The drug mexidol: Protects the brain

October 19, 2011

 The drug mexidol
 Mexidol is a drug that improves metabolic processes in the brain cells and protects them from free radicals - toxic products of metabolism. This action allows the use mexidol a variety of diseases of the central nervous system.

 The drug mexidol: Protects the brain

How does mexidol

Mexidol is an antioxidant, meaning it inhibits the effect on the cells of free radicals formed as a result of redox reactions that can destroy cells, including nerve cells (neurons). It is available in tablets and capsules with a solution for injection, and has a multifaceted positive effects on cells of the central nervous system, improves blood supply to the brain, metabolic processes in neurons tolerability neurons lack of oxygen enhances their membrane and improves the transmission of nerve impulses from cell to cell. As a result, improved brain function, including higher, such as memory and learning ability.

The drug also has antispasmodic and sedative effect, increases the body's resistance to stress, to the effects of various damaging factors, including the lack of oxygen that can occur under such severe conditions like shock, cerebrovascular accidents, alcohol poisoning and psychoactive drugs.

Angioprotective mexidol action is to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve blood circulation in the brain due to restoration of blood circulation in the capillaries, which helps to improve blood flow, including the prevention bonding (aggregation) of platelets.

Meksidol stabilizes membranes of erythrocytes and platelets, which leads to the fact that they are less degraded by various poisons. The positive effect on fat metabolism mexidol is to lower total cholesterol and "bad" cholesterol from atherosclerotic plaques which form in the blood vessels.

The positive impact has mexidol and in acute pancreatitis: it helps to reduce the toxic products of disintegration of pancreatic tissue in the blood.

Mexidol improves carbohydrate metabolism in brain cells, contributes to the accumulation in them of energy substances such as ATP and creatine phosphate, energosinteziruyuschie activates neuronal function, strengthens cell membranes.

Mexidol adaptogenic effect is manifested in the increasing tolerance by the body of various damaging factors, such as stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 , Shock, high psycho-emotional stress, the flow of information, traumatic brain injury, cerebrovascular accidents, alcohol poisoning, narcotic and toxic substances. The agent has also a sobering effect, in connection with which it is used to treat hangover syndrome in chronic alcoholism and acute alcohol poisoning. Under the influence of mexidol reduced and negative effects on the body of increased radiation.

 The drug mexidol: Protects the brain

This treatment is indicated meksidolom

Meksidol found wide application in various states. First of all it is prescribed for a variety of brain diseases, such as acute ischemic stroke - in this case mexidol promotes more rapid recovery of brain function and rehabilitation. Vascular changes in the brain and often lead to the total defeat of the brain tissue, which is called encephalopathy - in this case mexidol also help to partially restore lost function.

The work of the brain can be broken under the influence of the autonomic nervous system, which actively affect the condition of blood vessels, is expanding, then narrowing them - such as the state can be improved under the influence of mexidol.

Finally, atherosclerosis can lead to significant impairment of the central nervous system, improve meksidol cholesterol metabolism that lead to partial recovery of brain functions.

When the functional disorders of the nervous system in the form of neurosis manifests sedative effect mexidol. In conjunction with the improvement of blood circulation in brain and anti-stress effect of the drug it has positive effects on neurotic patients.

In chronic alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse Substance abuse - as a child back to life?  Substance abuse - as a child back to life?
   greatly disturbed metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   in the body cells, including neurons. Improving this process helps to remove abstitentny syndrome (hangover), the characteristic of these diseases. Will mexidol and alcohol poisoning.

In the combined therapy mexidol used in acute purulent inflammation of the abdominal cavity (eg, pancreatitis).

Contraindications for use mexidol are individual intolerance, severe liver or kidney disease, pregnancy and breast-feeding Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice

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Microstroke reasons - poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle

November 24, 2012

 reasons microstroke
 Microstroke cunning that in most cases the symptoms go unnoticed in the background of the main disease, which led to the cerebral circulation. This microstroke - this is the first call to a full ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke.

 Microstroke reasons - poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle

What microstroke

Called mini-strokes lesion (blockage, prolonged spasm or rupture of the wall) of small blood vessels of the brain, which leads to the symptoms of a stroke, disappeared within days. Symptoms microstroke can be erased, then they go unnoticed on the background of the underlying disease, such as a hypertensive crisis.

Diagnosis microstroke there. Typically, if a patient within days passed all the symptoms of a stroke, the final diagnosis is transient ischemic attack.

Microstroke most often the result of complex causes. Great importance is the lifestyle and diet of the patient.

 Microstroke reasons - poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle

The main reason microstroke - change the blood vessel walls

The most common cause is microstroke cerebral atherosclerosis - a condition where the blood vessels that carry blood to the brain, become clogged with atherosclerotic plaque. This violates the patency of the vessel, which is why chronically those brain cells to which it supplies blood. The reason may be other changes in the walls of blood vessels, such as diabetes, rheumatism Rheumatic fever - are possible complications of heart  Rheumatic fever - are possible complications of heart
 Various vasculitis (inflammation of the walls of small blood vessels).

If such a state of cerebral vessels patient will experience stress, there is a sharp spasm of vessels, leading to a complete halt for a while delivering nutrients to neurons. This causes symptoms microstroke. Depending on which areas of the brain were amazed appear speech disorders, vision, movement of the limbs and so on.

Since extensive damage brain cells when microstroke Microstroke - invisible, but very dangerous  Microstroke - invisible, but very dangerous
   did not happen, all the symptoms of it are immediately or after some time, but not later than the next day.

 Microstroke reasons - poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle

Another significant reason - cardiovascular disease

Consistently high blood pressure (hypertension) can also cause microstroke. High blood pressure often helps to rupture of small blood vessels carrying blood to the small section of the brain. Rupture of the vessel will result in the appearance of petechiae and signs of stroke. If the number of destroyed brain nerve cells (neurons) slightly, the land surrounding the cell necrosis, which also suffered during the day are reduced and signs of cerebral circulation are.

It is often developed with a combination of mini-strokes cerebral arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

The reason microstroke may also be cardiac arrhythmia. Thus, atrial fibrillation may form small clots in the left atrium, which are then the motion of blood through the systemic circulation fall in blood vessels of the brain. In attacks of atrial fibrillation may be a sharp drop in blood pressure, up to the collapse - it can cause brain damage point.

 Microstroke reasons - poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle

Factors predisposing to the development microstroke

These factors primarily include a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. As a result, consumption of large amounts of fatty meats disturbed metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   and in the walls of blood vessels are deposited cholesterol plaques, i.e. develops arteriosclerosis. If signs microstroke especially recommend to live a healthy lifestyle with moderate exercise and diet - eat more vegetables, cereals, wholemeal bread and so on.

Of great importance is the abuse of alcohol and excessive smoking - it also leads to changes in the blood vessels.

Diseases such as obesity, diabetes Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
   faktorvmi also a risk - they contribute to the development of circulatory disorders. In addition, a risk factor may be pregnant. Thus, the second half of pregnancy toxemia (preeclampsia) causes disturbances in the walls of small blood vessels which can lead to serious consequences, including a mini-strokes.

Mini-strokes are more common in older people, the immediate cause of their development are often a variety of natural phenomena - fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, geomagnetic storms and so on. But this does not exclude the emergence of a young age and, aided by a variety of intoxication, emotional and informational load stress.

Galina Romanenko

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