gout - metabolic disorders Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 Which is accompanied by an increased formation of urate - uric acid salts. Furthermore, tsiston helps in the formation of stones in the salivary glands.

There are no side effects when taking tsiston not been revealed, and it is not known cases of overdose.

 Tsiston - will help get rid of the inflammation

How does

Tsiston ideal for combination therapy of acute processes, and for anti-treatment. It includes a variety of herbs that are interacting with each other, have an antibacterial effect, relieve muscle spasm of the urinary tract (antispasmodic), dissolved already formed stones warn compound salts in new stones and improve metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 That reduces the salts of which can later be formed stones. In addition, tsiston has a diuretic effect, which contributes to the rapid excretion of toxic products of inflammation and salts from the human body.

Such multi-stage effect on the infectious-inflammatory processes in the kidneys and urinary tract allows tsiston sometimes without any additional medicines for anti-treatment. Tsiston can be used for several months, so it is often prescribed for up to six months after the acute inflammatory process in the kidneys.

Tsiston - a drug of vegetable origin, which is suitable for the treatment of any inflammatory process in the kidneys and the urinary tract, and for the treatment of urolithiasis.

Galina Romanenko

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Veroshpiron - used with caution! - Questions and answers

April 3, 2011

  • Veroshpiron - used with caution!
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Questions and answers

Here are the most common questions that people ask about veroshpiron as the personal physician and the medical sites.

As veroshpiron helps with hair loss?

Many scientific studies have shown that veroshpiron is effective against hair loss Hair loss - the distress signal  Hair loss - the distress signal
 . In particular, it possesses antiandrogenic action. Androgenic alopecia (hair loss in women by male pattern) called androgens, particularly DHT. Veroshpiron significantly reduces the effect of DHT on the hair follicles, stopping hair loss.

I have written veroshpirona receiving 100 mg twice daily. So far, it has helped very well, but my concern is not whether over time develop resistance to its action, so that it ceases to help me?

Action veroshpirona hair loss is maintained up to 24 months - this is confirmed by scientific research. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give accurate information about its longer effect. Much depends not only on the medication but also on the individual patient, so in the case of anxiety is to consult a doctor.

Is it true that veroshpiron contributes to the formation of cellulite?

No such side effects in veroshpirona not observed. But sometimes people who make it, begin to gain weight quickly. In this case, you need as soon as possible to see a doctor.

Are there non-prescription counterparts veroshpirona?

In pharmacies, there are drugs that have a similar effect, but on the effectiveness of them is far from veroshpirona. Veroshpiron used to treat serious diseases for which is unacceptable to self-medicate, including using non-prescription pharmaceutical products.

How effective veroshpiron acne?

Veroshpiron is no cure for acne, but sometimes prescribed as an adjunct treatment. For some patients it is effective, for others - no. In particular, if the acne is caused by hormone imbalance in women veroshpiron can improve the appearance of the skin.

Often, acne is the result of an excess of a woman's body of male hormones - androgens. Veroshpiron reduces the production of hormones that regulate the hormonal fluctuations and thus treats acne. Men take veroshpiron is not recommended - the result of lower levels of androgens can be a variety of complications, including gynecomastia Gynecomastia - known since ancient times  Gynecomastia - known since ancient times
   (breast growth in men).

Can I drink alcohol during treatment veroshpironom?

On this occasion is not sufficient scientific evidence. It is believed that alcohol combined with veroshpironom can lower blood pressure and increase the risk of various side effects veroshpirona. In any case, it is advisable to proceed from the fact that it is always better not to drink than to eat, especially if you are undergoing medical treatment.