Rehabilitation after ischemic stroke - the most important stage of treatment

February 22, 2012

 Rehabilitation after ischemic stroke
 The value of rehabilitation after an ischemic stroke can not be overestimated. This reductive treatment can completely eliminate the consequences of ischemic stroke. Rehabilitation, as well as the treatment is carried out in several stages.

 Rehabilitation after ischemic stroke - the most important stage of treatment

How is restored to the state of brain tissue after a stroke

Ischemic stroke is the formation in the brain tissue of the pathological center, the core of which are dead nerve cells. Cells that are located in close proximity to the dead are in a state of braking.

If the time to begin rehabilitation activities, then these cells can be returned to activity. To do this, the patient should be given the correct position and begin to engage in physical therapy with him. Physical activity increases the ability of nerve cells to acquire new skills, that is, to perform the duties of dead nerve cells. Simultaneously, the patient is prescribed medications that improve impaired neurotransmission, thus restoring the conduction of nervous tissue.

 Rehabilitation after ischemic stroke - the most important stage of treatment

Rehabilitation in the first weeks

Rehabilitation in ischemic stroke has different forms depending on the period of the cerebral circulation. So, as soon as possible after the onset of stroke recommended restorative and breathing exercises, passive, reflex and active movement - disinhibited (activating) therapy.

A little later, the rehabilitation is to continue the implementation of restorative and breathing exercises. A more widely used method disinhibitory therapy - medications, passive and active movement, massages, electrical stimulation of muscles, speech therapy classes Speech - when to resort to the help of a doctor  Speech - when to resort to the help of a doctor
 . The main rule perform any exercise after a stroke is a gradual increase in load.

At the end of the first - the beginning of the second week after a stroke, permitting the patient's condition, it is assigned a therapeutic massage. Massages very carefully, using light strokes extremities with increased muscle tone and light rubbing, kneading shallow at reduced muscle tone. Wires and electrical muscle stimulation. But the best way to help restore movement exercises, which are carried out by the patient himself individually selected program.

In disorders of speech classes with a speech therapist. From medication prescribed drugs that enhance metabolism in brain cells. In normal and reduced muscle tone prescriber, improves muscle tone, with increased skeletal muscle tone - drugs, relieving muscle spasm.

Be sure to consult appointed correctional treatment and therapist: the psyche of the patient requires a recovery.

At such an early rehabilitation of patients will emerge from depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 Faster restore their self-care skills and active voluntary movements.

 Rehabilitation after ischemic stroke - the most important stage of treatment

Rehabilitation in the first months after recovery

Early rehabilitation after stroke should last for several months or even years, otherwise the consequences of stroke can remain for a lifetime. Best of all the recovery period after a stroke to take place in a sanatorium. But to go far from the place of residence to patients is not recommended - Climate change may have a negative impact on health. In addition, in the resort sent only patients with stable good general condition.

In sanatoria conducted restoration of all violations occurring after ischemic stroke. Traffic violation reduced with therapeutic exercises, dosage hiking on special trails (health path), morning exercises, physiotherapy.

Help restore the sensitivity of different types of massages, mud treatments and balneotherapy Mud - a pleasant and useful procedure  Mud - a pleasant and useful procedure
 Various techniques of reflexology Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies  Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies

 Rehabilitation after ischemic stroke - the most important stage of treatment

Rehabilitation during cerebrovascular effects

Between the effects of cerebrovascular recommended the proper organization of the daily routine to include occupational therapy, good nutrition. When rehabilitation - taking into account the correct employment skills and compensatory abilities of the patient. Patients who have had an ischemic stroke, should always be seen by a neurologist.

After one or two years after an ischemic stroke is necessary to support the rehabilitation, gradually increasing exercise. In case of persistent changes in the affected muscle groups it is recommended to train other muscles to enhance the overall physical activity.

Rehabilitation in ischemic stroke is not less important than cure.

Galina Romanenko

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Pantogam - application: from neuroses and overwork

October 14th, 2011

 Pantogam - application
 Pantogam - a drug, which over the years are widely used in the treatment of various diseases of the central nervous system. There is a lot of experience in the application of pantogam treatment of such diseases in both adults and children, starting at birth.

 Pantogam - application: from neuroses and overwork

Application pantogam depends on the mechanism of action

Pantogam (hopantenic acid calcium salt) has a direct effect on the nerve cells (neurons), stimulating them metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 . As a result, the nerve cells start to operate more economically, they consume less oxygen and glucose (energy), which leads to improvement of the patients who have some change in the central nervous system.

Under the action pantogam stimulated work throughout the central nervous system, which leads to improved memory, learning process, reduction of various neuropsychiatric disorders and motor. Children after treatment pantogam become less excitable, they have improved the ability to remember new material and concentration.

Adults also assigned Pantogamum he exerts a positive effect in many diseases and conditions, smoothes and behavior disorders.

Pantogam available in tablets for oral administration of 250 mg (for adults), a 10% syrup (for children). Furthermore, also issued Pantogamum asset (rac hopantenic acid) capsules, which is a mixture of equal amounts hopantenic acid and isomers thereof. The presence of isomer improves nerve cells to transport nutrients and oxygen, so Pantogamum asset has a marked neuroprotective and anticonvulsant action than regular Pantogamum.

 Pantogam - application: from neuroses and overwork

Which diseases appoint Pantogamum

Pantogam prescribed for both treatment and prevention of various diseases and disorders of the central nervous system in adults and in children.

This drug is widely used in the atherosclerotic changes in the blood vessels of the brain that lead to serious disturbances of the central nervous system, neurons can not long endure the lack of nutrients, and, most importantly, oxygen. In these circumstances, Pantogamum improves metabolism in neurons, forcing them to make better use of available resources, resulting in improved memory, concentration, relieves irritability Irritability - you try to control my temper  Irritability - you try to control my temper
   and has a general stimulating effect on the organism. Therefore Pantogamum a course of treatment is almost always a part of the complex therapy of elderly patients suffering from atherosclerosis, senile dementia, Alzheimer's disease.

Has Pantogamum positive effect on patients with mental illness Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help?  Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help?
 For example, schizophrenia. Of course, and in this condition it is only one component of the combined treatment. However, in severe disease Pantogamum allows you to push the process of change in personality and intellect of the patient. In addition, Pantogamum reduce the negative impact on patients with other psychotropic drugs Psychotropic drugs and their effect on the brain  Psychotropic drugs and their effect on the brain

Indispensable Pantogamum with organic brain lesions - the consequences of injuries and diseases of the central nervous system. In these diseases often develop local (in some areas of the brain), cerebral circulatory disorders, increased intracranial pressure. All these processes lead to the fact that the affected neurons that do not get all the necessary materials to work properly. So depending on what part of the brain struck (that is, what activity he is responsible), there are various neuropsychiatric or movement disorders. When organic brain lesions Pantogamum appointed long courses, resulting in improved memory and mental abilities of the patient, his ability to learn and removed neurosis symptoms - irritability, aggression, anxiety, fear, depression.

There are diseases of the central nervous system, which manifest movement disorders, such as Parkinson's disease, or paralysis agitans. Long-term use pantogam courses improves these patients.

In epilepsy with changes in personality and intellect Pantogamum slow the growth of such processes.

Assign Pantogamum well as in various diseases of the cervical spine, which can lead to the cerebral circulation. It improves the condition of patients, including pain relief and partly because the light Pantogamum has analgesic properties.

Children Pantogamum also widely used, starting from the moment of birth. All perinatal neurological damage caused in late pregnancy and during labor, in the early postpartum period, under the influence of pantogam less severe. Helps Pantogamum with any other central nervous system disorders in children, including the lowering of intelligence, enuresis, stuttering.

Pantogam and used as a prophylactic measure in the neuro-psychiatric and physical overload to increase the overall health (both mental and physical), and reduce the risk of the formation of neuroses and overwork.

Galina Romanenko

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